The PHIGHTING! Wiki aims to be a comprehensive and accurate resource for the ROBLOX game PHIGHTING!, and due to its status as the game's official wiki, must operate under some specific rules to keep the spirit and integrity of the wiki intact.

All wiki rules and punishments are at subject of the wiki staff's discretion and the majority of infractions are indefinite bans that require a user to appeal. If you feel you have been banned unfairly, please contact a staff member through the boggio community Discord.

User and Social Rules

  • All users of the wiki must be 13 years or over, to comply with Miraheze's Terms of Service. Any users found to be breaking this rule will be banned and reported to Miraheze.
  • No harassment, bullying, witch-hunting, bigotry or otherwise harmful behaviour or content.
  • No content or discussions of anything Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Additionally, no content or discussions of anything insensitive, graphic, abusive or generally not PG. PHIGHTING! is played by children and its wiki should always be safe to browse.
  • No bashing of in-game users, developers, classes, maps, playstyles or content present in PHIGHTING!.
    • Joking userboxes such as 'This user hates Boombox' are fine, as long as it is obvious they are not meant to disparage the developers and their work.
  • No discussions of or pertaining to ships, whether it is pro- or anti- any specific shipping content. This includes userboxes and all content on user pages.

Page and Editing Rules

  • Be civil with other users and the content you edit and add to the wiki. 'Edit warring', where two editors conflict and repeatedly try to out-edit eachother, is prohibited. If you are struggling with a decision for a specific page, please contact a staff member who can start a discussion to agree on the right approach.
    • We are all here to try and make this wiki the best we can be, so be respectful to your fellow editors! You may not always agree with one another, but disparaging or insulting one another's work fosters a bad working environment we would like to avoid. Respect the work of editors before you and edit with that in mind.
  • No spam, trolling, advertisements or otherwise 'nonsense' in any mainspace articles.
  • Vandalism, no matter how benign, is strictly prohibited and may cost you your ability to edit the wiki indefinitely.
  • All mainspace articles and subpages must pertain to canonical content within PHIGHTING!.
    • If unsure whether something is canon, you can ask a member of the wiki staff.
  • All mainspace articles and subpages must be coherent, accurate and only contain information that is either explicitly confirmed (whether in-game or by word of the developers), obviously implied or otherwise clear for anyone to see. Mainspace pages may not contain theories, conjecture or assumptions, unless reasonable and agreed upon (such as Phighter strategy guides, obvious lore implications and/or trivia).
    • Citations are ideally required for anything that is not implicit within the game itself. If you source something from "word of god" - that is, something a developer or relevant contributor says in a social media post, Discord message or stream - please cite it!
  • Files uploaded to the wiki for use in articles must be semantically named and not be left as gibberish, non-relevant names or strings of numbers, letters, etc. Files may be renamed by wiki staff to comply with general neatness.
  • Users who wish to create pages for fanon, personal or meta content should create sandboxes under their userpage. I.e. User:Username/SandboxPage

Template rules

  • Templates should be named in a way that is useful and easy for editors to access.
  • Templates should use named parameters unless a template is expected to use all parameters and to not need retooling down the line.
    • When in doubt, name your parameters!
  • If a template uses significant inline CSS, please contact an interface administrator to see if it would be more useful to move the CSS into the wiki's stylesheet.
  • When editing a template made or maintained by other users, please seek confirmation first to avoid accidentally breaking a bunch of pages.
    • Major template changes should be greenlighted first, especially if it would require mass-editing or retooling of existing pages.
  • Where possible, templates should have documentation attached that explains the basic function of the template and an example usage.

Userbox rules

  • Userboxes are provided to users as a fun way to customize their userpage and express themselves to other wiki editors. As a result, userboxes may be altered or removed at any time by wiki staff if they are deemed to break the rules or be overall unnecessary or nonsensical.
    • All userboxes must comply to our existing content rules, i.e. userboxes cannot contain NSFW content, shipping content, hate speech or other bigoted content, or disparage or insult the developers, contributors, or their work.
  • All userboxes must be placed under the prefix Template:Userbox Name, where Name is your chosen name for your userbox.
  • Userboxes must not use flashing or fast GIFs that could cause a seizure or discomfort for an epileptic user.
  • Userboxes must not use fanart unless explicitly provided as free to use by the artist, or you yourself are the artist and consent to the image's reproduction throughout the wiki.
  • When creating multiple userboxes each with a similar theme, i.e. favourite 'thing' userboxes, consider using a {{#switch}} case instead to work multiple userboxes into one template.
  • Userboxes should, ideally, stay on topic to PHIGHTING!. A minimal amount of other-fandom or other-topic userboxes are permitted, as long as they do not break existing content rules or are excessively detailed.