PW:Ability Table GIF/MP4 Progress


A few important notes for contributors

Please read the following bullet points under these notices before submitting.
SUBMISSION FOR OUTSIDERS: To submit, join the Boggio Community Discord (found at the bottom of the game page of PHIGHTING! and post your mp4s/GIFs in the #the-wiki channel.
NOTE: You must be 13 years or older to use Discord, according to Section 2 of their Terms of Use.
FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN EDIT THE WIKI: The pages for Phighters can be edited by regular users with accounts more than 4 days old. Feel free to upload the files and put them into their respective pages.

File:Image 2022-09-24 221607367.png
  • Add a | following the ability numbers followed by the file in the format [[File:Filename.filetype|center|300px]].
  • Make sure to check which abilities have GIFS/MP4s before going out to upload them.
  • Make sure that each GIF/MP4 is less than 10 MB. Fandom does not let you upload anything bigger than 10 MB.
  • Regarding recording software, do not use ROBLOX's in-game recorder as it has poor quality. Some potential options for you.
  • Avoid showing the window borders in your recording.
  • Make sure to hide the ROBLOX chat before recording.
  • Check the FPS of your recording. Any recording that looks like this GIF below will get replaced with a better alternative.
  • If you are recording through MP4s, make sure to mute the music (press M) and background noise that's not from the game (including programs, music, videos and your mic).

Regarding the recording of abilities:

  • Make each recording of each ability on its own (excluding recasts or abilities that interact directly with other abilities of the Phighter, e.g. Biograft's Ult and LMB).
  • It is recommended to select maps that do not change the visuals of the game drastically over a match's duration. e.g. King of the Hill, DODGEBALL!, ROBLOX Museum or Train Demolition are good examples.
    • Do not record in Fractured Space or Protect Telamon. The former has low gravity (which can affect the demonstration of mobility abilities) and the latter has poor lighting.
  • Do not record abilities in a public server. Private servers are free.
  • In most cases, you will need at least 2 players (including yourself) to record, one player acting as the target dummy and the other using the ability. The recording should come from the perspective of the player using the ability.
    • Abilities that interact with teammates (e.g. Medkit's ultimate) will require 3 players to show ally effects (The game does not assign 2 players to a single team unless there is a minimum of 3 players).
    • Abilities that don't do damage (e.g. Skateboard's Slow Walker or Medkit's Crystal) will only require 1 player.
    • It is recommended to bring a human player along. You can use a second device however, it can be tricky to juggle as the game kicks players who have not used an ability in 45 seconds.
  • Make sure to select an area that has equal ground between both players.
  • Get straight to the point and keep it barebones with the recording of the ability. Avoid recording extremely specific interactions (e.g. Sword's E-Q-LMB combo).