Patch Notes/27 March 2024


This version released at 12:43 AM EDT.

General additions and changes:

  • Overtime will now trigger in Conquer if the losing team has had control of the zone within the last 2 seconds.
    • The Score Cap now increases if both teams are within a certain amount of points of reaching it. For Annihilate, this amount is 2 points, for Conquer, this amount is 10 points. The score cap will not increase under this condition if one team has already reached the cap.

Ban Hammer:

  • Oathbound
    • Now creates a second explosion around Ban Hammer. Enemies can only be damaged by one explosion, explosions from Ban Hammer take priority over explosions from souls.
    • Explosions from souls no longer have a pull force.
    • Pull force of explosions from Ban Hammer increased from 10 to 15.


  • Overdrive
      • Hitpoints no longer decay while active.
      • Now has a base duration of 8 seconds.
      • Kills grant an additional 2 seconds to the duration, and assists grant 1 second.
      • Automatically creates an explosion around Biograft once the Phinisher ends or if Biograft dies during it.
      • End explosion damage no longer scales off of health and is now consistently 30.
      • Biograft takes 20 self-damage once the Phinisher ends.
      • The heat bar of Power of Biograft / Heat now visually drains during the Phinisher to represent the remaining duration.




  • Hitpoints adjusted from 100 to 75 Health and from 50 to 75 Shield.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where the ammo count upon respawning was inconsistent.