Shooting Teapot Observatory

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Shooting Teapot Observatory, formerly Teapots of Doom, is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Shooting Teapot Observatory is a large Conquer map comprised of a large central dome covering a spinning teapot carousel and an open sandy area with minimal cover. On each side of the central dome are two open areas connecting each teams' respective spawn. These areas provide more cover than the central ring as well as access to the upper floors without going through the trampoline chute in the middle of the map.

Gameplay features

Shooting Teapot Observatory plays a special version of Conquer where the zone changes locations at specific intervals—2:40 and 1:00 on the match timer—signaled by the chat message "The point is moving!". When the zone moves, it disappears and reappears at the new location after a 10-second interval.

The first zone location is at the far end of the map from where players spawn, on top of a bridge. The second location is in the center of the map below the teapot carousel. The final location is at the other end of the map, immediately accessible from each spawn via a chute next to it.

There are several chutes around the map that shoot the player upwards, as well as a trampoline in the central chute connecting to the spinning teapot carousel. The map is placed over a large void.

For its One Minute Left event, the sky begins to darken to nighttime at 1:10 on the match timer, after which 'shooting teapots' resembling bright streaks of light start to fall from the sky.


Shooting Teapot Observatory is a flying teapot-themed observatory set in the sky.


2 March 2024

Playtest 2


Version history

2 March 2024

  • Received a visual overhaul and renamed to Shooting Teapot Observatory.

5 September 2022

  • Removed.

Playtest 2 - 15 April 2022

  • Teapots of Doom was added to the game.

17 March 2022

  • Teapots of Doom was revealed to the public.


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