Brokercoins are a collectible currency in PHIGHTING!.

Brokercoins can be bought from The Broker in Crossroads or in the PHIGHT! Lobby for a conversion rate of 25 Robux per coin.

These coins do not provide any in-game advantage and are simply a way to donate Robux to the game's developers. Purchasing a Brokercoin will reward the player with the Donator and the Brokercoins title.


Broker Oh hey! Ever heard of the brand new currency Brokercoins? They've got a lot of value nowadays, hehe!
Oh, who am I kidding, Zuke's probably ratted me out already.
Let's just say these coins go to support some special higher ups that I know.
Looks like you have X Brokercoins right now!
Want to get some more?
Yes No


Broker Amazing!
I've got a deal for you, I'll give you 1 Brokercoin for 25 of your REAL Robux.
Sure Higher


  • A leaderboard can be found in Crossroads and in the PHIGHT! Lobby displaying the top 100 players with the most Brokercoins.