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Medkit is a support Phighter. He was released on 19 February 2022 with Playtest 1.


Medkit is a Support Phighter that utilizes Curing Cartridge to output a balance of high damage and healing, and can also use Fan the Hammer to deal high burst of said damage or healing, while also slowing any enemy hit by 5% to land easier shots. His passive, Crystalize allows Medkit to play more offensively while rewarding himself or his team 25HP healing that targets the lowest health ally on the battlefield (will heal Medkit himself for 20HP). Rejuvenation Ring can be used to cleanse any debuffs a teammate has been affected, and also healing them for a low amount. Crystal Shift allows Medkit to be highly mobile by teleporting to a teammate, applying a short-term immunity and low healing if no enemies have been affected in the explosion also. His Phinisher, Divine Resurrection, is a high-value Phinisher which can be used to turn the tide of battle by applying a burst of healing, quick immunity and reviving dead teammates.



Headshotting an enemy heals you and the nearest ally with the lowest health. Recharges every 3 seconds.

Healing: 1-10 (to self) + 1-20 (to ally), 1-20 (to self if lowest health)
Travel time: 0.5 seconds
Range: 150 studs (from Medkit's position)
Cooldown: 0.75 seconds
Time until maximum heal charge: 3 seconds
Heal charge rate: 6.67 per second

  • Will automatically target an ally.
  • Headshotting an enemy during the cooldown will heal for a lower amount proportional to the remaining time and reset the cooldown. Healing will return to its cap after 3 seconds.
  • Can target Medkit if he is the lowest health player, granting double the normal self-healing.

Curing Cartridge

Shoot enemies, headshotting them to deal extra damage, or heal allies by shooting them, healing for more by headshotting them.

Damage: 8 (body) / 16 (headshot)
Healing: 8 (body) / 16 (headshot)
Fire rate: 0.75 seconds
Range: 100 studs
Ammo: 6
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Healing hitbox: 3x3

  • Plays a critical hit indicator on headshot.
  • There are four rays that will check if Medkit hit a headshot.

Fan the Hammer

Quickly fire all your ammo, each shot also heals and applies slow to enemies hit.

Damage: 6 per bullet
Healing: 8 per bullet
Range: 100 studs
Slow inflicted: 5% per shot for 2 seconds
Cooldown: 5 seconds

  • Each instance of Slow applied refreshes the 2 second duration.
  • Applies vertical recoil on the player's crosshair for each ammo used.
  • Medkit will automatically reload once all bullets are fired.

Q Ability
Crystal Shift

Teleport to an ally, granting them armor and creating an explosion. Heal for more for each enemy hit.

Damage: 20
Healing: 15 + 10 per enemy hit (to ally), 5 * per enemy hit (to self)
Armored Duration: 0.75 seconds
Teleport range: 90 studs
Knockback force: 10
Casting time: 0.5 seconds
Cooldown: 14 seconds

  • Armored applies to both Medkit and the ally after the teleport finishes.

E Ability
Rejuvenation Ring

Fire a crystal which heals and cleanses in an area.

Damage: 10 (direct) + 15 (splash)
Healing: 25 (to allies), 15 (to self)
Projectile speed: ---
Hitbox size: 40x50x40
Fling force: ---
Cooldown: 12 seconds

  • Projectile is affected by gravity.
  • Cannot cleanse Grounded or any self-inflicted Slow or Bound.
  • Enemies hit are flung vertically.

Divine Resurrection

Resurrect any dead allies around you. All currently alive allies around you gain temporary armor and heal. Heal yourself for more each ally resurrected.

Healing: 75 hitpoints (to allies), 50 + 25 per ally revived (to self)
Revived ally health: 50% of total hitpoints
Armored duration: 1.5 seconds
Range: 125 studs
Casting time: 2 seconds
Phinisher points: 150

  • Allies will be revived with shield if it is part of 50% of their total hitpoints.
  • If Medkit dies before the crystal lands during the casting time, Divine Resurrection's effects are cancelled.
  • If an ally dies by falling out of bounds, they will be resurrected at an available spawn point.
  • Phinisher points cannot be gained until Medkit dies or the crystal lands.


