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		["T1"] = { author="Soda on Tumblr", date="21 February 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Katana's_katana_case", quote="Hi Soda! im wondering does katana has a case for his katana?? im curious :^\" \"I never made one! honestly i kinda imaged that phighters could phase their gears in and out of existence at will since they are more or less connected to them in a spiritual way (that\'s why none of them really have carrying cases or sheaths haha) if i had to design a sheath, it would probably be made out of Damascus steel since that's the same material his gear is made out of! its extremely pretty :)" },
		["T2"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="10 March 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Boombox_can_take_off_his_visor", quote="haii soda! :3 ive been wondering, does boombox ever take off his visor? CAN he even take it off?\" \"He can! It’s just kinda snapped around his horns for style, I would imagine he takes it off when he goes to sleep or when he’s with friends and not putting on a persona" },
		["T3"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="19 March 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Gears_can_be_broken_and_repaired", quote="wait wat happens to their gear if they like break it, are they able to just get anotha from tha soul bank good as new or do they DIE\" \"well even if they can summon it, if the gear breaks then its just Broken until its manually repaired, really the only mystical thing abt it is just how its summoned (that's just my interpretation)" },
	    ["T4"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="19 March 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Ban_Hammer_and_Banland_neutrality", quote="does banlands have any specific symbol to represent them? is it faction-affiliated (staring at banhammer as i type this because im curious if he's connected to any faction directly) or considered its own faction?\" \"Banhammer is completely neutral and so is Banland, its not even rlly that big enough to be considered a faction" },
	    ["T5"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="3 April 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Flipside_are_biological_brothers", quote="Are Valk and Dom biological brothers? Or found family? If you can’t answer this due to lore reasons that’s completely understandable\" \"Biological, Firebrand’s kids are also biological" },
		["T6"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="4 April 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Flipside_parents_are_turbo_divorced", quote="Hi soda it’s me again with another flipside question will we ever see their parents? or is it just schrodinger’s parents (no father figure……… no mother figure………….)\" \"divorced" },
		["T7"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="22 April 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Dom_has_a_mouth", quote="does dom’s mouth just appear when it’s relevant to the situation at hand\" \"yeaaaa…….it’s just kinda of a stylization thing but he DOES have a mouth" },
		["T8"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="8 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Phighter_/_Demon_blood_color", quote="what color is phighter blood?\" \"gonna sound boring but its most likely just red, deities probably bleed ichor though" },
		["T9"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Respawning_is_non-canon", quote="is there like a lore reason for respawning or is it just game design\" \"game design" },
		["T10"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Vine_Staff_and_Shuriken_are_biological_siblings", quote="are vine staff and shuriken biological siblings? if this is something you can't answer i understand and thank you regardless!!! Have an wonderful day! ^_^\" \"biological" },
		["T11"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Rocket_never_had_parents", quote="maybe you've already answered this, but what happened to rockets parents?\" \"he never had parents" },
		["T12"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="23 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#The_Broker_has_a_glass_eye", quote="is the broker actually missing an eye? or is one just fucked up\" \"its a glass eye, he only has 1 functioning eye" },
		["T13"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="25 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#PHIGHTING!_does_not_take_place_in_Hell", quote="Is it true that phighting takes place in hell? I’ve seen a few people say it is\" \"phighting does not take place in hell" },
		["T14"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="28 May 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Sword's_metal_mohawk", quote="What’s up with sword’s Mohawk thingy? Is it a helmet?\" \"Ahhh….I’m not actually too sure……..G was the one that made the initial Sword (and Rocket) designs but when I asked about it he said it was metal? So I guess sword just has a piece of metal welded to his head What a horrible thought!" },
		["T15"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="6 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Demons_aren't_literal_demons", quote="Sorry if anyone asked this before... But are the phighters demons? Or uncharacterized? Or maybe something else entirely?\" \"well we call them demons but its in name only, they dont live in hell nor are they inherently evil so i suppose you could say its for style !" },
		["T16"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="11 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Katana_hates_bad_stuff", quote="So………. In some of katana’s new dialogue he mentions stuff like ' the corrupted ' and ' the corrupt ' ….. what does it mean?????\" \"bad stuff!" },
		["T17"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="13 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Biografts_mostly_hate_everyone", quote="are biografts misogynistic\" \"biografts hate everyone (with a few exceptions)" },
		["T18"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="13 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Medkit_is_not_rich", quote="is medkit rich\" \"Definitely not, he just wears a uniform" },
		["T19"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="13 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Boombox_is_generally_a_nice_person", quote="so boombox relation w/ sub and hyper says that he thinks they admit 'bad vibes', but he still acts nice towards them?? like does Boombox just act nice towards everybody but still has opinions on them?? (if that makes any sense lol)\" \"I’d say he thinks of it like: 'heyyy lmao what’s up please don’t murder me in my sleep' kinda thing, BB overall is just generally a nice person tho but will keep a distance, especially towards Blackrock phighters" },
