This page is for drafting Ban Hammer's strategy guide.

hi its basil i thought id write down a little draft for the banham strategy section taking some info from meddoc's draft as well as from the guide!


Ban Hammer is a melee phighter that excels in crowd control and holding down parts of the map, this means he is much more effective in Conquer matches rather than Annihilate. His high shield stat allows him to soak up more damage than other tanks in the roster, although his low health stat makes it difficult for support classes to keep him alive if the shield is depleted, this means that most of Ban Hammer's survivability hinges on his self-sustain.

Considering his role as tank, expect to be the main target for most enemy attacks. This can be both a positive and a negative as more Phighters directly attacking you means they tend to fall into your range, and killing them directly or getting an assist can activate your passive, thus allowing you to live longer. On the other hand, being the biggest target (and having the biggest hitbox!) on the map can draw the attention of long range single-target Phighters such as Hyperlaser or Biograft, both of which have abilities that deal massive burst damage and leave you incredibly vulnerable to their teammates. Considering Ban Hammer's vulnerability to long-range attacks, map knowledge and working with your team is incredibly important. You can use your Q ability to safely start encounters (dealing bonus damage as you land) or to rush enemy backliners. Your Q ability can also be cast directly above you! Allowing you to take a breather from battle before slamming down and dealing extra damage to your enemies. By predicting your enemies movement after landing, you can almost always land a M1 swing or get multiple E hits off (the latter works only if your target has exhausted their movement abilities).

Furthermore, thanks to the height gained by your Q ability, it can be used to avoid highly telegraphed attacks such as Katana's E and Ult, Boombox's Ult or Swords Ult.

When playing Ban Hammer, you will more often than not find yourself taking on multiple enemies at once. Luckily, your abilities were catered specifically for these scenarios. Utilizing your E ability on enemies that are unable to escape (either due to debuffs or because they just used their movement ability) allow you to deal near-lethal damage and regain most of your shield, if you can hit two or three enemies at once, you're incredibly hard to kill for the duration of the ability! Be wary of phighters with stun ablities though, as they can interrupt your E spin and leave you a sitting duck.

Your M2 ability is helpful when facing singular- more powerful targets, tightly packed together enemies or to combo into your phinisher (hitting the M2 sweet spot and casting your phinisher immediately after is a true combo- and guarantees that the phinisher will hit your target). Considering it applies stun, it can also be used to interrupt attacks suck as Hyperlaser's Eviscerating ray. Your Phinisher essentially removes half the work needed to eliminate an enemy as you can instantly execute anyone below 50% HP (shield included!). This makes encounters with Katanas (that are usually heavily skewed in Katana's favour) much more in your favour. Your Phinisher can also be used on groups of enemies or to interrupt high impact moves (such as Hyperlaser's, Boombox's or Medkit's ult).

All of Ban Hammers moves have long periods of endlag after casting. If you are stunned right as you use the ability, the lingering hitbox will still hit your target.