  • Exceptional self-sustain
  • Can provide cleanse and immunity for teams
  • Unique Phinisher which can revive multiple teammates
  • Poor ability to deal with grouped players, can only stall using Crystal Shift, Crystallize and Rejuvination Ring for self-sustain or rely on teammates to protect Medkit
  • Low damage output without headshots
  • High cooldowns
  • Poor mobility outside of Crystal Shift

When playing as Medkit, keeping both yourself and your teammates alive is top priority. When necessary, use your primary and your abilities to keep your team sustained with health. When an enemy decides to start a fight with you, keep hitting them with your revolver and maintain distance while also using your own crystals to keep yourself sustained. Keep going until they either retreat, a teammate comes to help you, or the enemy dies. It is recommended to avoid picking up fights against groups of enemies, unless your team is also there to help you. When you see your team fighting against a group of enemies, try keeping them sustained with health by using both your crystals and your revolver. In case you're ever in a situation where you've become overwhelmed, the player can attempt to teleport back to a teammate using Crystal Shift, as long as there is a nearby teammate.

Divine Resurrection has multiple properties that make it effective as an option to turn fights into a team's favor. Immediate access to 75 HP of instant healing and armored can save teammates in critical moments and force the enemy to commit more resources to winning the team fight. Divine Resurrection's revival effect can bring back multiple teammates to even out a numbers disadvantage.

Medkit's incredible self-sustainability enables him to 1v1 most Phighters with ease should they get into Curing Cartridge range. The player should be mindful not to fixate themselves into an offensive playstyle and prioritize keeping their teammates healthy at any given opportunity.

Ability usage

  • Crystalize
    • Try to land for headshots often, as the 25HP healing can save a teammate even if they're not near the player and the 20 hp provides you with good self sustain.
    • It's much easier to hit headshots on Phighters that are slow, or use big hitboxes such as Katana or Hyperlaser.
  • Curing Cartridge
    • Use the auto-aim this weapon gives to its advantage when healing teammates, although try to keep your crosshair over them.
    • You can press shift to get rid of the auto-aim if an ally is near an enemy you want to shoot.
    • Since this is a hit-scan ability that doesn't give as much self slow compared to other Phighters, in certain situations you'll be able to attack other slower ranged Phighters such as Hyperlaser and shoot them while getting behind terrain.
  • Fan the Hammer
    • Medkit does not suffer a slow or bound penalty while Fan the Hammer is being used. Fan the Hammer can be used without the self-slow compromising your position, and allows the player to jump normally to avoid damage.
    • Use this ability to slow any enemy that is aggressive towards you, allowing you to land easier headshots and triggering your passive.
    • Since Medkit can't reload and use abilities at the same time, using this ability after using Rejuvenating Ring can do a good chunk of damage.
    • Fan the Hammer is an effective source for immediate healing on allies.
  • Crystal Shift
    • While Crystal Shift can be utilized for mobility to gap-close or escape, it can also be used for mid-combat sustain. Crystal Shift's exceptional healing on hit can be used to stay in fights longer or to buy Medkit more time.
    • The armored status Crystal Shift provides can be used to block damage from abilities such as Heavy Hurler or SWITCH!!. Armored can only block damage instances below 50, it will not work against powerful Phinishers such as Sword's All-Mighty Axle Arc or damaging abilities boosted by high stacks of vulnerable.
    • Use this ability to dive with other Phighters such as Sword after he lands Lunge to get an easy heal on yourself, your ally, and damage any other enemies in the area.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • Use the cleanse effect to remove negative status effects such as slow or vulnerable from your teammates.
    • The fling of Rejuvenation Ring can be used to make Phighters miss telegraphed abilities used on the player or their teammates with proper timing.
    • The crystal automatically explodes when it comes into contact of anything aside from teammates, keep in mind when throwing it.
    • The crystal has a large vertical hitbox. Use Rejuvenation Ring to damage enemies or heal allies above.
    • Rejuvenation Ring's large area of effect makes it effective at securing kills at a distance.
    • When using this ability, always make sure to try and heal an ally or damage an enemy whilst healing yourself to get the most out of this ability. If it is to dangerous to go for either, it's ok to use for self-healing.
    • This ability can deal 10 additional damage if the crystal comes in contact with an enemy. The direct damage can be utilized on slow Phighters such as Ban Hammer or Hyperlaser, or Phighters in the middle of their Phinisher animation.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • Divine Resurrection applies its effects in a large 125 stud radius. The player can utilize cover to get the Phinisher off with more safety.
    • Pay active attention to pings from your teammates and the scoreboard to determine when to ult.
    • Divine Resurrection has the longest animation time of all Phinishers, at 1.5 seconds. Make sure to use it pre-emptively as dying during the animation cancels its effects.
    • Utilizing the revive on Annihilate is not recommended as revived players respawn with 75 HP. This makes them vulnerable to dying again and giving additional points to the other team.

