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Katana's katana case

Q: Hi Soda! im wondering does katana has a case for his katana?? im curious :^

A: I never made one! honestly i kinda imaged that phighters could phase their gears in and out of existence at will since they are more or less connected to them in a spiritual way (that's why none of them really have carrying cases or sheaths haha)
if i had to design a sheath, it would probably be made out of Damascus steel since that's the same material his gear is made out of! its extremely pretty :)
21 February 2023 - Link | Image

Boombox can take off his visor

Q: haii soda! :3 ive been wondering, does boombox ever take off his visor? CAN he even take it off?

A: He can! It’s just kinda snapped around his horns for style, I would imagine he takes it off when he goes to sleep or when he’s with friends and not putting on a persona
10 March 2023 - Link | Image

Gears can be broken and repaired

Q: wait wat happens to their gear if they like break it, are they able to just get anotha from tha soul bank good as new or do they DIE

A: well even if they can summon it, if the gear breaks then its just Broken until its manually repaired, really the only mystical thing abt it is just how its summoned (that's just my interpretation)
18 March 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer and Banland neutrality

Q: does banlands have any specific symbol to represent them? is it faction-affiliated (staring at banhammer as i type this because im curious if he's connected to any faction directly) or considered its own faction?

A: Banhammer is completely neutral and so is Banland, its not even rlly that big enough to be considered a faction
19 March 2023 - Link |Image

Flipside are biological brothers

Q: Are Valk and Dom biological brothers? Or found family? If you can’t answer this due to lore reasons that’s completely understandable

A: Biological, Firebrand’s kids are also biological
3 April 2023 - Link | Image

Flipside parents are turbo divorced

Q: Hi soda it’s me again with another flipside question will we ever see their parents? or is it just schrodinger’s parents (no father figure……… no mother figure………….)

A: divorced
4 April 2023 - Link | Image

Dom has a mouth

Q: does dom’s mouth just appear when it’s relevant to the situation at hand

A: yeaaaa…….it’s just kinda of a stylization thing but he DOES have a mouth
22 April 2023 - Link | Image

Phighter / Demon blood color

Q: what color is phighter blood?

A: gonna sound boring but its most likely just red, deities probably bleed ichor though
8 May 2023 - Link | Image

Respawning is non-canon

Q: is there like a lore reason for respawning or is it just game design

A: game design
14 May 2023 - Link | Image

Vine Staff and Shuriken are biological siblings

Q: are vine staff and shuriken biological siblings? if this is something you can't answer i understand and thank you regardless!!! Have an wonderful day! ^_^

A: biological
14 May 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket never had parents

Q: maybe you've already answered this, but what happened to rockets parents?

A: he never had parents
14 May 2023 - Link | Image

The Broker has a glass eye

Q: is the broker actually missing an eye? or is one just fucked up

A: its a glass eye, he only has 1 functioning eye
23 May 2023 - Link | Image

PHIGHTING! does not take place in Hell

Q: Is it true that phighting takes place in hell? I’ve seen a few people say it is

A: phighting does not take place in hell
25 May 2023 - Link | Image

Sword's metal mohawk

Q: What’s up with sword’s Mohawk thingy? Is it a helmet?

A: Ahhh….I’m not actually too sure……..G was the one that made the initial Sword (and Rocket) designs but when I asked about it he said it was metal? So I guess sword just has a piece of metal welded to his head
What a horrible thought!
28 May 2023 - Link | Image

Demons aren't literal demons

Q: Sorry if anyone asked this before... But are the phighters demons? Or uncharacterized? Or maybe something else entirely?

A: well we call them demons but its in name only, they dont live in hell nor are they inherently evil so i suppose you could say its for style !
6 June 2023 - Link | Image

Katana hates bad stuff

Q: So………. In some of katana’s new dialogue he mentions stuff like " the corrupted " and " the corrupt " ….. what does it mean?????

A: bad stuff!
11 June 2023 - Link | Image

Biografts mostly hate everyone

Q: are biografts misogynistic

A: biografts hate everyone (with a few exceptions)
13 June 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit is not rich

Q: is medkit rich

A: Definitely not, he just wears a uniform
13 June 2023 - Link | Image

Boombox is generally a nice person

Q: so boombox relation w/ sub and hyper says that he thinks they admit 'bad vibes', but he still acts nice towards them?? like does Boombox just act nice towards everybody but still has opinions on them?? (if that makes any sense lol)

A: I’d say he thinks of it like: “heyyy lmao what’s up please don’t murder me in my sleep” kinda thing, BB overall is just generally a nice person tho but will keep a distance, especially towards Blackrock phighters
13 June 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit did worse to Subspace, related to his eye

Q: did medkit do something to subs eye as well or does sub just like to cover his eye for fun

A: I’d say medkit hurt subspace more than subspace hurt med, dunno if I can say any more than that (and yes it’s related to his eye)
13 June 2023 - Link | Image

Demons don't need to sleep

Q: how do phighters with big horns sleep? like do their horns get in the way or smth???

A: i think we said this in one of the qna's but they dont actually need to sleep
13 June 2023 - Link | Image

Shuriken made his own tattoo

Q: did shuriken paint the tattoo thing on his arm or did somebody else do it

A: its a tattoo he made himself! it's in commemoration of vine staff since her arm is cursed on the same side
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka used to be infamous

Q: is there a reason characters from blackrock seem to know of zuka? or have most just heard of him and it's just a coincidence that bio and laser are the two that reference him >_<"

A: zuka was pretty infamous but nowadays, not so much. dats all i can rlly say
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka and Rocket have a good relationship

Q: how would you consider zuka and rocket's relationship together? (in terms of family relationship, do they have a good relationship together, or a bad one? or maybe smth in between??)

A: They have a healthy relationship, Rocket is like the only person Zuka cares about these days but he’s still his father so he’s a little hard on him for doing stupid shit lol
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit and Subspace never liked eachother

Q: I was wondering if you could shed light on Medkit and Subspace’s relationship prior to their falling out; were they friends, or just business partners? And was Subspace always the way he is now, or was it a reaction to their split?

A: uuuuuuuu ok without saying too much I’ll just say that they never liked each other, subspace in particular was always a pretty bad person. Medkit is more complicated
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket and Vine Staff's arms/legs, Rocket can't swim

Q: Hello Soda :D 👋 I've always been curious about Rocket's prosthetic arm and leg and Vinestaff's arm, does that get in the way of their routine or not?

A: For Rocket yeah it does, he can’t swim and I’d imagine he has to be pretty careful about his strength since it was made with advanced tech
For Vine staff she still treats it as a normal arm since she can feel with it and whatnot, probably uses it to her advantage since she can grow stuff off of it
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

Biograft uses whatever pronouns

Q: Hey, I was just wondering if Biograft actually goes by they/them or not as I noticed during the QnA everyone was using he/him for them and not correcting themselves.

A: I don’t think we said biograft goes by they/them? (Unless another dev said that) but he’s literally a robot so who cares use whatever
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

The Broker and Boombox are NOT homies

Q: yo are broker and boombox homies because i think that w ould be awesome :)

A: probably not
14 June 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer and Windforce visit eachother often

Q: does ban hammer still live with his mother . i Think itd be. funny if he did

A: nah he doesn't, but i'd imagine they visit each other very often cuz honestly their bond is pretty adorable
16 June 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit's horn ring is for fruity purposes

Q: does the ring on medkits horn mean anything or is it just becuz it looks cool ?

A: its just design. let him be a little fruity!
16 June 2023 - Link | Image

The Broker is a "silly" guy

Q: Whats the deal with Broker? And what kind of work does he do with Zuka? Sorry if its a story mode question, I'm just curious about the two (I LOVE BROKER)

A: he's a uhh.......lets just call him a "silly" guy for now. professional trash eater and window stalker
2 July 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket is Zuka's #1 fan

Q: How would an interaction between Rocket and a younger Zuka go?

A: rocket would probably freak out. he's like his dad's #1 fan...and there would be a lot of explosions.
3 July 2023 - Link | Image

Icedagger just manifests from nowhere and noone knows how

Q: considering that icedagger is so young, is anyone taking care of him? or does he just live on his own?

A: he just Manifests sometimes....I think. Nobody really knows !
5 July 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser physically cannot cry

Q: Does Hyperlaser cry during his alone time?

A: he is physically incapable of crying
5 July 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket doesn't like The Broker

Q: any particular reason why rocket doesn't like broker

A: he puts spiders in his sheets
6 July 2023 - Link | Image

Traffic and Ghosdeeri are good friends

Q: what is traffic and ghosdeeri's relationship? familial, platonic, rivals, etc?? or is it undecided yet

A: they are just close friends !! She lets Traffic sleep in her library since he's pretty much homeless and i guess she found his silliness very endearing
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons don't have last names, but can change their name

Q: I know you guys already talked about the spawn and stuff, but is there a last name system? Or is it just their gear as names.

