Badges are advancements obtained by meeting specific conditions to earn them. Badges are planned to have rewards.

List of Badges

Name Icon How to obtain Reward
welcome phighter! play PHIGHTING! for the first time Sci-fi Sword (if obtained before Playtest 4)
egg hunt 2022 Complete the Egg Hunt 2022 event by earning 150 eggs! Title - Egg Hunter
stuck sword successfully stick your thrown sword into an enemy and kill them
Title - Mightiest Warrior
direct detonation kill a target with a direct hit from charged shot
Title - Demolition Expert
sharp shooter kill an enemy with Q after it bounces
Title - Mosquito
guardian angel resurrect 3 or more allies from the dead
Title - Job Hater
bass drop land directly on an enemy during your Phinisher and kill them
Title - Jammer
vehicular manslaughter kill an enemy with a trick
Title - SK8R!!
thank you! N/A (official description).
See the results of Phestival 2 and watch the credits.
Title - Supportive
your demise execute an enemy using echo execution from over 150 studs away Title - Pitbull
bounty collected successfully kill two enemies with a single shot of your phinisher Title - 360 Noscoper
devil's game experience a 66.6x battle Title - Spawn of Satan
experiment successful trap 4 enemies in your phinisher Title - Chaos Incarnate
sever the soul kill 3 enemies with your passive proc after using your phinisher Title - Elder
shadow sniper kill someone with your phinisher while in the middle of grappling Title - Professional Bhopper
vine staff badge N/A N/A
banhammer badge N/A N/A
PWNED! as a team, kill 5 enemies in quick succession Title - Virtuoso
Supreme Survivor Experience a max sword round Title - Supreme
badge hi badge Title - EYE SPY


  • Currently, the rarest Badge in the game is 'Egg Hunt 2022'. Exactly 100 players have obtained this badge.
  • The 'badge' badge is awarded to players for climbing to the top of the tower in the PHIGHT! Lobby and 'completing' the secret minigame during the PHIGHTING! 4 April Fools' update.

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Melee Sword Skateboard Biograft Katana Ban Hammer
Ranged Rocket Slingshot Hyperlaser Shuriken Scythe
Support Medkit Boombox Subspace Vine Staff
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