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A server in PHIGHTING! is an instance in which a player can group up with other players to compete against one another in a variety of gamemodes. There are three server types; opens, pros and private servers - each with their own characteristics.


Opens are the primary server type accessible by all players from when they first start the game. In opens, all official gamemodes and maps are available to be played. There are no specific benefits to playing opens, but as they are playable by players of all levels, they often consist of varied playstyles and skillsets. They have a limit of 10 players maximum.

All open servers can be accessed by Zuka in Crossroads. Open servers have a 4-digit code assigned to them to allow players to easily join up with one another.


Pros are unlocked when a player reaches level 100. Just like opens, they can be accessed by Zuka in Crossroads, and have their own 4-digit code. Pros increase experience gained by 25%. Additionally, pro servers contribute their own points to Phestival rankings. They have a limit of 10 players maximum. Sword events and bonus rounds are disabled in pro servers.

Private Servers

Private Servers can be created by any player using ROBLOX's built-in private server feature. Once within a private server, a player can invite others and set up a privately instanced lobby by speaking to Zuka and joining a random server. Private servers allow players to control the gamemode, maps, teams, as well as allowing players to use freecam and a spectator mode. All maps, including unused and removed maps, can be played, including an unfinished Escort gamemode. Private servers cannot be joined without an external invitation from the owner, and as such do not have a code assigned to them. All codes in private servers will simply display as "OPEN 0".

When playing in a private server, players cannot earn bux, experience, titles or badges. They also cannot contribute to Phestival or Phrenzy results.

Private servers have a limit of 11 players maximum so as to allow an extra spectator to be present. Players can be assigned to teams above the usual 5-player limit, allowing for extra granularity in how team compositions are set up.

Private Server Commands

All commands can only be used by the private server owner, apart from freecam commands when permission is granted by the owner. Commands that use a <username> field will not work with display names. Using the first letters of a username will automatically fill in a name if the letters are unique (e.g., /red B will register as /red Builderman).

Command Description Example usage
/force <map name> Sets the next match to play the given map. The command will attempt to fill in the closest match on normal in-rotation maps, but the full map name must be given to force any map exclusive to private servers. /force Fractured Space
/red <username>
/blue <username>
Assigns a given player to the specified team. /red Builderman
/add <number>
/sub <number>
Adds or subtracts the given number in seconds from the match or intermission timer. /add 60
/pause Pauses and unpauses the match or intermission timer. N/A
/win red
/win blue
Instantly ends the match with the given team winning. N/A
Shift + P Toggles freecam. R to reset the camera, digits 1 - 9 and 0 to spectate a player, X to disconnect the camera from a player, and T to enable certain UI elements. N/A
/spectator <username> Grants the player permission to use freecam and makes their player model invisible. /spectator Builderman
/ult <username> Grants an immediate Phinisher charge to the given player. /ult Builderman
/refresh <username> Instantly respawns the given player. /refresh Builderman
/limit Toggles the limit of one of each Phighter per team, allowing multiple of the same Phighter to be on the same team. N/A
/fred <username>
/fblue <username>
Forces a given player to always be assigned to the specified team when starting matches. /fred Builderman
/fnone <username> Disables the forced team of a given player. Not including a username disables the forced team of all players. /fnone Builderman
/kick <username> Kicks a given player from the server. /kick Builderman
/sword Toggles Sword events from occurring. N/A
/bonus Toggles Bonus rounds from occurring. N/A