A: No, they don't have last names. All demons are referred to by their gear names, HOWEVER they do have the ability to change their names to something else. (An example of this would Dom and Valk since those are stage names! Their real names are Mic and Megaphone) and for consistency/old roblox theming, demons would most likely either be referred to by their gear names or can be named after an accessory if they so please.
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

There can be multiple demons with the same gear

Q: Also, is there multiple versions of the same gear type? Like is their several Boomboxes but for each genre?-

A: multiple variants of the same gear type CAN exist! there can be multiple Boomboxes but that doesn't necessarily mean they all look the same or even act the same! they just have the same abilities
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons have a human lifespan, but rarely survive that long

Q: Hi Soda! I was just wondering about this, what is the average lifespan of phighters?

A: I think they would have the normal lifespan as a human but demons and especially phighters tend to die off at a really young age because of how violent their world is and just because the regions/crossroads are in constant battle with one another
demons who are older (like Zuka for instance) are rare just cause they have to be pretty damn strong for them to make it to that age
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons die when they are killed

Q: if they can respawn, when exactly do phighters die? is there a limit to how many times they can respawn??? or can they not usually respawn and its just a phight thing and im stupid?

A: ??? you die when you get killed
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

It would suck if a gear was broken beyond repair

Q: If a gear can be broken, what if they were completely destroyed? (Maybe like burned, crushed into millions of pieces) or can it not be possible?

A: it would Suck lol
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons are bald (and hairless)

Q: Are all the Phighting characters completely hairless and bald?

A: yep
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

Sword and Zuka's family are close, Zuka worked with the deities

Q: Hi Soda it's me again! so I was left with this doubt what is the relationship between Zuka and Sword? there is a dialogue that says that Zuka taught him a trick (I'm curious, if you want, you don't have to answer!)

A: sword and rocket's family have always been close in my mind and considering Zuka has worked with the deities in the past, that meant Venomshank already trusted him and considered him a great fighter so Zuka was one of the only people he trusted sword to be with... And that kinda meant Sword learned how to blow up stuff with rocket.
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

PHIGHTING! used to be set in hell

Q: is there a reason u decided to give the phighting characters horns in the remake? since in phighting 2 they dont have any. or was it just like this looks cool / this fits them?

A: Well they were never suppose to be demons in phighting 1 and 2, then when i was brought onto the project i suggested the idea of a fighting tournament in hell with demon characters! The story isn't really the same anymore nor are they in hell but the demon concept stuck around since we liked it a lot :P
8 July 2023 - Link | Image

Humans do not exist in PHIGHTING!

Q: Do humans exist in the Phighting universe? And if they do, what's the relationship between demons and humankind?

A: nope! it's just demons
9 July 2023 - Link | Image

Boombox's face is under his visor

Q: what’s under boombox visor?.,…,..,..:3

A: his face!
9 July 2023 - Link | Image

Flipside collaborate with Boombox sometimes


A: i like to think valk and dom collaborate with Boombox for their songs sometimes. there is no canonical evidence for this other than i think its cute.
9 July 2023 - Link | Image

Vine Staff and Shuriken do not have parents

Q: i dont know if this has been answered before, if so then just ignore this, but do vinestaff and shuriken have parents, and will they ever be revealed?

A: they don't have parents
10 July 2023 - Link | Image

Flipside and Ban Hammer know their family, but Sword doesn't particularly

Q: hiii sodaaa. no need to answer this. i was just curious. since the sfoth consider themselves family, would their children consider themselves family by proxy (e.g: valk, dom, banhammer and sword)

A: if im understanding the question correctly then im assuming you're asking if flipside, sword and banhammer see the sfoth as family?
i think it varies per each kid, flipside would know more about their lineage and have probably spent time with them at family gatherings, same with banhammer
...Sword doesn't really know who his family is outside of Venomshank. and that weird green wizard guy he sees sometimes.
10 July 2023 - Link | Image

Boombox wears a visor because it's cool

Q: Hello soda1!!1 Idk if you ever answer this or not, but

Why does Boombox wear a "visor" to cover his eyes?

A: cause its cool as fuck
10 July 2023 - Link | Image

Dom wears a binder and likes to appear androgynous

Q: I apologize if this sounds weird: but why would dom need to wear a binder? Is it only for fashion or does he have man boobs? Or perhaps something else?

A: mostly for fashion but i think he likes appearing more androgynous, phighters really only have a few body types since they are all canonically agender so thats the best i could come up with haha
11 July 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace was always a bad person, but was enabled by Blackrock

Q: was subspace just born a little shit or was it because of how he was raised/other external things (like blackrock's eviroment in general,,)

A: in my eyes subspace was just...never really a good person from the start. He always held contempt for other demons to an obsessive degree (you can very much see that with medkit lol) and it didn't help that Blackrock essentially was enabling all the horrible shit he does since he's considered a valuable asset to them, thats all i can rlly say
11 July 2023 - Link | Image

Pets exist in PHIGHTING!

Q: do pets exist in the phighting universe

A: yep! Sisyphus is the family bird for sword and venomshank
11 July 2023 - Link | Image

Icecream Valk has a tattoo because it's cool

Q: im curious whether if shuri gave valk the tattoo to kinda or is it because he saw it on shuri’s arm and tought it looked cool so he got one for himself???

A: theres no connections between the two, i just thought giving valk an arm tattoo was cool Lol
11 July 2023 - Link | Image

Katana has a face

Q: what’s under katana’s mask? [my apologies if this was answered already.]

A: his face
12 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons rarely get into romantic relationships

Q: i know you're probably sick to death of shipping and stuff but . is romance even a thing in the inphinity ? i get technically dom and valk's parents divorced which sorta implies that there was once romance ( unless people be getting married for the fun of it ) but like . not even between phighters . just like do they be holding hands sometimes and giggling and blushing too

A: imo its. a very rare sight to see any kind of demons be in relationship with each other because of the whole exchange thing with Da Spawn. If we're talking about phighters specifically then no, none of them are romantically involved with each other
12 July 2023 - Link | Image

Missing eyes represent trauma, except for The Broker

Q: Why are there so many characters with only one eye, and is there a backstory to how broker got his glass eye?/nfta

A: the way i see it, missing eyes serve as a more symbolic representation of deep scars/trauma for most of the characters who have them
that and. It's not exactly easy to model scars/mangled limbs in roblox and it would be skirting the edge of the TOS lol
broker will remain a mystery, for now at least
12 July 2023 - Link | Image

The Broker is the best at chess and eats the pieces

Q: odd question, but who do you think out of the phighters would be the best at chess?

A: probably broker, he knows how to play the best mind games if he's willing to play seriously
also he eats the pieces
12 July 2023 - Link | Image

Dom maybe has tie-dye binders, perhaps

Q: does dom own any really ugly and i mean HIDEOUS binders that make peoples eyes tear up or is he too much of a fashio nErd for that.

A: maybe something tie-dye? Unsure
12 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons are agender

Q: is medkit transmasc

A: all characters are agender
12 July 2023 - Link | Image

Katana is hesitant but not unwilling on physical affection

Q: katanas opinion on physical affection because i wouold like to hug him,,

A: hesitant but i wouldn't say he's unwilling
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

The Broker has nerve damage and can't feel pain

Q: any silly fact about broker?

A: he cant feel physical pain due to nerve damage
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Darkheart likes to mess with mortals

Q: is there any information about darkheart? (he’s just an interesting character. or at least to me.)

A: haha i just got like 2 other questions exactly like this one interestingly enough
I think DH is easily my favorite out of the deities, dude is just cool as fuck (ok well, maybe besides Venomshank) for a fun fact, I personally think that he likes to mess with mortals for shits and giggles, besides Sword of course
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit hates being a doctor

Q: Can we get a silly MedKit fact Plz?

A: Medkit hates being a doctor, ironically enough he was created with the gift of healing and yet he finds more fascination with things like technology and engineering
Personally, Sometimes I think he still misses an environment where he was able to collaborate and make new things to help his people but those days are long gone
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons can get sick

Q: Can the demons get sick??

A: Yep! They are still organic beings and need to be cared for/need to take care of themselves
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Horns can regrow depending on age

Q: do horns regrow if damaged?

A: I think if a demon is younger then yes they grow back, but for demons who are older it becomes permanent (Example: Zuka)
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons can decorate their horns

Q: can the phighters pierce their horns?

A: yep! i like to think decorating horns is something akin to hair styling, it can be dyed, pierced, etc
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser doesn't feel guilt

Q: Does Hyperlaser feel ashamed of the people he has killed? Does he feel guilt?

