Patch Notes/19 August 2023


5 versions released at 2:56pm EST, 3:11pm EST, 3:40pm EST, 3:54pm EST, and 6:21 PM EST.

General additions and changes:

  • Fixed assists.
  • Phrenzy changes:
    • Darkheart's Sword event has been adjusted to change the Slow / Bound debuffs to other stuff.
    • Darkheart's tp event works more chaotically.
    • Armored should now work properly as a random mid-game event.
    • Awarded points are now 10 per win and 4 per loss.
  • Fixed issue where there would be a tiny delay between victory/defeat animation showing up as well as rounds resetting since the game was waiting until all Phrenzy data was saved.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause rounds to break.
  • Zuka will now tell you your Phrenzy score.
  • (6:21 PM EST) Changes to the Phrenzy scoring system:
    • Points earned is now determined by how much you contribute to the main objective rather than if you win or lose,
      • In Annihilate, it's determined by your position on the leaderboard.
      • In Conquer, it's determined by how long you were on the point for + your kda.
    • The person #1 on the leaderboard will get 10 points, the person at #10 will only get 1 point.