Escort is a gamemode in PHIGHTING!. It is currently not out, but is available for public testing by using the /force command on private servers. It was added in June 2023 with two maps and got an extra three in April 2024.


The objective of Escort is to push a payload along a designated path. Pushing it past specific checkpoints will result in points being granted to the team. There is currently 2 checkpoints at 50 and 100 points. When both team reach the cap, the payload resets. This process repeats itself until a team is crowned as victorious.

The Payload

The Payload's speed depends of the score, the team holding it and the position of the payload.

Losing Team

  • The payload will go to 3x speed if you hold it while on the winning side.
    • Upon reaching the center of the road, the speed will be reduced to 2.5x until the team reach its current score.
  • If the losing team is adding to its score, the payload will go at 2x speed.

Winning Team

  • The payload will go at 2x speed if you hold it on the losing side.
    • Upon reaching the center, the payload will go at 1.75x speed until the team reach their current score.
  • If the winning team add to their score, the payload will got at 1x speed.


The payload changes depending on the map selected. By example, Test and Test2 uses a gecko model. It is surrounded of a white outline that people can see through walls. This allow players to find it quickly.

  • The outline doesn't show on mobile devices if the quality is kept too low.
  • It used to be a 20x20x20 cylinder.


There is currently 5 maps of Escort in the game. They are all exclusive to private servers when using the /force command. The current maps are:

  • Canada
  • Colosseo
  • Mall Payload
  • Test
  • Test2

Check out Unused maps for more information.


Version history

8/9/10 April 2024

  • Added Colosseo for everyone to test in private servers on April 8th.
  • Added Mall Payload on April 9th.
  • Added Canada on April 10th.

2 June 2023

  • Escort was added to the game. It can only be played on test and Test2 by using the /force command on private servers.