A: nope!
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Lightblox and Traffic are close

Q: Hi Soda :D! No need to answer this if this heavily relate to the lore, can you tell more about Lightblox and Traffic relationship?

A: ahh i can't say too much about her but they are both very close, she's something like a little sister to him
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Darkheart's boots have heels

Q: do darkheart's boots have heels on them or is he normal also does he snicker instead of laughing normally

A: Half wears boots, half wears heels I’d imagine, dude does not give a fuck
Also he definitely snorts like a witch when he laughs
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Shuriken originally had dyed horns

Q: hello soda !! this is related to that one answer you put about sylizing the horns :D

do any of the demons we currently know of have dyed horns or any other sort of stylization?

A: The only ones I can think of is Medkit and shuriken, Medkit of course has his horn ring and Shuriken was originally suppose to have dyed tips like in the concept art, though it never was implement into the actual game
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer and Broker eat raw meat

Q: do banhammer and/or broker eat raw meat

A: Yea probably, I think banhammer thinks of himself a little more sophisticated than broker though so he just eats it on a skewer. It’s still raw tho
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demons don't need to stick to their region's fashion

Q: is there a current explanation as to why slingshot is associated with thieves den and not playground? he's heavily playground coded .. did he like move to thieves den bc of shuri & vine?

A: just bc you come from a certain region doesn't mean you have to stick with their fashion styles, same goes for slingshot
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace can't taste

Q: hi soda what's subspace's favorite food

A: dunno, he can't taste much because his tongue is basically rotting from the inside along with half of his face
13 July 2023 - Link | Image

Sisyphus is alive and immortal

Q: Apologies if this is a strange question, but in my sleep deprivation I had the sudden thought to inquire whether Sisyphus is undead or just. Normal alive. IF undead, what was the cause of death?

A: he's an extension of venomshank so he's immortal (and alive)
14 July 2023 - Link | Image

Betagrafts are made for defense/offense

Q: Hello!I would like to ask if the system used by betagraft is different from the system used by the current biograft. If so, what are the differences

A: Betagrafts are made specifically for heavy defense/offense, if Biografts are the foot soldiers of blackrock then the Betagrafts can be considered the tanks.
14 July 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit doesn't like showing what's under his eyepatch

Q: Another medkit related question…will we ever get art of what’s under his eye match? Or at least a better explanation of it, unless it’s exactly like Subspace’s of course.

A: maybe. he doesn't like showing it
14 July 2023 - Link | Image


Q: do phighters have little snoots,, i noticed it on rocket in that 1 drawing (i lvoe it btw mildly happy medkit ftw 🫶) or is my brain just processing the lines wring

A: if they weren't using roblox heads then...yes...i would probably give them little snoots. For now its just reserved for humanoid drawings
14 July 2023 - Link | Image
14 July 2023 - Link | Image

Sword would bear hug anyone and is very extroverted

Q: also, can i get a silly sword fact? i think he's neat!!

A: i think Sword would be the kind of person to just bear hug anyone, regardless of how they feel about it. also would be very extroverted in my mind
14 July 2023 - Link | Image

Venomshank hasn't zombified anyone he's close to yet

Q: If not lore related, has Venomshank ever (accidentally) zombified anyone he was close to? Family, friends etc

A: Not yet.
14 July 2023 - Link | Image

Not all of Venomshank's zombies are dead demons

Q: HI SODA!! Hope ur having a good day!! I was wondering if. Venomshank uses the dead bodies of the Phighters from each game to make his zombies!

A: i haven't really thought about that, but i think thats a neat HC!
all his zombies aren't necessarily created from dead demons, some of them are just created from his abilities
14 July 2023 - Link | Image

There's a possibility of Phighters dying in Story Mode

Q: do phighters have the possibility of being killed off during story mode?

A: Yes no maybe so
15 July 2023 - Link | Image

Katana's mask is symbolic

Q: me again. helo.

does katana just wear his mask for the aesthetic or does he have a hyperlaser-ish situation going on or a secret third thing like hiding a silly face like venomshank does (sorry if lore related!!)

A: It's not quite the same as Hyperlaser's situation but its more symbolic; He uses his mask to cover the parts he hates most about himself
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

It's heavily looked down to change factions

Q: how big of a sin is changing factions just wanted to know

A: It depends but its heavily looked down on imo
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer is not very bright

Q: ok random thought that i had

would banhammer have the bite force of an alligator or crocodile or smth similar. i think those teeth could do some damage

sorry for the random ask it . popped into my head while scrolling thru the phighting tag on here

A: considering he's probably the biggest playable phighter, i'd say his head is made out of like 70% jaw strength and 30% brain. He is not that bright.
chomp chomp !
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Slingshot is a cafe owner in Crossroads

Q: Alright this one is for my discord friends

But since we git broker and MedKit facts, can we get a slingshot fact?

A: Slingshot is the owner of a fairly successful cafe in Crossroads! He's technically the boss of both Vine and Shuri since they also work there
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

All Phighters celebrate phestivals in their own way

Q: with the phestival coming up, i wanted to ask if all the phighters enjoy them, or if some of them dislike how excited everyone gets from dom and valk making a big fuss over the matches? i can imagine the playgroundies enjoying phestivals a lot, but im not sure about guys like medkit or hyperlaser,,,,

A: I'm sure they all celebrate them in their own way! I think Hyperlaser just likes to sit and watch the fireworks from the rooftops and Medkit will still go out with Sword and Rocket for the celebration
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Shuriken, Slingshot and Vine Staff like to leave gifts for Katana

Q: does,, do shuri, sling and vine see katana as family at all? like uncle, brother, father etc etc figure or is he just. that guy that is there to them

A: I think he's just like an older neighbor to them, i like to think sometimes they'll leave him little treats or gifts outside his door to know he's appreciated since he doesn't talk much
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket carved his horns to look more like Zuka

Q: Didn't you say that Rocket's horns are also stylized a while back?

A: yep! Rocket carved his horns when he was younger to look more like Zuka
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Juice is too childish for Medkit, who likes grape juice

Q: Does Medkit like orange juice or apple juice

A: he would never drink juice. It's too childish for him.
also he would like grape juice
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Sword has seen Venomshank go feral once

Q: Has Sword ever witness Venomshank go feral?? (Also sorry for so many random questions)

A: Once.
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Illumina used to have two wings

Q: illumina fact?

A: He used to have 2 wings
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Broker has a gear that hasn't been shown yet

Q: is broker based off something or is he just a insane rat you made at one point because you were bored?

pictures appreciated if possible (did broker have any other design changes i saw one scrolling for a question like this)

A: he has a gear! Though it hasn't been shown yet
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

None of the factions or Crossroads have free healthcare

Q: Do any factions + crossroads have free healthcare

A: Haha no
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

None of the characters have canon orientations

Q: Is vine staff a canon lesbian…???

A: none of them have canon orientations
16 July 2023 - Link | Image

Sword is the only person Medkit considers a real friend

Q: if it isn't any trouble, could you tell us a bit more about sword and medkit's relationship….. as a treat.

A: as for sword and med, I think Sword is the only person Medkit considers a real friend that he like. Somewhat cares about (which is impressive in Medkit's perspective)
i like to think Medkit tried to shoo him off but Sword always kept coming back around
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Traffic travels and has visited every region


A: He travels! He's been to every region a handful of times via hitchhiking and likes setting up shop there for a week or two before moving out
I like to think Ghosdeeri gets a little worried since he'll be gone for weeks at a time but he always comes back around with stories for her library
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Demon's gears are random when spawning

Q: hiii cant remember where the ask is but i vaguely remember you mentioning how medkit was more invested in tech and didnt wanna be a doctor so i cant help but wonder :

is it possible for demons in the phighting universe to get stuck with a gear that they dont like? thanks :]

A: yes! its pretty much random for every demon what gear they get when they spawn, even for biological demons who have parents. So some of them can turn out Really Crappy
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit hurt Subspace out of self-defense

Q: i thought the whole thing with subspace and medkit was that they didnt like each other and with the incident was them both hurting each other and that medkit hurt subspace more so how does that make subspace an abuser

A: I suppose I could have clarified a bit? yes Medkit hurt Subspace but it was purely out of self defense. Sub and Med never liked each other but it was because Subspace thrived on seeing others hurt, trust me, he's hurt a lot more demons than just Medkit
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser was going to have a black cat as a pet*

Q: potentially a hyperlaser funfact? i must be fed, soda

A: i was gonna give him a black cat as a pet companion but aidn said no
Still upset
17 July 2023 - Link | Image
*Archival note: This has been retconned. Now Princess, Hyperlaser's cat, is canon. This post has been left here for archive purposes.