Heal Priority

While you should be keeping an eye on all of your teammate's health, certain phighters may have higher priority due to either having more health or usually taking more damage. While some may require more attention, don't tunnel vision onto a single Phighter, as you may miss other teammates who need you. Most Phighters will usually have shields or a health cap between 50-75. Be aware of this when you are healing, as you cannot heal above the cap. The below chart is a general guideline on priority, but will be different every game, watch how your teammates fight, and especially watch them when they use their Phinisher.

  • First: Both Sword and Subspace have the highest health cap, it is easy to farm Phinisher points off of them and they will typically absorb a lot of damage. Katana and Boombox are also good choices, but they have options to regenerate their high shields.
  • Skateboard and Banhammer are usually found in the frontlines, although the former is typically too fast to reliably hit unless they're offboard. Biograft, Shuriken, Slingshot and Rocket may be found on the outskirts or perched on an off angle.
    • Heal these Phighters when they are nearby, you’ll be in the range of them half the time.
  • Third: Hyperlaser is fairly self sufficent with high shields, but he may creep too close and get rushed by an enemy. Vine Staff is self sufficient with her abilities, it's usually better to focus on another teammate rather than her as she can heal herself quickly.

Don’t forget, if anyone is low heal them to prevent death, less death means more assists!

Important Skills

The main things you need to learn while you play Medkit is situational awareness and tracking. Always keep tabs on your enemies and allies' positions. Put yourself close to allies or lead your enemies to them, utilize enemies who tunnel vision you to your advantage, leading them into unfavorable skirmishes.

The better your aim becomes the more efficiently you can land headshots on enemies and possibly put them down with focused fire. Learning recoil control on your Secondary can also allow you to heal your allies fast and execute low-health enemies efficiently.

Counterplay against Medkit

Medkit's incredibly powerful kit is offset by multiple weaknesses, most notably his nearly non-existent mobility outside of Crystal Shift, poor range with his primary fire and the almost complete inability to fight off groups of players. Even with his exceptional self-healing ability, classes such as Rocket and Hyperlaser can easily exploit Medkit's lack of range and whittle him down from a distance, especially on more open maps such as Sword Fight On The Heights and Underground War. Skateboard can almost entirely invalidate Medkit's ability to deal with rushdown attempts by constantly performing hit-and-runs to mess with his ability to fight back and leaving absolutely no time for him to breathe.

Medkit relies on accuracy to keep both himself and his teammates alive (not including Rejuvenation Ring) which can be easily exploited by more mobile classes like Skateboard and Slingshot. With Curing Cartridge being pinpoint accurate with every shot he makes, Crystallize also directly relies on accuracy to get the self-heals necessary to survive enemy attacks. Crystal Shift takes both accuracy and knowing the habits of the class attacking him in order to effectively use it, which is already hard enough against players that like to dance around him in order to keep up pressure.


