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idc about pronouns use whateva i wont get mad

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yeah im an average phighting player. on team bitten (Oct. 2023), team crow (Feb. 2024). :P my favorite class to play is ranged however ever since i started playing melees more my aim went from okay to absolute trash. may relearn how to aim may not i dont care cause im just here to have fun!

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most of the time i will play vinestaff but i can play anyone depending on how the team is (tho i more bad at some then others)

sword is my favorite character and i want to get better at him soon :)

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HATE BOOMBOX MAINS!! but also ily if ur on my team. but also curse you and your stupid shield giving!!! i dont play phighting much but if ya see me around feel free to say hi (alliell)!

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exteremely inconsistent taste :/

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that one game called phighting that SUCKS!!!

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im evil >:/

has major skill issue