Rocket used to be hot-headed

Q: how would you describe rocket'z personality? can i get a funfact about him as a bonuz too plz

A: i think current day rocket is a lot more excited and hyper/silly than he was when he was younger, he's also a bit of a klutz
younger rocket was a lot more angry and hot-headed, however, he managed to grow out of it when zuka found him
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

There's only ever gonna be 4 factions

Q: is there gonna be only 4 fractions? or there’s possibility of adding more?

A: Just 4
I think if I had to make more than that I’d cry
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Characters would have actual voices in-universe

Q: in-universe would they have regular voices or talk like how they do in-game?

do demons speak a language seperate from ours?

A: I think in universe they would have actual voices. The little beeps they make are just so the dialog feels more “alive” and we don’t exactly have the resources to hire voice actors and whatnot, we also just don’t want to hire voice actors because it sounds really uncanny in roblox games.
I don’t think we have a name for their language since it’s just based on whatever language the player is using for their roblox client lol
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace has always been Subspace

Q: I remember during a Q&A in the bogcom discord you talked about how phighters essentially are born with their weapons, those items becoming their own name. Did Subspace have a previous identity before developing the crystals he uses now?

A: Nope! He was always Subspace, the crystals just allow him to become more dangerous
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Illumina is a demon of words and not action

Q: hello, this is my first time asking here!!

Can we please have some Illumina facts? I've never heard any 🙁

A: I already gave an illumina fact earlier but I suppose another one couldn’t hurt
I’ve always imagined them as more of a demon of words and not action, essentially breaking down whoever is facing them verbally and scaring them off without having to even lift a finger
Of course they would also be insanely powerful (y’know, being a deity and all) but I think they find a bit of amusement in it
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

The room in Crossroads could have a mystery

Q: I like to create theories, so are there any characters that would be interesting to investigate or any interesting mysteries?

A: Hmm I cant really tell you where to start but i think most people have overlooked that one particular room in crossroads...
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Young Zuka won't appear in Story Mode

Q: is young zuka gonna appear in story mode?

A: never
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit is pretty depressing

Q: does anything make medkit happy or is he just a dead depressed soul

A: well after Blackrock he just kinda became a shell of his former self. Pretty depressing i'd say!
of course, he does enjoy Sword and Rocket's company but outside of that I don't think he cares too much about anything
edit: and i suppose he does care for 1 other person but he hasn't been revealed yet >:3
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Each region has their own line of defense

Q: Hello soda! I love how you guys made BlackRock like an evil organisation that creates machines and stuff

and I've been wanting to ask, is the mass-production of biografts posing a threat to any of the other factions or are there like 10 or 20 of them?


A: i dont think i can give an exact number rn but its quite a lot .
Yes they are considered a threat but the other regions have their own defenses as well! I wouldn't underestimate them........Especially lost temple :3c
17 July 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace holds few people in high regard

Q: Hello Soda,hope you're having great day/night! As for the question,will the be any character that Subspace will have good relationship with or will he just stay loser forever? I remember on one stream you said that he hates everyone and everyone hats him,but i still wanted to know if he will have even slight good relationship with anyone?

A: gotta be careful with how i answer this
Subspace only holds a few people in high regard, mostly, people who are higher-ups at Blackrock like his boss or just powerful people in general (Banhammer is a good example even though the feeling is very much not mutual) but everyone outside of these select few is just expendable trash to him
i wouldn't say anyone is particularly close to him though
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Traffic is a Californian stoner

Q: i just want to know if any of the phighters aside from Zuka smoke weed

A: Traffic is a Californian stoner
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Two gears is the required amount for offspring

Q: CONGRATS ON 6K! i have 1 question about gear sacrificing... do 2 demons Have to sacrifice their gear together to produce offspring or can one on their own have a kid? <3

A: 2 gears is the required amount for offspring (at least as of right now, might be expanded upon in future lore)
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Katana would try to murder Medkit if he knew more about him

Q: Do you think Katana and Medkit would get along? Or any random facts about them...?

A: if katana knew more about medkit i think he would try to murder him
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

All siblings are found family, except for the SFOTH, and Vine Staff and Shuriken

Q: unsure if this has been answered, but what's the deal with siblings?

since some phighters are created from sacrificed weapons, or just spawning in, how would siblings work? would it just be a coincidence?

A: i assume this is about vine staff and shuriken since they are the only biologically related siblings all i will say is that their creation is unconventional, not like any normal demon(s)
any other sibling pair is found family
EDIT: just realized forgot to say, anything relating to the SFOTH like valk/dom and firebrand/windforce are also biological, the rules of the spawn applies differently to the deities
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Biografts are not sentient

Q: Are biografts sentient or are they just AI machines?

Also are they like a hive mind having the same thoughts?

A: they are not sentient, purely just machines, not a hive mind either
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket lost his arm and leg

Q: Did rocket lost his arm and leg or he was born without them??

A: he lost them
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Katana used to be happier when he was younger

Q: what was katana like when he was younger :3?

A: lets just say he was a lot happier
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Both Windforce and Ban Hammer have wings

Q: g'day soda

how come banhammer (and possibly windforce) don't have wings like the other deities/deity descendants do?

many thanks goodbye

A: They do have wings, in a sense
Windforce does have a bit of a "halo" on her back thats present whenever she flies, its a sort of stand-in for normal wings
Banhammer has them too, though, he doesn't utilize them in-game so they aren't present in his model
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Valk and Dom see the phighters as cash cows

Q: Do Valk and/or Dom have favourite phighters or do they treat them more like friends kind of?

A: I think valk/dom just see the phighters as cash cows for lack of a better term haha, though, i think the only one they are more aware of/friends with is boombox
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer is not evil

Q: thought of a better question than the one i sent previously; if you can say anything, where exactly do banhammer’s morals lie? is he evil or something i can’t wrap my head around that guy

A: Banhammer is far from evil, however, his form of "justice" isn't exactly one that aligns well with the other demons
he does what he thinks is right and is a massive asshole about it
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Illumina and Ghostwalker are just allies

Q: hi!! i wanna know.. whats illuminas history with ghostwalker!! like how do they idk.. work together or do they get along well?

A: Illumina and Ghostwalker are just allies, nothing more than that
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Characters don't have specific races or body types

Q: haiii i dunno if dis has been answered before so i apologize if it has but do the phighters have things like canon body types, races, etc. and would that mean the drawings u make of them r canon? or r things like that completely up to your interpretation.

A: they are completely blank slates, and it will probably stay that way. I think what a lot of people like about the characters is cause they’re so simple looking, people can interpret them into looking whichever way they like since at the end of the day they are just blocks
I have my own headcanons and stuff when it comes to body types/race specifically but it’s not very significant
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

All the SFOTH are related*

Q: helloo soda congrats on 6 full followers!!

Are the SFOTH all related? I've been wondering for awhile bc it seems to be what everyone agrees on!!

A: yes, all of them see each other as close family despite not being biologically related (aside firebrand and windforce of course)
However, Even though they are family, not all of them like one another haha
19 October 2023 - Link | Image
*Archival note: This has been retconned. Now all of the SFOTH are biologically related. This post has been left here for archive purposes.

Biografts may form bonds with eachother depending on its type

Q: can biografts form closer bonds with each other??is biograft friendship real or do they all view each other as like co-workers or sumn this is an important question from biograft mega fan.

A: ...depends on the type of biograft
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer could sound like Heavy from TF2

Q: would banhammer have a new yorker accent

A: ehh ive kind of always imagined him sounding like heavy from tf2 or at least something similar to it
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ghosdeeri's language is untranslatable


A: i made it up, you can't translate it because its literally chicken scratch
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Demon horns are heavy

Q: Are horns heavy? If they are solid bone that's gotta be real tough to lug around.

A: Yeah they're heavy, some demons will get them carved/shaved down to make them more practical to live with
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Duplicates of gears exist, though they're not common

Q: I've also been wondering how common are duplicates of gears.

A: duplicates do exist, although, its not super common but not super rare
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Pets are fairly common

Q: And also how common are pets?

A: i guess pets aren't that strange, especially since some demons can have gears that are just straight up animals
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Broker and Zuka use the phone to communicate

Q: I have a few questions...

1- How does Zuka and Broker communicate, or does Broker just get out of his hidding spot(it is a hidding spot??) And goes to talk with Zuka like nothing?

A: phone
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer doesn't know how Broker escapes jail

Q: 2- if Broker has been arrested a few times, how does he escape? Does Ban Hammer trap him??

A: : not even banhammer knows
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

Between a chess competition of Medkit and Broker, 50/50 chance either would win

Q: 4- we need chess competition of Medkit vs Broker, and if that was the case, WHO WOULD WIN???

A: 50/50 win
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

We'll see some Phighter's uncovered faces in Story Mode

Q: in story mode are we gonna ever see phighters without their face covers and what not?

