User:Tart/New user guide


This is a guide for new users

Before you get started please refer to the rules here

if you see anyone breaking any of these rules kindly report to the wiki channel in the boggio community Discord the wiki staff will be happy to help ^^

Some pages like Phighter pages will be protected (which means you cant edit them unless you have permission) if you find any typos, broken links, or any issues with them please drop them in the wiki thread called Wiki: Error thread preferably with a screenshot and desc of what the issue is and where its located.

Getting started with your User page!

if you wanna personalize your own page and make it look very cool here's a guide

Getting to your user page

1. At the top right of your browser it should display your username

2. click on your user

3. A dropdown should appear displaying a bunch of options.

4. click on user page

5. tada! you are now on your own user page

How to edit your page

when users click on your user this is the page they are brought to!

but... there's a slight problem.. you might realize your page is... empty! not to worry lets fix that!

to began click on the Edit button at the top of your page (If your unable to edit please check to see if you have confirmed your email)

now it should've brought you to a white page that's your editing page!

you can put anything here well... maybe not everything


to began lets put a nice side bar showcasing your info!

first copy and paste this template into your editing page

 | username       = USERNAME
 | image          = Placeholder.png
 | roblox         = @USERNAME
 | level          = 100
 | main           = [[Ban Hammer]]
 | altmain        = [[Subspace]]
 | kda            = 100/20/50
 | pronouns       = They/Them
 | language       = Neutral
 | age            = 18
 | hobbies        = Being trapped in an infobox

Here's what it will look like ---->

only change the stuff after the = sign

if you don't want to display some info than you can just delate that line

    • Ex: if I don't wanna show my age ill delete the age line

| age = 18 <-- I will delete only this line

To replace the photo replace Placeholder.png with an uploaded photo

    • Ex: I wanna replace the image with let's say... Ban Hammer ill just change it to

| image = [[File:Ban Hammer.png]]
change it after you've upload an image after you've upload an image make sure to select Insert as image
the image is done uploading when the bar turns green!


once you've finished creating your User info box you can add an about me section

Under the template you added add == About me ==

this will create a heading which will look like this

now you can add whatever you want inside!

EX: == About me == Hello! I am Placeholder User I like to play PHIGHTING and edit my user page!

== == creates a header
=== === creates a subheader
<br> breaks a line of text

<small> </small> this makes text small and tiny..


When linking to an already created page like Medkit use 2 brackets --> [[ ]] <-- these guys

Links are case sensitive! Misspelling will register your link invalid!
its [[Medkit]] not [[Mekit]]
an easy way to check is to look at the color
Medkit - Correctly linked page
mekit - Incorrectly linked page
notice how the link is a lighter red vs a darker red
you can also check by clicking on the link and seeing if it brings you to the correct page or it asks you to create a new page.

when editing pages please be mindful about templates and formatting you can easily check before publishing an edit with the preview button (located next to save changes). As well you should be following the manual of style.

User Boxes

my favorite customization!! seriously I have an addiction..

Heres an example of an Userbox

This is an example User Box

to add them to your user profile simplely use

{{Userbox (userbox name)}}

Here's a couple Userboxes that you can use!

Template:Userbox Class
Template:Userbox Patron
Template:Userbox Defender
Template:Userbox OST Favorite
Template:Userbox Map Favorite
Template:Userbox Skin Favorite
Template:Userbox Regions
Template:Userbox Phestival

if you'd like to make your own personal userbox you can create a template for it
you can create a user box template by putting this onto your page and clicking the link [[Template:Userbox (your userbox name here)]]

if a user box hasn't been made with the same name already the link should tell you to create a new page

copy and past this template and change the parameters to your liking

|border-c= #FFF  
|border-s= 2 
|id-c= #000 
|id-s= 12 
|id-fc= #000 
|info-c= #000 
|info-fc= #FFF 
|info-a= alignment 
|id = photo 
|info = text

if you want to know what each parameter does look here!
also if this userbox guide isnt in depth enought you can go read user:TransfemIcedagger/how-to-userbox!

anyways that's it! if you need some help feel free to ask in the wiki channel or come chat with us on the boggio community Discord!