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PHIGHTING! 4 is a sequel to PHIGHTING! that released on 1 April 2024, 12:21AM EST. This version of the game is an April Fools' joke.



The following maps were added in this version:


The following maps were reworked in this version:



General additions and changes

Phighter balance changes

scott pilgrim:

kazuya mishima:

  • Renamed from Biograft to kazuya mishima.
  • Visually reworked to reference Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken series.

sonic the hedgehog's right leg:

hyperlaser (unmasked):

  • Renamed from Hyperlaser to hyperlaser (unmasked).
  • Helmet has been removed and now reveals a pink head with the ROBLOX Man Face.


  • Renamed from Katana to pikachu.
  • Visually reworked to reference Pikachu from the Pokémon franchise.



  • Renamed from Rocket to zuka.
  • Now uses Zuka's character model.


  • Renamed from Scythe to alastor.
  • Visually reworked to reference Alastor from Hazbin Hotel.


  • Renamed from Shuriken to genji.
  • Visually reworked to reference Genji from Overwatch.

mario brother:

  • Renamed from Skateboard to mario brother.
  • Visually reworked to reference Mario from the Mario franchise.

classic cat:

  • Renamed from Slingshot to classic cat.
  • Visually reworked to reference old 'cat' free models from the ROBLOX Marketplace.


  • Unchanged.

makoto yuki:

  • Renamed from Sword to makoto yuki.
  • Visually reworked to reference Makoto Yuki from Persona 3.


Miscellaneous Content

The Tower

During the update, the climbable tower in PHIGHT! Lobby has been expanded upon. It is possible to scale the tower, and upon doing so the player will be teleported to an unnamed minigame set on a dark and abandoned highway.

During the minigame, various indistinguishable humanoids will run past the player, repeating a variety of dialogue that appears to reference Medkit and his relationships with Subspace and Ban Hammer, among comments referencing his status as a support Phighter. After a few seconds, the player will be chased by an enlarged image of the Overseer's Eye. Being caught by this entity will end in a game over, but will award the player with the 'badge' badge. When killed by the entity, the message 'You must kill him to become him.' displays as the player is kicked, which is the same as the catalog description for the Overseer's Eye item on ROBLOX.

The minigame appears to be un-winnable, as there are invisible walls surrounding the map. Apart from a stray house the player can enter, there is little to interact with. Inside the house - which uses the same model from the pre-2012 version of the Happy Home in Robloxia - there are an assortment of television sets with red static displaying on them. The television sets resemble the ones found alongside The Broker in the TV Room during the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival.

The background music that plays during the minigame is an extremely distorted and slowed version of "OVERTIME?!".


  • Do I really want to work with a rebel on my team?
  • do something
  • Help!
  • Help me!
  • Hey!! Great seeing you!!
  • How's that eye doing??
  • How's your eye?
  • I need healing
  • Please heal me
  • please help me
  • please just heal me
  • useless support
  • your primaries can heal
  • you traitor

Notably, 'Do I really want to work with a rebel on my team?' is a direct quote from one of Ban Hammer's interactions with Medkit. Additionally, the lines 'Hey!! Great seeing you!!' and 'How's that eye doing??' are reminiscent of interactions Subspace has with Medkit, down to the double punctuation present in all of his dialogue.

Related Images

Phinisher Splash Screens

During the update, a splash image would appear behind each Phighter upon using their Phinisher. Each of the images appear to represent part of the Phighter's personality or design. Although Hyperlaser and Slingshot have their own splash images, they were not implemented in-game.

The Broker on X

During the update, Soda roleplayed as The Broker on X for the entirety of April Fools'. While the majority of tweets made are jokes, through this it is learnt that The Broker is an acolyte for Lost Temple, that either he or somebody else gives names to the eyeballs around Banland, and that he thinks Ban Hammer is ugly.


  • The Tower is about 92 times the height of the original tower.[1]
    • The Tower has approximately 184 floors, but rather cruelly, there is a sign reading 'Almost there!' on the 16th floor.[2]
      • There is another sign further up reading 'Press X to teleport to the top!' on the 106th floor. Doing so will take the player back to the Phighter select screen, resetting their position to the middle of the PHIGHT! Lobby.
    • The Tower can be seen in the distance from other maps during the update, particularly ROBLOX HQ.
  • The "PHIGHTING! 4" name comes from the fact that it is the sequel to the regular game.
    • This is because PHIGHTING! is actually called PHIGHTING! 3, aka the third remake of the game.[3]
  • The logo is inspired by the Persona 3 logo.


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