A: only some, if its important to their story
19 October 2023 - Link | Image

The circles on Broker's face is a blush

Q: Is the light blue circle at the bottom of Broker's eye a blush or is it a mark like Shuriken or Vinestaff have?

A: blush. hes so jolly
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace was never nice, him and Medkit never liked eachother

Q: Was subspace always and asshole or did he used to be nicer? And did him and medkit ever get along?

A: DEFINITLY not nice; he was was a terrible kid, especially towards Medkit
they never liked each other
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Windforce will have a sword round

Q: 1. Will windforce show up in the game or does she just exist for the sake of Banhammer’s story if that makes any sense?

A: Windforce will have a sword round, just like all the other deities
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

The lantern Traffic has is from Lightblox

Q: Is the lantern traffic has from lightblox?

A: yes
20 October 2023 - Link |Image

Nobody is able to get near Subspace

Q: what if u gave subspace a cat ,,, would he kill it. ...

A: considering nobody is able to get near him, probably
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Windforce and Ban Hammer are a power duo

Q: Hai soda!!!!

What is Windforces and Banhammers relationship like as mother and son? Was Windforce ever neglectful, as she was said to not care about much stuff, or is this an exemption for Banhammer or not? Is Banhammer like actively trying to get Windforces approval (because Banhammer lines say ‘this one’s for you momma!’, is this also why Banhammers stupid…) Thanks!!

A: haha nah, Windforce and Banhammer are a power duo and they love each other very much!
i like to think when Windforce is battling she also likes to shout him out kinda similar to how he does it in game, i.e, "This one's for my son!" or something silly like that. Maybe he got it from her
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit isn't the type of person to take in scenery

Q: Hi hi!! Congrats on 6K! :))

Does Medkit like birds or bird watching? For some reason I always wondered that

A: Medkit doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to sit down and take breaks/take in scenery even for a second, blame the paranoia
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit finds Boombox annoying because he's loud and obnoxious

Q: i’ve been wondering, what is it that Boombox does that Medkit finds annoying? in the relationship chart it says Med is neutral towards BB but would that ever border on disliking?

A: Loud, obnoxious, never knows when to shut up
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Mx Bot is a wannabe villain, Spray Pain is their unwilling sidekick


A: They’re like the bowser jr of the phighting universe. Wannabe villain tryhard with their most “violent” crime being…controlling biografts to scare the crap out of traffic
Of course, being such a frightening villain means they must have a sidekick, sometimes spray pain tags along with them but most of the time it is. Unwillingly.
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

The reason Katana would try to kill Medkit is related to the corruption he mentions

Q: Hiya, Soda!!

Can we get a little more explanation to previous Katana/Medkit interaction that have been answered? Like, for what reason would he try to kill him? Would Katana treat Medkit differently if he knew about him trying to do better and that he's sorry for his past etc. cuz like,, Hyper is working for Blackrock too and Katana doesn't try to kill him off actually,,??

A: Let’s just say that the corruption he keeps referring to is involved , doesn’t have anything to do with Blackrock
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Traffic is victim to Mx Bot's villainy, though they don't do much harm

Q: Sorry for another post but I just read the mx bot fun fact one so scratch that last one.

So what is mx bot's relation to traffic then if they want to mess with him?

A: Every villain needs their victim, traffic just unfortunately happens to be one haha. It’s nothing serious tho, I don’t think Bot is capable of bringing harm to anyone despite what they say
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka is favored by a few of the deities

Q: How do the deities feel about zuka? Mainly darkheart?

A: he’s actually quite favored by a few of them (firebrand and darkheart specifically) but it’s due to reasons I cannot speak of yet
I still like to think he hangs out with DH though even if they don’t work together anymore
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer is closest to Broker out of the non-Phighters*

Q: soda, out of all of the phighters, who would u consider banhammer "closest" to (could be friendship or just acquaintanceship)

A: Oh I wanna answer this so bad but it is unfortunately a character that is not public yet

Though, non phighter would probably be broker? It’s more of a cat and mouse thing if anything tho, not a friendship

20 October 2023 - Link | Image
*Archival note: The Phighter that Ban Hammer is closest to was confirmed by Soda to be Scythe in the Boggio discord.

Flipside's parents' divorce was very bad

Q: hope you're kickin it well in there!! ^^

1. how's dom n valks relationship to their parents? iirc it was mentioned their divorce was MESSY so im curious if that affected the brothers at all

A: oh yeah it was bad, definitely messed them up for awhile I'd imagine
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit isn't very close with Zuka, but considers Rocket a friend

Q: Does medkit see sword as family or a friend? Rocket and Zuka too

A: Medkit's relationship with Sword is certainly an unconventional one since they met when Medkit was around his 20s,
I dont think he's super close with zuka though, but I guess Rocket would be considered something of a friend as well
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Katana hides his face out of a mix of insecurity and due to his past

Q: im sorry soda for asking you so many questions but, why is katana so secretive about how he looks? is it something related to his past or is it just him being insecure?

A: a mix of both
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Firebrand helped raise Dom and Valk and is fiercely protective of them

Q: are valk and doms parents like. good parents?? with good intentions?? or are they kinda...... not fit to be parents at all

A: It’s…complicated, however, Firebrand stepped in and helped raised them (flipside) for a good while as a parental stand-in and now he’s fiercely protective of them
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Katana will get a face reveal in the future

Q: 1: will katana ever get an actual face reveal?

A: In the future
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

It is possible for demons to have horn mutations

Q: 2: how rare are horn mutations like firebrand and spray pain?

A: Firebrand's horns can be considered a mutation since its growing out of his eye, Spray Pain's horns just cover their eye so its not a mutation, though, i don't think its impossible for mutations to exist in normal demons
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ghostdeeri holds all known knowledge of the Phighting universe

Q: 3: how does broker/ghosdeeri know so much about the lore?

A: Gdeeri is a librarian, she practically holds all known knowledge of the phighting universe within the confines of her library, she probably even wrote some of the history books herself
Broker is just really good at stalking the right people
20 October 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser takes great care of Princess

Q: anyways err if princess WAS canon, do you think hyperlaser would be a good owner? i assume he's out of the house often, what w/ being a merc and all. but would he like at least come home and be like "oohhhh hiii princess :))"

A: i like to think he is an entirely different person when he's around her, and yes, he'd take great care of her!! after all, she is his princess :)
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser doesn't like Subspace, but remains neutral

Q: actually; does hyperlaser *somewhat* care about subspace or......... (referenced by his dialogue with medkit)

A: "care" is a strong word. He "cares" about subspace in the same way you would "care" about your dickhead boss, which is to say, not a whole lot. Actually i would go as far to say he just doesn't like the guy but remains neutral on the surface
I would say he is curious about what happened between the two tho, considering both of them are infamous for different reasons
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace likes to torture in his free time

Q: Hi...subspace fanatic here..

Is there anything subspace likes to do in his free time? Like outside of inventing ofc, if all he does is be a nerd an invent stuff what would be smth he might do?? :3

A: torture
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Mx Bot can hijack electronics via their gear

Q: Based on one of the responses, Biografts can be controlled, how can they be controlled? Is it hard to do so?

A: I assume this is stemming from the Mx Bot post? Bot is the only one that is capable of hijacking electronics/machinery via their gear and by proxy, may or may not mess with unfortunate biografts that happen to stumble their way and use them for their own bidding
It’s basically like playing on a big iPad haha
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Spray Pain is just a background character

Q: Is Spray Paint going to be the equivalent of the Y/N character for storymode (Im guessing by reading their wiki dksbdksbs)

A: No, he’s just a fun background character
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace is slowly rotting away

Q: Does Subspace, or any other character in phighting, cannonically have any sort of disabilities or conditions? (Like autism, ADHD, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Bipolar, etc)

A: I guess Subspace’s condition could be considered a disability since his body is slowly rotting away, dunno what it would be called tho. there’s also a few other characters I can also think of who might fall under a similar category but I don’t wanna go too in depth with it
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Biological relatives exist because of how the Spawn works

Q: How can there be biological relatives (like Windforce being Banhammer's mom) for demons when they don't have sexual organs for reproduction? (I'm presuming its some kind of spawn ritual thingy)

A: The Spawn, there should be some information on the wiki about that
21 October 2023 - Link | Image
Archival note: help.

Deities are also demons

Q: Are all of the deities all demons or are some of them something else?

A: Yes, they fall under the same category of demons
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Demons are not related to the biblical definition of demons

Q: Are demons like actual demons??? As in the like "biblical" definition of just creatures that live in an underworld or are they literally just funny people that have horns?

A: They’re just Demons in name only, they have no connections to hell or biblical theming
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

A lot of Biografts exist

Q: How many Biografts exist currently?

