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This document was reported to be found by local authorities, when we located this item, a strange dust-covered file full of documents, lying in the center of a mossy clearing. We’ve tried questioning anyone who was suspected to be related to the documented person, but their replies were oddly vague. This document is still under investigation.

Document is still under revamp, and some information might not be accurate.
reason: lacking information



Parcher used to live in the deep caverns with his siblings, he would traverse through the caverns often. One time, he even found a crystal that was shaped like a maple leaf, seeming to contain some type of power source, and he still has it till this day. When he was young, he always wanted to be a Phighter, finding it interesting, however, his siblings didn’t want to be a Phighter, thinking that it is dangerous, so Parcher was the only one who left the caverns and went to Crossroads.

He is currently factioned with Lost Temple and is the commander of his outpost, the Insurrection Section 41 . However, he also supports any other factions with the only exception of the Blackrock. He used to be from Thieves' Den but later moved to Lost Temple for an unknown reason, even if both factions are practically enemies, the Thieves' Den still support Parcher a lot, maintaining a close relationship with him.



Parcher wears a blue hat, looped around the hat is a blue ribbon with nothing extra. Parcher has two pairs of blue horns that are shaped like Zuka’s.

He has one revealed eye, with the other covered by a blue visor that seems to be for better aiming. He wears a dark blue cloak that covers most of his right arm, often only being able to see his hands. He wears a fancy blue suit jacket that conveniently looks just like Scythe’s suit jacket , and a gray shirt underneath with vertical stripes all over it, he also has a blue bowtie that's placed in front of his cloak, the purpose of it is suspected to just be style fashion. Parcher has black pants with a couple of blue stripes wrapping around it. He wears black running shoes that supports his mobility.

He wields a crossbow with only an arm when not locking a shot, the crossbow although looking awfully similar to a rifle, it functions just like a regular crossbow. The center of the top of the crossbow has this blue glowing diamond-shaped object, most suspect it is just the crossbow design, but some suspect that it’s a crystal. The crossbow’s colour schemes look just like the ones from his outfit, occasionally blue shades, occasionally gray.

Parcher also has one of the brightest skin tones out of all Phighters.


Unlike most other Phighters, Parcher is one of the more caring and friendly ones, often acting as a “caretaker” role to anyone, no matter their age. He makes sure that his friends are doing alright and he never wants them to be hurt by anyone. Parcher is also very careful and strategic, inventing new strategies every so often for Phights, usually giving his team a winning advantage.


Parcher has hatred towards Deities due to their power with only a few exceptions, such as Firebrand, Ice Dagger and Illumina. He also despises anyone from the Blackrock region due to their reputation.

He is unaffected by Subspace’s poison, due to him having his own crystal, and the effects have slowly grown onto him, this is why he cannot be healed by Medkit’s crystals.

Parcher has documents of everyone in the Inpherno. Therefore, he knows everyone around the place, it is unknown of how he obtained these documents.


The Broker, Medkit and Scythe


  • The Broker, Medkit and Scythe are affiliated with Parcher and often work closely together.
    • Parcher usually handles the trio’s bills.
      • Although Parcher works with The Broker, he never liked him.

Thieves' Den


  • Parcher was formerly from Thieves' Den, and he still maintains a good relationship with them.
    • He is close friends with Slingshot, he often spend times with him when he’s free off work.
    • He is close friends with Shuriken.
    • Vine Staff admires Parcher due to his kindness.
    • Katana often suggests Parcher to leave Lost Temple, but Parcher denies the offer.



  • Parcher takes care of Ducky, making sure that she’s safe from other demons, making him techinally her guardian.



  • Parcher is close friends with Ghosdeeri.
    • Ghosdeeri admires Parcher a lot due to him being able to take care of both Ducky and himself alone.



  • Parcher is enemies with Subspace, it is unknown if Subspace mutually feels the same.
    • Parcher despises Subspace only because of what happened between him and Medkit.
      • He treats Subspace harshly, never wanting to talk to him when he’s around.



  • Card is affiliated and friends with Parcher.
    • Parcher usually spend most of his time with him when he can.



  • Parcher’s favourite music genre is electroswing.
  • The shirt underneath his suit jacket is a gray sweater.



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