PHIGHTING! is a class-based third person shooter released on ROBLOX and developed by the small development team boggio. Currently in alpha stages, it first debuted to the public on 19 February 2022 with the release of Playtest 1. As of currently, PHIGHTING! has over 13.8 million visits, over 150,000 favourites and over 50,000 likes on the ROBLOX platform.


PHIGHTING! currently has 14 playable classes for players to use within in-game matches, known as Phights, with 21 planned upon full release. The classes are known as Phighters, and are split into the categories of Melee, Ranged, and Support. Each Phighter has their own unique abilities, filling different niches of battle and encouraging varied team compositions in both casual and high level play. Each Phighter has a special move called a Phinisher, and can turn the tides of battle when used.

Each Phighter is an individual character with their own design, backstory, lore and relationships with other characters. Phighters will converse with one another during gameplay with pre-set dialogue triggered by specific conditions, providing a great deal of intractability and entertainment for players. This aspect of PHIGHTING! is greatly inspired by other games in the genre, such as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.