A: A lot
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

There are as many models of Biograft as there are in the Roblox catalogue

Q: How many models of Biograft are there? (Apart from Zeta and Beta)

A: As many as there are on in the roblox avatar catalogue
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace was always a dickhead

Q: What happened to Subspace that he ended up this way? (Or was he just born to be an a-hole? ;-;)

A: Was always a dickhead, he’s just more of a dickhead now
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace will never get a redemption arc

Q: Will Subspace get a redemption arc? (As in not be a-hole anymore)

A: Fuck no, but, I can see people being sympathetic to him, doomed by the narrative
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka's horns are gray due to age


A: Old
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

The matches in Phighting! are not canon

Q: Are the matches that we have in phighting "cannon"?

A: No
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Horns are made of bone*

Q: Can demons feel through their horns??? Like if somebody touches them or pets them there, can they feel it?

A: Their horns are made of bone so, unsure
21 October 2023 - Link | Image
*Archival note: This is currently untrue, as horns were later stated to be made from keratin rather than bone.

Yanking demon's horns would be uncomfortable

Q: How uncomfortable is it when somebody grabs a demon by their horn and begins aggressively shaking their head by holding onto their horns or just straight up yanking against their horns?

A: That doesn’t sound comfortable I’d imagine
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

It is possible for demons to kill by using their horns

Q: Has any demon killed anybody else just by using their horns??? (Like sharpening them and headbutting them into somebody's guts)

A: Probably
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer is in charge of keeping the peace (violently)

Q: Do a "police force" exist in the world of phighting or are the Deities managing everything?

A: Banhammer is in charge of keeping the peace, although in a very violent way
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Illumina isn't good around children

Q: What is Illumina like in terms of personality? Are they good around children?

A: Do not let illumina anywhere near children.
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Windforce took care of Ban Hammer by herself

Q: Apart form Windforce herself, did anybody else helped to take care of Ban Hammer? Like her brother?

A: It was just her
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer practices his golf skills on Banland prisoners

Q: How the hell did Ban Hammer get so good at golf???

A: Practiced on some banland prisoners with his hammer
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka's gear is the Exponential Rocket Launcher, B. Zuka for short

Q: How come Zuka gets their own name but Rocket names himself after his gear? (Because if I am correct, zuka was born with rocket as their gear from what I presume)

A: Zuka’s gear is the Exponential Rocket Launcher, Shortened down to B. zuka for convenience (it would also be confusing if there was 2 characters named Rocket)
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace was born as Subspace Tripmine


A: He was born as subspace tripmine, it’s just his gear has been heavily modified over the years
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Skins are not canon


A: No skins are canon
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit joined Lost Temple due to familial connections

Q: is there any other reason as to why medkit decides to join lost temple?

aside from like playground being a faction with demons that are highly energetic and extroverted, complete opposite of medkit’s personality

i just thought that thieves’ den would be his 2nd option, but why lost temple?

A: Familial connections
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Firebrand had children at one point

Q: does valk and dom's existence imply that firebrand had children at one point?

A: yes
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Demons would say "Oh my gods"

Q: what do the demons say instead of "oh my god"

A: probably just "Oh my gods" since there are multiple, the names are kind of a mouthful so i don't rlly see anyone using the phrase on a first name basis
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Demons can experience exhaustion and general sluggishness

Q: Can demons, despite not needing too consume anything nor sleep, still experience hunger or sleepiness (for lack of a better word...)?

A: they can experience things like exhaustion/general sluggishness
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka is from Blackrock

Q: And, can you say if zuka was ever apart of any other faction.. I dont mind the tiniest of crumbs for this question

A: Zuka is from Blackrock
21 October 2023 - Link | Image


Q: does subspace have trauma.........

A: subspace is the trauma
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace is being protected by an authority higher than Ban Hammer

Q: hello sodaaaaaa this might be a stupid question but any reason why banhammer cant just grab and throw subspace into banland?? i vaguely remember its because of blackrock or smth like that

A: Subspace is being protected by an authority higher than Banhammer
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit met Sword a few years after leaving Blackrock

Q: Did Medkit meet Sword decently soon after leaving Blackrock? Or was there a time gap before they met?

A: Correct, Medkit left Blackrock in his early 20s and met Sword when he was working at Lost Temple (so around age 22 i think), i believe Sword was around 16 years old at this time
sorry im not very good with numbers lol
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Broker and Medkit are coworkers, but not friends

Q: Zuka and Broker are very close friends and Broker is also close friends with Medkit? I imagine that someone who has the broker as an enemy probably has to sleep with one eye open lol (subspace lmaooo)

A: Broker and Medkit are coworkers but i wouldn't say they're friends
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser would be curious to see Zuka fight

Q: With that line from Hyperlaser “Your father, is he still interested in combat?” Does he want to somehow get Zuka to return to Blackrock or does he simply want him to see him in action again? Poor old man, there's no moment of peace bro, and it's also likely that Zuka won't tell much about his past to Rocket, Blackrock is already doing that, I think maybe he'll discover things he shouldn't know about Zuka or things that aren't very cool ones from Blackrock. since it was pretty infamous

A: Haha, i think Hyperlaser is a little curious to see the old legend back in a fight considering how infamous he is, though, i don't think zuka would ever pick his gear back up again
21 October 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit is a traitor to his country

Q: Hi, Soda!!! I'm sorry if I'm late but would banhammer throw medkit In jail? What's their relationship? Non romantic of course.

A: Medkit is a traitor to his country, or at least, that's what the story is. It's Banhammer's job to make sure demons don't go out of line like that
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Medkit's associates aren't very good people

Q: Can we know more about Medkit's job? Like what he did working at Lost Temple and what he does being Co-workers with Broker

A: all i will say is that his associates are very not good people
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Spawn rules do not apply to deities or their descendants

Q: how did firebrand not lose his gear since he got children of his own

A: Spawn rules apply differently to deities and their descendants
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None of the characters have canon orientations (also swocket isn't canon)

Q: Is any phighter part of the LGBTQ+ community??? (I mean I heard that Swocket was cannon at one point but idk now)

A: None of them have specified orientations, not sure where you heard that swocket was canon from
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The Spawns are considered sacred

Q: How do demons treat spawn? A very sacred place? Or somewhat "casually" (Like how visitors treat visiting an infamous big church)

A: Yes, the spawns are considered as sacred
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The SFOTH are powerful enough to be considered dangerous

Q: Honestly who is the most dangerous character in phighting (As in like very willing and can screw up the world but is just stopped by a certain force)

A: probably any of the sfoth, they're pretty equal in power
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Slingshot's Cafe is pretty popular

Q: Is slingshot's cafe food actually good??? How popular is their cafe???

A: Its pretty popular considering its in the top layer of crossroads
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Broker is dangerous

Q: Is broker actually dangerous or are they just some jolly boogie man that will ask about your car insurance? Or both?

A: Dangerous
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Banland can be considered an island

Q: What/Where exactly is Banland??? Is it like a secret realm or a giant cave located near the center of the planet???

A: Its not connected to any of the regions/crossroads so i guess it could be considered as an island
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The lobby is not an accurate representation of the factions

Q: Is the crossroads (The place where the intermission takes place during matches) an "accurate" representation of what the 4 factions look like???

A: no
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

The lobby does not reflect the regions in the game

Q: Is the jail underneath the fort at the crossroads supposed to represent Banland? (Or something possibly bigger since there is a broken cell with a blank phighter(?) inside)

A: the intermission lobby is a replica of the actual original crossroads map (the roblox one), it does not reflect that regions in game
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Traffic's horns on his cone are his actual horns

Q: Is the 2 protrusions coming out of traffic's cone their actual horns or their cone having extensions to help fit their horns underneath?

A: its his horns, he just cut holes into the traffic cone
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Elderly demons' horns are more fragile and won't grow back when broken

Q: Do elderly demons experience the equivalent to osteoporosis for their horns where it becomes more fragile and thus breaks easier???

A: yes, and they wont grow back
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Humans don't exist

Q: Do demons know about the existence of humans or are humans the equivilant of fiction to them?

A: humans dont exist
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Mx. Bot's gear is the Roblox Tablet

Q: What is Mx. Bot's gear even supposed to be???

A: the Roblox Tablet
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer can (probably) carry 4 demons at a time

Q: How many phighters can Banhammer carry??? The entire cast??? (They look pretty buff after all)

A: probably like 4 demons at a time
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Both Ban Hammer and Windforce have wings that are only present when they fly

Q: Does Ban Hammer (and also Windforce) have wings??? But they are like so tiny and pathetic that they just hide it under their armor? XD

A: Banhammer has wings and so does Windforce, they are only present when they fly
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Illumina is a "holy" creature

Q: Why does only Illumina get feathered wings? Because I see that every other demons seems to get bat like wings but why is Illumina different? (Okay Ik there is like ice dagger with moth wings but like illumina still stands out because they look awfully like an angel)

A: holy wings for a holy creature
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Broker and Darkheart would like eachother's company

Q: If you get every annoying character in Phighting, (Boombox, Subspace, Broker(?), Dark Heart, etc) and shove them into a room where they can phight each other (purely verbally), who is going to be the first to come out crying/insane from irritation and who will be the last one standing?

