PW:To do list


A list of things to complete on the wiki.

The list

High priority

The Thing Progress
  • Adjustments to Map pages.
  • like uhhh 30%. add a gameplay features and gallery section + fix up infobox
  • Update the Phestivals page, split all information for each phestival into separate pages, make a navbox.
  • 30%, missing information on Phestival 4 - Sun vs Moon. the rest to be done
  • Recreate the skin screenshots to use the default color (colorless), and in proper dimensions
  • 0%, not started. need at least 1 person with the skins to do this
  • Update Crossroads to feature each location and put it in-depth.
  • 20%. Added some images, not sure what to do with the rest of the pages.
  • Create GIFs/mp4 for Phighter Abilities.
  • 100% done. Thank you to everyone who has contributed a gif/mp4.
  • Make a navbox for the lore characters.
  • 0%. To be done.
  • Adjustments to Strategy section in each Phighter's page
  • 100% for subheadings. See this for rough idea. 42% for content. Things are mostly done for Rocket, Biograft, Medkit, Boombox, Subspace and Slingshot, but the other pages need to be filled in.
  • Create individual pages for PHIGHTING!'s original songs + infobox
  • 90%, only the navbox
  • recolor the navigation templates
  • will have to consult with someone who has a good eye for color palettes 0%.
  • create manual of style + need to discuss rules on wiki
  • 0%
  • write out wiki guide for newer editors
  • will have to consult with someone who has a good eye for color palettes 0%.
  • collect map images
  • tough to do with afk timer, might have to wait. 0%
    • Hope we can find more editors.

    Not priority

    • I made an error on some of the map pages and added a reference to the links (in some of their trivia sections) when it was not necessary to do so.
      • Please remove them.
    • Fix the dating format on certain pages. Some of the maps pages still uses the XXth of Month Year format instead of Date Month Year format other pages uses.
      • Don't worry too much about getting the dates wrong from timezones, that will be fixed later.
    • If you see a slider and it says Update History on the subheading, please rename it into Version History, with the link.
    • New graphics for the main page (specifically, all of the Phighter icons need to be updated to be the same size)