hi im sparky lol im on the phighin wiki now


furry lolololol

cool person ig

im not very active here but whatever

im more active on this wiki

i also wont reply to any of the comments on the message wall, cry about it (unless its sea!!)


you can: -ping me (reason: i dont really mind it) -make me fanart (reason: no need to elaborate, but i might post dumb oc art) -spam me (reason: again, i dont rlly mind) -ask for my roblox user (reason: my display is sparky_cc, but my actual user is SparkyAnimator123) you cannot: -call me spark the gnark (reason: it makes me uncomfortable and i HAVE been called this before) -go on my message wall and post anti-furry sh[]t (reason: i generally f[]cking hate anti-furries) -ask for personal info (reason: i'd like to keep that stuff private) -say that im hot (reason: im already taken..) -flirt with me (reason: again, im taken)