Cooler Boombox

Cooler Boombox is an unlockable skin for Boombox. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 25,000 Bux. Cooler Boombox was released on 3 September 2022, during the Sun vs. Moon Phestival and was available to all players via the NPC in Crossroads. The skin depicts Boombox wearing a white short sleeved shirt underneath an unbuttoned mint green Hawaiian style shirt, cuffed at the elbows. The shirt has a pattern of dark green triangles of varying shapes and sizes all over it in the same shade as the triangles. He wears dark green cargo shorts with thick mint green cuffs at the knee, as well as black sandals with a green latchet. He is wearing a dark grey baseball cap with a lighter green rim and dorsal stripe across the top. The hat has two cans attached to the side of it with straws that go to his mouth; both are grey in the middle while the ends are a de-saturated green. His visor is shaped like a pair of sunglasses and his eyes make an "O" shape, his mouth slants down from the viewer's right to left like a forward slash ("/"). His boombox is replaced with a green drinks cooler; its lid and handle are grey, alongside two symmetrical shapes on the front that resemble the speakers on his typical boombox.

Eggsquerade Boombox

Eggsquerade Boombox is an unlockable skin for Boombox. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 50,000 Bux. Eggsquerade Boombox was released on 22 April 2023, during the Violets vs. Roses Phestival and was available to all players via the NPC in Crossroads. This skin depicts Boombox in a predominantly yellow color palette. He wears a long white tailcoat, resembling that of an orchestra conductor, with gold buttons, as well as a black shirt beneath. On the cuffs of his sleeves are golden cuff-links, accompanied by large white feathers around the wrist. His pants are plain black. His shoes are are white and yellow, resembling a cracked open egg shell with yolk coming out.

He wears a golden bow-tie and his horns are now gold, both shiny and reflective. His horns also have a "dripping" effect around the base of them. His boombox has become a predominantly monotone egg carton with golden accents; it's open to reveal shiny gold eggs on the inside. He now wears a white hat that resembles a cracked egg, with a golden lattice pattern around the upper half.

When using Pulse Wave and landing the metronome it plays a piano note accompanied by a clap. The shock wave that comes out is yellow. When you miss the metronome, it only plays the piano note. When using Shielding Amplifier, it plays a piano chord of the same key as the Pulse Wave. The shockwave is now yellow. When using Bass Boost / Beat Drop, there is a whooshing sound as they flies into the air and a piano chord accompanied by a faint shattering noise is played when they hits the ground. The effects are now yellow. When using Protecting Overtone, he gains a shield that is segmented into thirds and has a little triangle on the bottom. When using Raining Tacos, he jumps into the air as a piano remix of Raining Tacos plays and when he hits the ground, a splat is heard along with someone slamming the low keys on the piano. After the piano sound dims, clapping can be heard. The effect is a cracked egg with a ring of 'X's around it. The effects are all yellow.


Rainbox is an unlockable skin for Boombox. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 35,000 Bux. This skin depicts Boombox in a blue raincoat with stars and quarter notes patterned across it, some filled in and some only outlines. The raincoat is unbuttoned to reveal a blue collared shirt beneath. His pants are a dark blue and he wears blue rain boots. His hat is now a bucket hat with cloud patterns on it and visible stitching along the seams of it. The visor he wears now displays blue, and his eyes are stars. He also has on black fingerless gloves. His boombox is now cylindrical in shape; its body primarily grey with a blue handle and blue ends. There is a small rectangle on the back and front of it that glow, alongside 3 spherical shapes on the ends that also glow. His horns have also become a shade of blue.


Astrobox is an unlockable skin for Boombox. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 50,000 Bux. This skin depicts him as a green alien, his skin changed to suit this. He wears a black jacket with white stars on his shoulders, the cuffs of the sleeves being a white and purple pattern. The jacket has a breast pocket that holds something that resembles a radio with a purple screen, and just above it is a port in the suit for a purple tube to come out of. His pants are grey with black padding on his knees with a purple accent in the middle, alongside chunky white and purple shoes with green soles, further giving the impression of a futuristic outfit. There's a black strap across his chest with white triangles patterned along it, pointing up towards his shoulder. His mouth is a bracket resembling a smile and his eyes on his visor are now green, both triangles pointing inward. The hat he wears is the same, except now it is predominantly black with green accents. His boombox is now mostly black and cylindrical in shape with a glowing green stripe on either end, the handle of it also being green. His dialogue changes to nonsense words such as (but not limited to) "gnarp", "glorp", "glarp", and "gnorn".

When using Pulse Wave, if he lands the metronome, it creates a whirling sort of sound accompanied by a click. If he misses the metronome, the boombox just whirls. The bars coming out of the boombox appear to be a green, semi-circle, outline with some lines between it. When using Bass Boost / Beat Drop, a zipping noise followed by a high pitched whirling and when he lands, it creates a lower whirling sound accompanied by an unstable, high-pitched whirl. The leaping affect is a green circle with some lines intersecting it and landing creates a shockwave with a similar pattern. When using Protecting Overtone, an echoey whirl comes from the shield and hitting E again plays a glitchy canceling sort of sound. The shield is now green and wavy. When using Shielding Amplifier, with max bars, it'll send out a green shockwave with lines in-between the. The sound that plays is a high-pitched whirling sound. When using Raining Tacos, a green beam will "abuduct" Boombox and an 8-bit remix of Raining Tacos plays. When landing, a large, green shockwave forms and a basic whirling plays, accompanied by more 8-bit whirling sounds.

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