Name Icon Description Reward
guardian angel resurrect 3 or more allies from the dead Title - Job Hater
Sticker - Proud




  • Boggio spent one year creating Medkit's design and abilities.
    • After the release of his rework, he still remains the most time-consuming Phighter to be created.
  • Divine Resurrection was inspired by Mercy's old ultimate in Overwatch.[1]
  • In the Phighter select screen, dialogue box, and scorebar, Medkit's idle animation differs from the one present in-game. Along with Katana, they are the only Phighters to have this quality.


  • Medcarrot is the first Phighter skin to change animations.
    • The animations were made to account for the basket Medcarrot holds.
  • Pirate Medkit is a community contributed skin created by Pampkin.
    • The skin placed 2nd in the 2022 Summer Skin Contest.
  • Sianachkit is a community contributed skin created by onionsu.
    • The skin won the Community Choice category of the 2022 Halloween Skin Contest.
  • Bivekit was part of a PHIGHTING! collaboration with Roblox game Regretevator. The skin is based on the Regretevator character, Bive.

Version history

21 June 2023

  • Crystalize
    • Ally healing reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Fan the Hammer
    • Healing increased from 4 to 7.
    • Slow duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Crystal Shift
    • NEW EFFECT: Immunity now applies after Medkit teleports.

19 June 2023

  • Divine Resurrection
    • Ally healing increased from 75 to 100.
    • Medkit healing increased from 25 + (25 * number of allies revived) to 50 + (25 * number of allies revived).
    • Revive hitpoints increased from 75 HP to 100 HP.

9 June 2023

  • Crystal Shift
    • NEW EFFECT: Now leaves an after image to indicate where Medkit teleported to.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • NEW EFFECT: Any unused health on revive goes into the Phighter's innate shield.
    • Range reduced from 200 studs to 150 studs.

4 June 2023

  • Received new dialogue.

25 May 2023

14 May 2023

13 May 2023

  • Crystalize
    • NEW EFFECT: Now only targets other allies.
  • Crystal Shift
    • Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • NEW EFFECT: Revive now resurrects players at 75 health with 0 shield.
    • Ally healing increased from 50 to 75.

16 April 2023

  • Medkit has received an updated voice sound.
  • The "guardian angel" badge condition was changed from "resurrect 2 or more allies from the dead" to "resurrect 3 or more allies from the dead".
  • Crystal Shift
    • NEW EFFECT: Medkit receives (10 * enemies hit) healing from Crystal Shift.

12 April 2023

  • Divine Resurrection
    • Immunity duration on revived allies reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.
    • BUG FIX: Divine Resurrection no longer continues its effects if Medkit dies before the crystal lands.

10 April 2023

  • Curing Cartridge
    • Body shot healing reduced from 7 to 5
    • Reduced the detection radius for auto aim.
    • BUG FIX: Auto aim detection radius no longer changes with different screen resolution sizes.

8 April 2023

  • Crystal Shift
    • Immunity duration reduced from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
    • Range decreased from 200 studs to 150 studs.
    • Cooldown increased from 12 to 10 seconds.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • Immunity duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

V0.5.0 - 8 April 2023

  • Medkit received a model update for his default skin.
  • Medkit has received new dialogue.
  • Crystalize
    • REWORK: Headshotting an enemy with Curing Cartridge heals the nearest ally with the lowest health for 25HP and Medkit for 10HP. Recharges every 3 seconds. If Medkit is the target, he heals for 15HP instead.
    • REMOVED: Medkit's abilities no longer generates or interacts with crystals.
  • Curing Cartridge
    • REWORK: Medkit's primary is now a slow shooting revolver that can headshot.
      • Damage and healing increased from 3 to 7. Headshotting a Phighter does 10 damage/healing.
      • Range increased from 60 studs to 100 studs.
      • Fire rate increased from 0.1 seconds to ... seconds.
      • Ammo reduced from 20 to 6.
      • Reload time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.
      • Slow while firing reduced from 25% to 10%.
      • Curing Cartridge has aim assist on allies.
  • Fan the Hammer
    • REWORK: Medkit fires all remaining ammo from Curing Cartridge. Each shot deals 4 damage and applies a 5% slow for ... seconds.
      • Has a range of 100 studs.
      • Cooldown increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Crystal Shift
    • REWORK: After a cast-time, Medkit teleports to an ally, granting both Immunity for 1.5 seconds. The teleport creates an explosion, dealing ... damage. The explosion heals Medkit and his ally 15HP + 10HP for each enemy hit by the explosion.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • REWORK: Medkit throws a crystal that creates an area if it comes into contact with a Phighter or the environment. The area deals 15 damage to enemies, heals 20HP to allies and cleanses them of negative status effects.
      • Cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • REWORK: After an animation, Medkit releases a crystal into the air, which drops after a delay. All nearby allies are healed for 50HP and granted Immunity for 2 seconds. This also revives dead allies nearby and grants them Immunity of the same duration. Medkit is healed 25HP + 25HP for each ally revived.
      • Range decreased from global to ... studs.

