Patch Notes/26 December 2022


Three versions released at 12:49 AM, 1:22 AM and 2:32 AM EST.

General additions and changes:


  • Pulse Wave
      • Boombox now uses a metronome.
        • Timing Pulse when the two rectangles meet adds one charge and increases the number of additional pulses fired by 1 (max. 4) if an enemy was damaged.
        • In addition, Boombox and nearby allies are granted 25% haste for 0.5 seconds.
        • Timing it early or late will only fire one pulse, but a charge will be gained if an enemy was hit.
        • Missing the timing only fires one pulse.
        • The metronome is positioned under the crosshair.
      • Pulse now fires in a semi-circle instead of around Boombox.
    • Damage per pulse changed from 8 to 8 + (2 * no. of charges)
    • Knockback force per pulse changed from 8 to 8 + (2 * no. of charges)
  • Shielding Amplifier
      • Now grants 12% * no. of charges haste for X seconds to Boombox and nearby allies.
      • Now displays number of charges on the ability hotbar.
    • BUG FIX: Now regenerates ally shields properly and only overshields if their shield goes above their maximum shield.
  • Raining Tacos
    • NEW EFFECT: Shield now decays 1.5 seconds after being applied.


  • BUG FIX: No longer randomly breaks.

Bug fixes:

  • Shield regeneration timer no longer resets if the shield decreases while being above the player's max shield.