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Valleystaff is an unlockable skin for Vine Staff. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 40,000 Bux. Valleystaff was released on 2 November 2023, during the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival and was available to all players through the NPC in Crossroads.

This skin depicts Vine Staff wearing a Victorian-era style fit. She wears a dark aquamarine split-open button-up blouse that has white laces around the white collar hem of the blouse with two aquamarine buttons. Atop the white collar is a lily of the valley symbol on each collar's lapel. The arms of her blouse are puffy and only reach up to her elbows, ending with white laces. Her midriff is accentuated with a dark aquamarine ribbon tied into a bowtie behind her. She wears black gloves on both hands. She wears cream-coloured pants completed with black mary janes that have white laces on the collar lining. Above the skirt of her blouse which ends with an aquamarine flounce, she wears an aquamarine waist-cape that has a lace edge lining and is patterned with white lilies of the valley on it similar to the ones on her collar.

Her horns and facial makeup are aquamarine in colour, a black ribbon present on her right horn. She wears a cloche that's slightly slanted atop her head that has a lily of the valley upon it, and also has an aquamarine veil covering the back of her head. Her arm is still wooded. Her gear is a smooth black crook with a cloth aquamarine handle that has white laces on both edges with the selfsame lilies of the valley motif on it just below the crook-head. The crook-head is decorated with an entwining lily of the valley leafy stem that ends with the bulb hanging on the inside of the crook-head.

When using A Thousand Petals, the tip of the staff emits a round-petal flower instead of the pointed one. When using Beginning Anew, the plants resemble grass instead of a flower. When using Root of the Oak, the roots emit the same rounded petals from the impact. When using Lotus of the Den, a lily replaces the flower of the original. All effects are this dark turquoise color.

Vine Splash

Vine Splash is an unlockable skin for Vine Staff. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 75,000 Bux. During Decoy Deploy it could be obtained for 65,000 Bux. Vine Splash was released on 4 March 2024, at the end of the Dove vs. Crow Phestival for the winning team.

This skin depicts Vine Staff as a Koi fish with a large tail in place of her legs, along with fins on her arms and cheeks. She wears a fishing net over her chest under which gills are visible. She is wearing a lilypad on her head and has a bell hanging around her neck on some rope. Her face markings now feature a large circle inbetween her eyes and smaller circles on the side of each. Her cursed arm is replaced with rock instead of wood, along with glowing orange cracks along its surface.

When using A Thousand Petals, the tip of the staff emits a circle. When using Beginning Anew, a drop of water plants a small looking tree. When using Preservation, a four-petal on top of 2 rings. When using Root of the Oak, rings replace what used to be the flowers. When using Lotus of the Den, they gracefully twirl around before summoning a tree, replacing the flower. Due to Vine Splash's lack of legs, she has a different walk cycle. She swishes her tail as she leans her body forward and swims off into battle.

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