Playground is one of four regions in the Phighting universe. It is an urban city[1]. It is the current home of two Phighters in-game so far.






Playground is home to the Lovedove, a species of bird native to the region. They are often collected for their unique feathers patterns, and the birds themselves are usually given to partners as gifts. Unlike their counterparts, the Midnight Crow found in Blackrock, they come in fancy variants. [2] The standard Lovedove has a big heart on their torso, along with dark pink wing tips.

Lovedove Variants

Messenger Lovedove

Messenger Lovedoves have a longer neck than every other counterpart, with hearts leading up from their torso to the top of their neck. They have big, yellow eyes with pink eyelids. They also have stripes on their wings, the same color of pink as their eyelids.

Hearttail Lovedove

The most noticeable feature of the Hearttail Lovedoves is their tail, as it's shaped like a heart (ergo their name). Their heart pattern noticeably sticks out more, and the end of their wings are striped. The area right above their feet is fluffed out more.

Curly Lovedove

The Curly Lovedove is purely pink with no yellow to compliment it, unlike the other variants. They have a bulging heart, located right above their beak. Their feathers are curly, which they get their name from. They have a very noticeable pattern akin to a tiger shark's, primarily on their back and on their wings.


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