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when da shop releases, will you still be able to buy the skins that are found around the map? inky !! (talk) 14:44, 11 February 2024 (UTC)

As far as we know, all the skins will be moved into Da Shop and the NPCs will be removed, though reportedly Aidn wants to figure out a way to still keep the NPCs in the game somehow. @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 03:12, 12 February 2024 (UTC)

Rolling back to retain Stub template

I have rolled back to the version of this page with the Stub template as, while it's a bit cumbersome, it marks the page as needing significant expansion before the content arrives and puts it in the Stub category. Compare to Scythe who is not considered a stub due to everything pretty much being finished other than her moves and significant lore. I know it's a bit ugly, but it'll be removed soon anyway when Da Shop comes out. @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 22:06, 22 February 2024 (UTC)

Quick addition to clarify: The reason this page is marked as Stub is because we have significant formatting plans for it once Da Shop releases (namely, a bunch of tables) and we wanted it marked in advance. Sorry for any inconvenience. @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 22:09, 22 February 2024 (UTC)