A: subspace and boombox wouldn't even last an hour, though, i think Broker and Darkheart would like each others company
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Broker always had nerve damage, but it's worse nowadays

Q: since broker can't feel physical pain due to nerve damage,, could he feel physical pain before,, was he tortured or something,,

A: No he was just always like that, though, its worse nowadays
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Broker's nerve damage started as a medical condition

Q: adding on to my previous broker nerve damage question from your response,, is it a medical condition like cipa? or is it its own thing? and if its "worse" now,, what does that entail,,

A: Started as a medical condition, then he fucked up his own body
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Venomshank is a father figure to Sword

Q: does sword view venomshank as a sort of father figure or does he purely just train with venom?

A: Venomshank is a mentor to him, yes, but he's a father first and foremost
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It's possible everyone in Blackrock knew about Zuka

Q: Has subspace ever heard of zuka when he was still popular back then? Since hyperlaser and biograft knows zuka before does it apply to subspace too?

A: I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in Blackrock knew about Zuka
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Hyperlaser would be uncomfortable with hugs due to his burns

Q: would hyperlaser let me hug him

A: it would probably just be very uncomfortable for him cause of his burns
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

There may be no health care in the factions or Crossroads

Q: hi again soda!!! whats the average health care cost in the factions + crossroads (in bux)

A: what health care
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Rocket takes it personally when people compare him to Zuka

Q: for the people who know,, does anyone look down on zuka or rocket cus zukas from blackrock (i assume from other things, so sorry if this is wrong!!!) and rockys from playground

js wondering if this affects anything between their relationship or how other people view them

A: Most likely, demons already compare the two so I wouldn't be surprised if Rocket took it personally sometimes
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Broker is from Lost Temple

Q: I simply have a simple question or two.. and i hope it hasn’t been asked before..

1. Is Broker from any faction? If so which one?

A: Lost Temple
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Subspace and Broker would not get along

Q: Would Subspace and Broker get along?

A: Probably not
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Demons' blood color is red

Q: Just wanted to ask if, in Phighting, they have any special blood color? Like do they bleed Blue, yellow, purple, or so?

A: No, just red
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The SFOTH are evenly matched in strength

Q: Even if Illumina is the strongest one out of the other deities, who would be the second strongest one? Or let's just say I'm trying to find out if one of the others could beat Illumina up in any way.

A: Illumina is not the strongest, they are all pretty evenly matched
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

It is unknown if a deity can die

Q: Is it possible for a deity to die?

A: Unknown
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace can't destroy a while faction with just his tripmines

Q: Can Subspace destroy a whole faction because of his Tripmines?

A: No
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser cannot see without his helmet

Q: Does Hyperlaser hide his face out of insecurities?

A: Without the helmet he literally cannot see so its not out of insecurity
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka still has his old rocket launcher

Q: Does Zuka still have his old rocket launcher?

A: Yes, you can actually find it in the current crossroads lobby
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Phighting!'s universe has been around for a very long time

Q: haii soda!! hope you’re doing well, and sorry about the late question. I’d like to know; could we get a rough estimate of how old the Phighting world actually is? like, how many millennia or centuries has the world actually existed? im just super curious abt this. thanks for taking the time to read this!! :3

A: For a very long time, i can't give you an exact number atm
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Subspace's body produces toxic fumes that can poison demons if they get too close

Q: do you think subspace is physically weak because he's basically a rotting corpse in some parts. how easy do you think medkit could break his bones

A: Oh it would be very easy, the only part that's tricky about it is that his body naturally produces toxic fumes that will poison demons if they get too close. If he's not wearing anything to prevent it from being exposed to air (Gas mask) then there's no chance of getting near him without injury
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Subspace's rot will continue to spread until it slowly kills him

Q: I have a handful of questions about subspace rot (...)

If the rot caused his arm to get janked up, will it continue to spread and eventually kill him?

A: Yes, slowly
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Subspace's rot hurts him

Q: [About Subspace's rot] Does it hurt, if it does has he grown used to it?

A: It hurts
22 October 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace's rot can't spread, but its side effects can poison other demons

Q: [About Subspace's rot] last one, does it spread to other demons around him; or do they just avoid him because he's an asshole

A: It can't spread, however, there are side effects that can poison other demons. He is also just an asshole
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Lightblox would struggle to make friends with anyone besides Traffic and Ghosdeeri

Q: hi soda!! would ice dagger and lightblox be friends??

A: I think Lightblox is too much of a mess to make friends with anyone besides traffic and Gdeeri
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All of Broker's money goes to his family


A: everything he makes goes to his family
05 December 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace does not know the cure to his own poison

Q: does subspace know the cure to his own poison

A: No. It is slowly killing him.
05 December 2023 - Link | Image

It is unknown if Grav is currently alive or dead

Q: hallo, if this isn't too lore heavy is Grav dead in the current time of the world of phighting?

A: unknown
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Grav's pronouns are she/her

Q: what are gravs pronouns? and are they just gonna be a character for lore purposes

A: she/her
she's just a little guy
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Grav is a comic-only character

Q: Who is that silly shark guy will they ever be in game as npc or playable?

A: comic-only character.
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker has a shelter, which is not located in Crossroads


A: He has a shelter, though, not in crossroads.
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer's only parent is Windforce

Q: does banhammer have a parent other than windforce

A: No
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Demons can have animalistic features, depending on where they're from and what gear they were spawned with

Q: since grav has a shark tail and fin does that mean demons can have natural animalistic features? or is what grav has purely cosmetic?

A: They can, but it depends on where they are from/which gear they were spawned with
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace and Grav work under the same company

Q: what is subs relation to grav?

A: They work under the same company
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker can be described as a "manipulative girlboss"

Q: hi soda silly, handful of questions in regards to the broker

How would you describe Brokers personality?

A: Manipulative girlboss
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker's morality is reliant on whatever is more convenient for him

Q: Where— in terms of morality, do you think [Broker] lays?

A: Whichever side is more convenient for him
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker doesn't care for Blackrock, and wants the other regions to stay out of his business

Q: How would you describe [Broker's] relationship with Blackrock?

A: Doesn’t particularly care for them, just wants the other regions to stay out of his business.
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker doesn't hate Hyperlaser, but thinks he's a bootlicker

Q: Is [Broker's] hatred for Hyperlaser justified?

A: -He doesn’t hate Hyperlaser, he’s just not fond of bootlickers
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer makes Broker nervous

Q: Is [Broker] actually scared of Banhammer, or is he just fucking around?

A: Banhammer makes him nervous
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker isn't familiar with the deities, asides from the one he worships

Q: Is [Broker] familiar with any of the deities/NPCs (other than Zuka)?

A: The deity he worships, outside of that, no.
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Nobody, not even Ban Hammer, knows how Broker keeps escaping prison

Q: How does [Broker] keep escaping prison

A: Nobody knows, not even Banhammer
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Broker was spawned in Lost Temple

Q: Was he born into a faction? If so which one?

A: Lost temple
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Firebrand only had one kid

Q: Does firebrand have more than one kid or is it just That One who had valk & dom . and if not does he still speak to them or are they estranged

A: Only one
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Ban Hammer is a Demigod

Q: is banhammer a full god or is he more like a demigod i guess whar im asking is are demons who r direct descendants of gods also gods or weaker . how’s all that work

A: Demigod
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Grav and Medkit were co-workers

Q: what is grav’s relationship with med

A: coworkers
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Flipside's relationship to their parents is strained

Q: what is the flipsides relationship like with thier parents?

A: strained
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Zuka is neutral to Broker

Q: does broker have anyone that thinks of him as a friend or at least like. someone who isn't neutral/hating him

A: zuka is pretty neutral with him
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Demon's gears are random when first spawned, for the most part

Q: When a new Phighter is spawned, do the gears relate to the parents gears in some way??

A: For the most part, it's completely random
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Demons can dye their horns

Q: Can Phighters change their horn colors? (Young Zukas horns being blue and his current horns being Grey)

A: yes, they can dye their horns
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace can eat, but he can't taste

Q: can Subspace EAT???? Or would he just be constantly tired?

A: He can eat, he just can't taste
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

An incident caused Firebrand to become protective over Flipside

Q: was firebrand always super overprotective over flipside? or was there something that suddenly made him super protective of them?

