A Phinisher is a Phighter's strongest move, known for being able to turn the tides of a battle when used. Phinishers are incredibly powerful, unique to each Phighter, and have a significant impact on the outcome of a match. Phinishers can be used once the player has gathered enough Phinisher Points over the match.

Mechanics and interactions

Basic overview

  • The F key in the game's UI displays the player's Phinisher as a percentage between 0-100%.
  • To use an Phinisher, the F key must be at 100%.
    • A sound cue will play when a Phighter's Phinisher is ready.
    • The Phighter's horns will glow when their Phinisher is ready. This is visible to all players, allied or not.
  • The Phinisher percentage increases passively over time, as well as damaging enemies and healing teammates.

Phinishers have several mechanics and interactions:

  • On use, the player's camera will cut to a close-up of their Phighter performing a unique animation. The player cannot move during the animation.
    • The player can still take damage during the animation.
    • If the player dies before the animation completes, the Phinisher's effects are cancelled. The Phinisher points are not refunded.
    • Status effects do not stop Phinishers but will still apply to the user regardless.
    • Phighters are also immune to any force they receive.
    • The immovable status effect can displace Phighters during their Phinisher animation.
    • The player is suspended in the air for the animation's duration.
  • All Phighter's Phinisher dialogues will be displayed at the bottom-center of the screen in a format of "[PHIGHTER NAME]: Example Phighter dialogue". e.g. [BIOGRAFT]: MEET YOUR DEMISE! .
    • This is visible to all players.
    • The dialogue is color-coded to match the team the user is from.

Phinisher points

Phinisher Points is an internal value which measures the player's progress to obtaining their Phinisher. Each Phighter's Phinisher requires a sufficient amount of Phinisher points to use. The amount of Phinisher points needed differs between each Phighter, with higher values requiring more time. However, the numbers for gaining Phinisher points are same across the board.

  • Each player passively gains 1 Phinisher point per second.
    • During One Minute Left, this is reduced to 1 Phinisher point per 0.3 seconds.
    • Phinisher points are still generated even if the player is currently dead.
  • Doing damage to enemies or healing other teammates gains Phinisher points at a conversion rate of 10 damage or healing/1 Phinisher point.
    • Each source of damage can generate a maximum of 10 Phinisher points.
    • Damaging or healing yourself does not generate Phinisher points.
    • Healing other allies at full health will not grant Phinisher points.
    • Phinishers such as Biograft's Overdrive and Hyperlaser's Eviscerating Ray disable this mechanic for the duration of the Phinisher's effect.

Phinisher points have the following interactions:

  • Switching Phighters transfers the player's current Phinisher points to that character.
    • e.g. A Rocket that currently has 100/100 Phinisher points switches to Medkit. The Medkit starts with 100/150 Phinisher points.
  • Furthermore, the player will continue to gain Phinisher points even if they have more than the sufficient amount to use their Phinisher. Having excess Phinisher points affects the class-switch interaction above this bullet point.
    • e.g. A Sword with 100/75 Phinisher points switches to Medkit. The Medkit starts with 100/150 Phinisher points.
  • Using your Phinisher sets the player's current Phinisher points to 0.
    • e.g. A Rocket with 150/100 Phinisher points uses Rocket Barrage. The Rocket's Phinisher points is now 0/100.

List of Phinishers

Note: Does not include skin specific dialogue.

Phighter Phinisher Description Dialogue Phinisher Points
Sword All-Mighty Axle Arc Throw your sword to your crosshair. When the sword makes contact with a player or a surface, it explodes after 3 seconds and then returns to you. The explosion deals a large amount of damage but can damage yourself. Prepare yourself! 75
Skateboard THE COOL, RAD, COFFIN!! After a delay, charge up and perform a coffin before dashing, damaging and stunning enemies. If used in Standing Form, Skateboard switches to Skating Form. Skateboard can use PRIMARY to start the dash early. Watch this trick! 100
Biograft Overdrive Your attack speed is increased to its maximum. Heat is no longer gained, and your primary damage is increased by 50%, but your health drains. Killing while overheating grants you 15 shield. Recast to cancel Overheat and create an explosion around you which deals more damage the lower health you are. MEET YOUR DEMISE! 125
Katana Soul Splicer Slice in a large area around you, taking the average health of enemies hit and applying it to all targets. Then deal 35 damage and apply 5 stacks of Looming Misfortune. For broken honor..
..and retribution.
Ban Hammer Judgement Catch any enemies in an area in front of you, if their health and shield combined is less than 50% of their maximum health and shield, execute them. Your verdict is...
Rocket Grand Cannonade Click to unleash a barrage of rockets towards the ground. Bonus damage is dealt to enemies in the center of explosions. It's showtime! 100
Slingshot Leg Day Gain a large speed boost, your next 3 primaries create giant lasers that go through walls. Can't catch me!
Better dodge!
Hyperlaser Eviscerating Ray Your next primary fire will instantly kill any enemy you hit. Killing an enemy grants you another bullet. I'll see you in Hell. 150
Shuriken Guillotine Blossom Unleash 5 shurikens that spin around you and apply antiheal. The shurikens will fire to your cursor one by one every 1.5 seconds. Time to pick up the pace! 125
Scythe Stalking Ambush Stalking Ambush (Scythe form): Become invisible for 15 seconds and be able to teleport to and apply your target to a nearby enemy.
Final Serenade (Gun form): Rapid fire in a circle around you, shoot a high damage blast at the end.
Leaving so soon?
Found you!

May I have this dance?
Medkit Divine Resurrection Resurrect any dead allies around you. All allies around you gain temporary immunity and heal for 50HP. Heal yourself for 25HP plus 25HP for each ally revived. Let's not do that again. 150
Boombox Raining Tacos Jump high into the air and slam the ground with a giant explosion. The explosion will give you and allies a temporary 250 shield, as well as slow enemies. Let's lay down the beat! 150
Subspace Noxious Void Unleash a crystal to create a vacuum which pulls enemies in before exploding, applying poison and vulnerability My greatest invention!! 125
Vine Staff Lotus of the Den Summon a lotus which heals and grants allies regeneration three times before disappearing. All enemies in radius of the lotus will activate stage 1 Beginning Anew at their position. Nature prevails! 150


Version history

to be done


  • In Playtest 1, Rocket's Rocket Barrage had the lowest Phinisher cost of all time, having a cooldown of 50 seconds.
    • This was later increased from 50 seconds to 100 seconds.

Melee Sword Skateboard Biograft Katana Ban Hammer
Ranged Rocket Slingshot Hyperlaser Shuriken Scythe
Support Medkit Boombox Subspace Vine Staff
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