Sword event


A Sword event, also often called a Sword round or special round, is a gameplay mechanic that modifies a match when One Minute Left occurs. Sword events apply various effects to players from both teams for the remainder of a match.


Each map in the voting menu has a 5% chance for it to include at least one Sword event. During Multiplier Matches Sword events have a 100% chance of happening. Players will not know which map has a Sword event. There is a 15% chance thereafter for a Sword event to contain an additional character, with a maximum of 7 total Sword events. During the Rave vs. Relax Phestival, a map with a Sword event will have a Sword present on the thumbnail alongside a sound cue during map voting. Experiencing a multi round with all character effects will grant all players the "Supreme Survivor" badge and the "Supreme" title.

When One Minute Left begins, the gear of a randomly selected Sword character will appear at the center of the map, accompanied by dialogue from the respective character, and trigger their unique abilities. These abilities can affect both teams and will continue to do so for the remainder of a match. The effects of a special round do not continue into Overtime.

During intermissions, players can spend 100 Robux to force the next round to be a Sword event (maximum 4 per player). The character which appears when a Sword event is forced is indicated by their respective weapon. In contrast to naturally spawned Sword events - where all Sword characters are mutually exclusive of themselves - multiple of the same Sword character can be forced via this method.

The chance for Sword events to happen, as well as how many events will spawn, are as follows:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Standard 95% 1.89% 2% 0.88% 0.21% 0.027% 0.0019% 0.000057%
13x / 66.6x 0% 37.71% 39.93% 17.62% 4.15% 0.55% 0.039% 0.0011%
Combined 89.3% 4.04% 4.27% 1.89% 0.44% 0.058% 0.0041% 0.00012%

Note: the "Combined" row takes into account the probability of a 13x or 66.6x triggering as well.

Sword event mechanics

When Darkheart appears, the screen will be tinted green and he will give all players a random curse when the timer reaches 0:54 and every 4 seconds thereafter. Before applying curses, he will talk for 2 seconds, signifying the effect he's about to apply. Darkheart has a chance to cancel the current curse. Darkheart can give players one of the following curses:

  • 50% Bound debuff
  • 100% Bounce buff
  • 50% Slow debuff
  • 100% Vulnerable debuff
  • Swap 2 players' positions
  • Fling all player's in different directions
  • Set all HP values to a random amount between 30 and 200

When Dom appears, the screen will be tinted purple and he will periodically fire out a purple blast from the center of the map. The blast instantly recharges the Phinishers of all players. Dom fires these blasts when the timer reaches 0:55 and 0:30. Players who are unable to gain Phinisher points will be unable to recharge their Phinisher.

When Firebrand appears, the screen will be tinted orange and large columns of fire will rain down, their location indicated by star-like shaped on the ground. This will cause the player to take 10 damage initially, then continue to take damage. The damage will stop short of killing the player, which can leave one extremely vulnerable. Getting hit will also grant the player a 30% Haste buff for 2 seconds, a benefit that stacks if the player is hit again in that time period.

When Icedagger appears, the screen will be tinted cyan and he will throw snowballs from the center of the map, with where they land being indicated by snowflakes. These snowballs will deal 10 damage to the player and give a 40% Slow debuff for 3 seconds. When the timer reaches 0:30, Icedagger will end the blizzard and disappear.

When Valk appears, the screen will be tinted yellow and he will periodically fire a yellow blast from the center of the map. The blast knocks all players away from the center, heals all players, and gives all players a 100% Haste buff.

When Venomshank appears, the screen will be tinted green and he will summon a zombie on every player's current location when the timer reaches 0:57 and every 15 seconds thereafter. Venomshank's zombies will chase after the closest player, and will do 15 damage on hit. The zombies have multiple properties:

  • Each zombie has 100 HP.
  • A zombie can die to killbricks or fall out of bounds if led by a player.
  • Zombies can receive Status Effects as normal.
  • Damage sources that generate Phinisher points can generate it from damaging a zombie.



  • "A little bit of chaos is fun.. don't you think?"
  • "We're here.. did ya miss us..? Just in time ain't we!"
  • "We've been watching you for quite some time.."

Multi round

  • "Room for two more?"
  • "We'll be joining too!"

Ingame teaser
During the version of 26 December 2022, Darkheart follows his basic dialogue with another set of dialogue before disappearing.

  • "Nevermind! Catch ya later!"
  • "Whoops.. got here a bit too early!"


    • "Don't hesitate."
    • "I'm here to lend a hand."
    • "Let out your true power."
Multi round
  • "I'll be here too."
  • "Is assistance needed?"
  • "Take this boost as well."


    • "Allow me to show you who's king!"
    • "I don't need an introduction."
    • "Set ablaze in the Inpherno!"
Multi round
  • "Allow me to assist you."
  • "Let the fire assist you."


    • "Death will not reach you."
    • "Let's break the rules of life."
    • "Have you come up with a plan?"
Multi round
  • "Death will accompany you as well."
  • "Let's continue with the plan."
  • "I'll be here."
Player revive
  • "I've brought you back, don't do that again."
  • "Welcome back, don't disappoint me again."
  • "Rise, and approach things differently."
  • "You only have two more chances."
  • "I will only assist you once more."
  • "This next time is the last time I will bring you back."
  • "You're out of extra lives."
  • "I will not help you any further."
  • "What a disappointment."


    • "Here comes the snow!"
    • "I'm a bit late, but get ready for a blizzard!"
    • "It's getting a bit chilly in here!"
Multi round
  • "Can you handle some snow at the same time?"
  • "I'm here on time for once!"


    • "I gotchu!"
    • "Let's spice it up a bit!"
Multi round
  • "A collab? I don't mind!"
  • "Let me help too!"


    • "Are you prepared to feel the wrath of the undead?"
    • "Rise my minions!"
    • "Will all your training be good enough for my army?"
Multi round
  • "I will be assisting as well."
  • "Think you can handle one more?"
Ingame teaser
During the version of 26 December 2022, Venomshank follows his basic dialogue with another set of dialogue before disappearing.
  • "Zombies don't seem to want to come out tonight."
  • "False alarm, retreating back to the base."


  • All current possible Sword characters are members of the SFOTH deities, with the exception of Valk and Dom.
    • While they themselves are not SFOTH deities, they are descendants of Firebrand, and are thus 'Swords' by association.
  • All SFOTH deities are planned to have Sword events. So far, only Illumina and Windforce have yet to make an appearance.
  • So far, only 0.1% of all PHIGHTING! players have ever witnessed a full Sword event round and obtained the associated badge and title.

Version history

26 December 2022