Patch Notes/22 June 2023


2 versions released at 4:21 AM and 3:39 PM EST.

General additions and changes:

  • Sword event changes
    • The chance for a Sword event to occur was increased from 5% to 10%.
    • Multi rounds now have a 25% chance to occur in a Sword event.
    • Players can spend 100 robux (max. 2 purchases per round) before a round to force a Sword event.
    • Participating in a Sword event with all characters grants all players the "Supreme Survivor" badge and "Supreme" title.
  • Shield regeneration no longer cancels if overshield is lowered.


  • Looming Misfortune
      • Katana can now apply stacks of Looming Misfortune on previously affected enemies. Katana can gain shield from detonating Looming Misfortune stacks and any slow previously applied will be overwritten.
      • Now regenerates Katana's innate shield. Any shield that goes above the maximum will be turned into overshield for 5 seocnds.
    • Slow on stack application reduced from 4% to 3%.