23 December 2022

  • Crystal Shift
    • BUG FIX: No longer flings enemy players when used in close proximity.

16 December 2022

  • Divine Resurrection
    • BUG FIX: The skin specific effects are now replicated properly if the player joins mid-battle.

13 December 2022

  • Added new victory dialogue.

16 November 2022

10 November 2022

3 November 2022

  • Sianachkit is now purchasable for 50k Bux in Crossroads.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • BUG FIX: Divine Resurrection no longer fails to work if the player is using the Sianachkit skin.

1 November 2022

  • The Sianachkit skin was added to the game.
  • Added new sound effects for Pirate and Sianachkit.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • Added a new visual effect for Sianachkit.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • Reduced the volume of the Phinisher's sound effect.

30 October 2022

  • Crystals
    • BUG FIX: Crystals now properly remove themselves after their lifetime has expired.

Playtest 4 - 28 October 2022

18 September 2022

12 September 2022

5 September 2022

  • General additions and changes
    • BUG FIX: Projectiles blocking fixed.

3 September 2022

  • General additions and changes
    • Pirate Medkit has received an updated visual to Crystal Iacere.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • NEW EFFECT: Heals the player for 15 instead of 30.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • Reduced the amount of visual effects.
    • NEW EFFECTS: Healing no longer generates Phinisher points. Heals the player for 50 instead of 100.

2 September 2022

  • General additions and changes
    • The Pirate Medkit skin was added to the game.

29 August 2022

28 August 2022

26 August 2022

v0.3.0 - August 26 2022

15 May 2022

  • Divine Resurrection
    • NEW EFFECT: Now revives allies at their spawn if they died from falling out of bounds.
    • Revive time reduced from 1s to 0.5s.
    • BUG FIX: Now consistently applies the heal and revive to allies.

1 May 2022

18 April 2022

  • Health reduced from 200 to 175.

16 April 2022

  • General additions and changes
    • The Guardian Angel badge was added to the game.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • Cooldown increased from unknown to 10 seconds.

Playtest 2 - 15 April 2022

  • General additions and changes
    • The Medcarrot skin was added to the game.
    • Health increased from 100 to 200.
    • Shield reduced from 25 to 0.
  • Crystallize
    • NEW: Every 10 shots you land on an enemy spawns a crystal at their location and heals you 10 health.
  • Pricking Needles
    • REWORK: Now fires a short range hitscan projectile.
    • Damage increased from 1 to 3.
    • Ally healing increased from 1 to 2.
    • Ammo reduced from 50 to 20.
    • REMOVED: Pricking Needle no longer homes into enemies.
  • Crystal Shift
    • NEW EFFECT: Can now be used on crystals travelling mid-air.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • REWORK: Now transforms a crystal into an AoE that does 14 damage and flings enemies and heals allies for 30.
    • NEW EFFECT: Can now be used on crystals travelling mid-air.
    • REMOVED: No longer transforms crystals into medkits that can be picked up by allies.


  1. aidn in boggio community, 16 April 2022 (Link | Image) - "medkit's ultimate is inspired from mercy's old ultimate from overwatch"

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