Unused maps

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Within PHIGHTING!, there is a small collection of maps that have gone unused or otherwise unfinished in official gameplay, and as such are only accessible through the private server command: /force <map name>. These maps may be normally inaccessible because they were only ever available for testing, or they were not or could not be finished for an assortment of reasons. Maps considered unused have never been available in standard map rotation, whether during an event or otherwise.

Escort test maps

In order to test the Escort gamemode leading up to its future release, a selection of maps were made to see how the mechanics of the mode actually work in practice. These maps vary in utility and completeness and represent different stages of the gamemode's development.


Canada is a reimagining of the map New Queen Street from Overwatch 2. Canada is set in a grey urban street with several tall buildings creating a winding path from each teams' spawn, converging to an open area divided by an overpass under which the payload starts. Both streets are decorated with red trees and street lights with neon features.

Several of the buildings have an accessible interior, allowing players to ultilize them as cover, retreat areas or flank routes. While the streets also feature cars with an identical model to the payload, these are purely decorative and serve no gameplay purpose.



Colosseo is a smaller, simplified version of Colosseo from Overwatch 2. Colosseo is set in a fairly open area with a winding path going down a ramp and leading to the payload. The map features tall skyscrapers on the corners and down the middle. The payload finds itself in the middle of a long corridor devoid of any cover, aside from two accessible buildings on either end.

Around the map, massive pillars can be found, along with a giant statue and a large Colosseum-like structure adjacent to the payload.


Mall Payload

Mall Payload is a retooled version of ROBLOX Mall (V0.5.0 version), made to fit the Escort game mode. Mall Payload is incredibly similar in structure to ROBLOX Mall, albeit with a few notable changes. The obstacles in the side corridors have been removed to give room for the payload to move, the central laser tag area has been slightly reworked to a more open room, removing the central structure and bridges, replacing it with two cubes on either side of the payload, and at One Minute Left, the main arcade doors will no longer close and force players through the vents. This map is accessible under the name "mallpayload".



Test is a retooled version of Banland (Playtest 4 version) made to fit the Escort game mode. Test has an identical layout to Banland, albeit with a lizard-like figure serving as the map's payload appearing around the bottom-middle of the map and several small cubes along the path acting as nodes for the payload to travel through.



Test2 is a long, gray platform, with both ends being spawnpoints for a respective team, which are signified by red or blue lights hanging from the ceiling. There are also little hut-like structures in-between each team's spawnpoints and the middle of the map. As the payload is moved along the map, spikes will emerge from below the ground, these spikes do not cause harm to players and are purely decorative. Test2 was a map previously available in PHIGHTING!'s predecessor, PHIGHTING! 2.


Unused Maps

Land of the Silent Sun

Land of the Silent Sun is a large complex map surrounded by mountains and 2 waterfalls. Sporting 2 connected pagoda towers on an island surrounded by a large lake, teams will spawn in caves opposite of each other, and have to move to elevated ground. Players have the option to parkour on rocks to traverse to the main island, or stay on the edge of the lake filled with buildings and cover. Because of the abundant obstacles and large map, it is beneficial for ranged classes. Classes with mobility can also access the multiple roofs of the pagoda and offer a vantage point, further benefiting ranged classes.

The lake surrounding the pagoda towers does not kill players instantly unlike all other instances of water. Instead, the player will take 5 damage every 0.5s. The lakes are filled via 2 waterfalls on opposite sides of the map, going under 2 bridges in the process. The waterfall itself does not deal damage, and players can parkour underneath the falls via rocks.

There are caves with 2 entrances and an exposed side on parts of the map, offering a closed off area, and an option to recover from falling into the lake. Classes with low mobility or have no other option can climb stairs to return to the elevated ground.


Land of the Silent Sun takes place in a Japan-like aesthetic surrounded by mountains and caves. The map is features snow-covered terrain, with the 2 defining characteristics being the giant waterfalls and towers. The waterfalls cascade into a lake at a lower elevation, featuring rocks sticking out of the water. Over the lake serves 2 bridges on each side of the map, matching the style of the other surrounding buildings. This map also features different trees and rock formations to act as cover.


'Scythe Trailer'

Scythe Trailer is a retooled version of Chaos Canyon that only appears in Scythe's announcement trailer. Scythe Trailer follows the same general theme and layout as its inspiration, although with a key change: the map is no longer symmetrical. This means each team will have different terrain to deal with and work around than the other. The rest of the map is fairly similar to Chaos Canyon, albeit with updated visuals and more interesting background elements. As the map was not meant for gameplay, it contains no invisible barriers, allowing players to scale otherwise inaccessible terrain. This map is accessible under the name "scythetrailer".


Sunset Plain



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