A: an incident
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Biografts can mimic the speech patterns of demons

Q: Are there any cool tidbits or headcannons you'd like to share that probably otherwise wouldn't be brought up?

A: Biografts have a secondary function that allows them to be able to learn and mimic the speech patterns and dialect of a normal person, giving the illusion of them acting more demon-like despite them being non-sentient
06 December 2023 - Link | Image

Every animal in Phighting's universe has horns*

Q: if princess has horns then does every animal in crossroads have horns

A: in one way or another, yes
just cause its funny
06 December 2023 - Link | Image
*Archival note: This has been retconned, confirmed by Soda on Twitter.

Demons spawn as children, along with their gear

Q: Silly question but how do they spawn?? Do the just randomly spawn out as child with their gear or what...

A: yup
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

The Church of the True Eye is described as a "community where demons can unite and pray under their one true god"

Q: ok i know i be asking a lot of questions, but is the true eye a cult, religion, or a secret 3rd thing because it seems like nobody can agree on anything even when you say "what cult"

A: It’s a nice family friendly community where demons can unite and pray under their one true god ^_^
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Demons may change their names to anything

Q: a bit of a silly question but demons in the phighting universe are named after their gear, but what about people like traffic and broker? are those their legal names now or are they just nicknames? could a demon change their name to be something other than their gear even if it wasn't broken or lost?

A: They can change their names to whatever :P Its just for stylistic reasons if they don't refer to themselves by their gear they refer to themselves based on an accessory (since the game is based on old roblox) or something similar (I.E., Traffic = Traffic Cone, Valk = Valkyrie, and so on). For broker's case he uses a title for lore reasons but he does have a gear
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit would feel safe again once Subspace dies

Q: what would medkit think when subspace eventually dies ?

A: He'd feel safe again
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket can be described as clingy, hyperactive, and a bit of a hardhead

Q: How would you describe Rockets personality

A: Clingy, Hyperactive, Bit of a hardhead,
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket was young when he left Playground

Q: How old was [Rocket] when he left Playground?

A: young
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket met Zuka "technically" after leaving Playground

Q: Did he meet Zuka before or after leaving Playground?

A: Technically after
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket left Playground because of a specific group*

Q: Are [Rocket's] reasons for leaving playground related to a specific person or event?

A: a specific group, yes
07 December 2023 - Link | Image
*Archival note: This may have been retconned. Link | Image

Rocket does not have biological parents

Q: Does [Rocket] have ‘biological’ parents?

A: No
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket leaving Playground is related to him losing his arm and leg

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how bad was the situation that lead to [Rocket] leaving

A: I mean he lost both his arm and his leg so make of that what you will
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket may or may not have the intention of joining a new faction

Q: Does [Rocket] have any intention of joining a new faction?

A: Maybe
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket and Sword met through Zuka and Venomshank

Q: How did Rocket and Sword meet?

A: Through Zuka and Venomshank
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Rocket is close friends with Medkit and Sword

Q: Is [Rocket] close to anyone other than Sword and Zuka? (Broker)

A: Definitely not broker but he only has a few very close friends (medkit and sword)
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword can be described as socially awkward, immature but heartfelt

Q: How would you describe Sword’s personality?

A: Socially awkward, Immature but heartfelt
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword was not in a faction before Lost Temple

Q: Was sword in a faction before Lost Temple?

A: No
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword does not feel self doubt regarding living up to his father

Q: Does [Sword] ever feel self doubt/worthlessness in his relation to living up to his father’s name?

A: No
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Only a few of the SFOTH are aware of Sword

Q: Are the rest of the SFOTH aware of [Sword]? - If so, do they care about him?

A: Only a few
- No
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword does not have any special abilities from Venomshank

Q: Despite only being adopted by Venomshank, does [Sword] have any special abilities due to him?

A: No
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword did not have parents or parental figures before Venomshank

Q: Did sword have parents (or at least a parental figure) before Venomshank?

A: No
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword and Medkit's relationship is fraternal

Q: How would you describe Sword and Medkit’s relationship?

A: Fraternal
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword does not live in Lost Temple

Q: Assuming Medkit no longer lives in Lost temple (His apartment being in New Crossroads) does Sword miss him?

A: Sword doesn't live in lost temple
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace would try to get on Ban Hammer's good side (and fail)

Q: Does Subspace act friendly to certain character?

A: He'd try to get on Banhammer's good side but would fail miserably
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Demons can dye their horns through a dye bath or painting over them

Q: hi really stupid question and I’m sorry if this has been asked before but how does dying your horns work exactly? like you do paint over them, inject something into them, or some really wacky option I’m not aware of

A: probably a dye bath of some sort for demons with smaller horns, painting works too as an alternative but I can imagine it could chip off easily
07 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword is the only SFOTH-related character that sees Medkit as family

Q: Hi, asking about Medkit and Ban Hammer's relationship(NOT shipping) in terms of family. Medkit sees Sword as family, and Sword's cousin is Ban Hammer. So, does that technically make Ban Hammer Medkit's cousin or? Just wanted some clarity on their relationship with one another. Thanks!

A: Nope, Medkit is not related to Banhammer in any way shape or form and the only sfoth-related character that sees him as family is Sword, the rest do not
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Hyperlaser's face will never be revealed

Q: In the drawing of young Blackrock, Hyperlaser has his face blacked out too. Does that mean that his face has been fucked up since literally 15 years old..? (Like his horns have been gone since 15 or he's had the burns since then)

Or did you just not wanna design it lmao

A: i will never reveal hyperlaser's face, past or present
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Illumina feels annoyance when seeing Darkheart

Q: Does Illumina feel ‘dissapointment’ whenever he ‘sees’/‘thinks’ of DH ? ( Darkheart )

A: No, mostly just annoyance
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Subspace is very prolific in Blackrock

Q: Since Subspace is the head of Blackrock’s division i forgot , is he well known ? If he is , do people dislike him?

A: Subspace is very prolific in Blackrock, but I wouldn’t say he’s celebrity status
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword would never become an Illumina follower

Q: Would Sword ever become an Illumina follower , despite it mentioned many times it will not be canon?

A: No
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit joined Lost Temple because of biological family connections

Q: A while back you said that Medkit joined the lost temple because of familial connections, by this were you referring to biological family, or Broker's family?

A: Biological
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Firebrand would suck at videogames

Q: I heard in one of ur streams that windforce would be rlly good at gaming.... does her brother or son share this trait? would they game too?

A: No. firebrand would SUCK at video games . Also his hands would melt the keyboard
Banhammer is just okay but windforce kicks his ass
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Mx Bot's box is part of their villain branding

Q: soda could we get some mx. bot facts…….

likeee is the box covering up anything or is it just for plain ol silliness?

A: it's part of their villain branding! And definitely not because they cant afford a good costume
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Mx Bot would probably have stubby, purple horns

Q: what’s mx. bot horns like colour and shape wise since theres no hints from the outside

A: they would probably have very stubby horns through since they are wearing a box on top of their head. im thinking purple, perhaps?
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Only recently did Mx Bot "hire" Spray Paint as a partner in crime

Q: how long has spray paint and bot known each other?? :3

A: only recently did they decide to hire a partner in crime (Though that term is being very generous)
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

The SFOTH all enjoy different things

Q: Do the deities enjoy things like music or activities that are probably seen as ‘useless’ or ‘a waste of time’ to them? (like darkheart liking fishing)

A: They enjoy different things yeah
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

The deities are all equal in strength, but some are wittier and smarter than others

Q: Are some deities more powerful than others? If so Is it that they’re naturally more powerful or just that some are better trained and better at harnessing their powers than others?

A: No, all deities are pretty equal in strength, though some are wittier and smarter than others so they're able to strategize better
08 December 2023 - Link | Image

Sword lives with Venomshank

Q: You said Sword doesn't live in Lost Temple. Can we know where he does live?

A: With Venomshank
19 December 2023 - Link | Image

Medkit thinks Boombox is annoying, Boombox is charismatic to everyone


how is really Medkit towards Boombox? like, we know he's neutral towards him, but he sometimes enjoys his company or just thinks he's an immature guy or sum?

A: there really is no relationship between the two, Medkit just thinks he’s annoying and boombox is just charismatic to everyone
19 December 2023 - Link | Image

Dom and Valk use their gears for performing

Q: and what is the status of dom and valks gears? do they carry it around or have it hidden somewhere?

A: They use their gears whenever they are preforming (Mic and Megaphone respectively)
19 December 2023 - Link | Image

There are few hospitals in the Phighting! universe

Q: Do hospitals exist in the phighting universe

A: barely
19 December 2023 - Link | Image

Horn-carving businesses exist

Q: also are there like horn carving businesses, basically the equivalent of barbers

A: yes
19 December 2023 - Link | Image