		["T20"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="13 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Medkit_did_worse_to_Subspace,_related_to_his_eye", quote="did medkit do something to subs eye as well or does sub just like to cover his eye for fun\" \"I’d say medkit hurt subspace more than subspace hurt med, dunno if I can say any more than that (and yes it’s related to his eye)" },
		["T21"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="13 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Demons_don't_need_to_sleep", quote="how do phighters with big horns sleep? like do their horns get in the way or smth???\" \"i think we said this in one of the qna's but they dont actually need to sleep" },
		["T22"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Shuriken_made_his_own_tattoo", quote="did shuriken paint the tattoo thing on his arm or did somebody else do it\" \"its a tattoo he made himself! it's in commemoration of vine staff since her arm is cursed on the same side" },
		["T23"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Zuka_used_to_be_infamous", quote="is there a reason characters from blackrock seem to know of zuka? or have most just heard of him and it's just a coincidence that bio and laser are the two that reference him >_<\'\" \"zuka was pretty infamous but nowadays, not so much. dats all i can rlly say" },
		["T24"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Zuka_and_Rocket_have_a_good_relationship", quote="how would you consider zuka and rocket's relationship together? (in terms of family relationship, do they have a good relationship together, or a bad one? or maybe smth in between??)\" \"They have a healthy relationship, Rocket is like the only person Zuka cares about these days but he’s still his father so he’s a little hard on him for doing stupid shit lol" },
		["T25"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Medkit_and_Subspace_never_liked_eachother", quote="I was wondering if you could shed light on Medkit and Subspace’s relationship prior to their falling out; were they friends, or just business partners? And was Subspace always the way he is now, or was it a reaction to their split?\" \"uuuuuuuu ok without saying too much I’ll just say that they never liked each other, subspace in particular was always a pretty bad person. Medkit is more complicated" },
		["T26"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Rocket_and_Vine_Staff's_arms/legs,_Rocket_can't_swim", quote="Hello Soda :D 👋 I've always been curious about Rocket's prosthetic arm and leg and Vinestaff's arm, does that get in the way of their routine or not?\" \"For Rocket yeah it does, he can’t swim and I’d imagine he has to be pretty careful about his strength since it was made with advanced tech For Vine staff she still treats it as a normal arm since she can feel with it and whatnot, probably uses it to her advantage since she can grow stuff off of it" },
		["T27"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Biograft_uses_whatever_pronouns", quote="Hey, I was just wondering if Biograft actually goes by they/them or not as I noticed during the QnA everyone was using he/him for them and not correcting themselves.\" \"I don’t think we said biograft goes by they/them? (Unless another dev said that) but he’s literally a robot so who cares use whatever" },
		["T28"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="14 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#The_Broker_and_Boombox_are_NOT_homies", quote="yo are broker and boombox homies because i think that w ould be awesome :)\" \"probably not" },
		["T29"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="16 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Ban_Hammer_and_Windforce_visit_eachother_often", quote="does ban hammer still live with his mother . i Think itd be. funny if he did\" \"nah he doesn't, but i'd imagine they visit each other very often cuz honestly their bond is pretty adorable" },
		["T30"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="16 June 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Medkit's_horn_ring_is_for_fruity_purposes", quote="does the ring on medkits horn mean anything or is it just becuz it looks cool ?\" \"its just design. let him be a little fruity!" },
		["T31"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="2 July 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#The_Broker_is_a_&quot;silly&quot;_guy", quote="Whats the deal with Broker? And what kind of work does he do with Zuka? Sorry if its a story mode question, I'm just curious about the two (I LOVE BROKER)\" \"he's a uhh.......lets just call him a 'silly' guy for now. professional trash eater and window stalker" },
		["T32"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="3 July 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Rocket_is_Zuka's_#1_fan", quote="How would an interaction between Rocket and a younger Zuka go?\" \"rocket would probably freak out. he's like his dad's #1 fan...and there would be a lot of explosions." },
		["T33"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="5 July 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Icedagger_just_manifests_from_nowhere_and_noone_knows_how", quote="considering that icedagger is so young, is anyone taking care of him? or does he just live on his own?\" \"he just Manifests sometimes....I think. Nobody really knows !" },
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		["T98"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="17 July 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Demon's_gears_are_random_when_spawning", quote="is it possible for demons in the phighting universe to get stuck with a gear that they dont like?\" \"yes! its pretty much random for every demon what gear they get when they spawn, even for biological demons who have parents. So some of them can turn out Really Crappy" },
		["T251"] = {author="Soda on Tumblr", date="17 July 2023", link="Archive/Soda_Tumblr#Demon's_gears_are_random_when_spawning", quote="is it possible for demons in the phighting universe to get stuck with a gear that they dont like?\" \"yes! its pretty much random for every demon what gear they get when they spawn, even for biological demons who have parents. So some of them can turn out Really Crappy" },