Patch Notes/8 April 2023 Initial Release


This version released at 1:15 AM, 8 April 2023.

General additions and changes

Phighter balance changes





  • Medkit received a model update for his default skin.
  • Medkit has received new dialogue.
  • Crystalize
    • REWORK: Headshotting an enemy with Curing Cartridge heals the nearest ally with the lowest health for 25HP and Medkit for 10HP. Recharges every 3 seconds. If Medkit is the target, he heals for 15HP instead.
    • REMOVED: Medkit's abilities no longer generates or interacts with crystals.
  • Curing Cartridge
    • REWORK: Medkit's primary is now a slow shooting revolver that can headshot.
      • Damage and healing increased from 3 to 7. Headshotting a Phighter does 10 damage/healing.
      • Range increased from 60 studs to 100 studs.
      • Fire rate increased from 0.1 seconds to ... seconds.
      • Ammo reduced from 20 to 6.
      • Reload time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.
      • Slow while firing reduced from 25% to 10%.
      • Curing Cartridge has aim assist on allies.
  • Fan the Hammer
    • REWORK: Medkit fires all remaining ammo from Curing Cartridge. Each shot deals 4 damage and applies a 5% slow for ... seconds.
      • Has a range of 100 studs.
      • Cooldown increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Crystal Shift
    • REWORK: After a cast-time, Medkit teleports to an ally, granting both Immunity for 1.5 seconds. The teleport creates an explosion, dealing ... damage. The explosion heals Medkit and his ally 15HP + 10HP for each enemy hit by the explosion.
  • Rejuvenation Ring
    • REWORK: Medkit throws a crystal that creates an area if it comes into contact with a Phighter or the environment. The area deals 15 damage to enemies, heals 20HP to allies and cleanses them of negative status effects.
      • Cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • REWORK: After an animation, Medkit releases a crystal into the air, which drops after a delay. All nearby allies are healed for 50HP and granted Immunity for 2 seconds. This also revives dead allies nearby and grants them Immunity of the same duration. Medkit is healed 25HP + 25HP for each ally revived.
      • Range decreased from global to ... studs.



  • Health reduced from 175 to 150.
  • Blade Beam
    • Damage reduced from 25 to 20.

Map changes


  • Removed the pillars that could be used by all Phighters.
  • The Ban Hammer statue was updated to use his current appearance.
  • The Broker can be found in a cage outside of red-side spawn.

Darkheart's Revenge:

  • Removed.

Bug fixes

  • The Biocarved NPC that distributes the "Biocarved" skin was readded to Crossroads.
  • When taking damage, Innate shield no longer gets prioritized over Overshield.
  • Softlock fixes.