PJ Rocket

PJ Rocket is an unlockable skin for Rocket. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 25,000 Bux. PJ Rocket was released on 17 April 2022, as a reward to all players who collected 100 eggs during the Fried vs. Scrambled Egg Hunt 2022 event. This skin depicts Rocket wearing a rabbit-themed onesie, along with two tall rabbit ears emerging from his head. His rocket launcher also has a pair of bunny ears above the end of the barrel. This skin alters Rocket's effects and sounds, but not his animations or dialogue.

Buster Rocket

Buster Rocket is an unlockable skin for Rocket. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 50,000 Bux. Buster Rocket was released on 6 September 2022, at the end of the Sun vs. Moon Phestival as a reward to the winning team. This skin depicts Rocket wearing a suit jacket over a button-up shirt along with long pants, a newboy cap and a pair of glasses. Furthermore, his rocket launcher is replaced with a sword akin to Cloud's Buster Sword. This skin alters Rocket's effects, sounds, and animations, but leaves his dialogue unchanged.

Stargazer Rocket

Stargazer Rocket is an unlockable skin for Rocket.It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 75,000 Bux. During Decoy Deploy it could be obtained for 65,000 Bux. Stargazer rocket was released on 28 August 2023, as a reward for every player that had reached the 5% score threshold during the first Phrenzy. This skin depicts Rocket wearing a suit and tie with tears at the hem, a pair of star-themed pants and a similarly-themed masquerade mask. His rocket launcher is replaced by a spyglass with one smaller lens on its left side.

When using Rocket Shot, a blue, four-pointed star fires out of the spyglass. At the base of the spyglass and when the "rocket" impacts against something, a blue, five-pointed start forms. The sound of glass breaking or a glisten is heard when the primary is fired and upon impact. When using Charged Blast, the longer the shot is charged, the larger the four-pointed, blue star is. The size of the base and impact effect is larger the longer the shot is charged as well. The impact and base effect are both blue, five-pointed stars. The glistening, glass breaking sound is played when the shot is fired and upon impact. When using Liftoff, a darker blue explosion appears with the same effect pattern as the original. The sound that plays is glass shattering. When using Multi-Missiles, smaller, four-tipped stars are fired out of the spyglass accompanied by a higher-pitched glistening sound. When using Grand Cannonade, the impact locations are replaced with blue, five-pointed stars with a smaller star inside of the larger one. A whooshing sound along plays and the sound of glass shattering is played upon the rocket's impact. This skin does not alter animations or dialouge.

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