stream 1/16/24

4:14 (about Sparkles) she has this big baton. its like Nami’s(one piece) weather staff that can expand and has fireworks at the end.. like a glorified Bo staff.. shes like a jester

4:58 she doesn’t serve a purpose she just a background character I felt like making

5:34 shes wearing a towel over her horns.. (the patterns on her horns) is fabric but the tip isnt (teal part)

6:05 i was gonna give her a big clown nose but then i was like.. how would that fit on her face

7:04 i got this idea from these little felt statues i saw on pintrest specifically this one(see 7:36 for image) i thought these were so fricking cute and i was like i want to make a clown or a jester

8:21 (q: about scythe and bans birthday) i dont know i’d have to ask g

8:33 no phighters are fuzzy and (talking about sparkles skin) i guess its the phighting universe equivalent of vitiligo i dont think it would go by the same name though

10:10 yeah she uses like a bo staff but im think she uses it more like a baton.. and both ends would be lit up like a sparkler and she can like make fireworks and stuff.. yeah she basically generates fireworks thats her ability

12:29 its more so shes based on a culmination of jester, clown, harlequin elements.. shes just an entertainer

13:14 (talking about scythe) you guys have no idea how hard it was to not talk about her it was crazy.. for 8 months.. yeah cause we made the concept for her for her like a very very long time ago but it was only recently when we start putting her into development

14:15 (q: about scythe hybrid mechanics) yes always she was always meant to be a hybrid type of phighter but originally she was going to be a sniper but then we realized she was just gonna outclass hyperlaser and slingshot so we just changed it to an automatic which i think is a better idea

16:19 (q: what type of music would scythe like) uhh i dunno probably something old cause shes based on old westerns.. not country music she’d listen to old timey music not western

17:22 (q: about illumina in general) i am not telling you anything about him

17:34 i think scythe would listen to frank sinatra

19:07 (q: what would sword’s opinion be on scythe) fear

25:10 (talking about sparkles) she would be from playground

26:56 (q: can i pet voidstar) i would not recommend it shes like a mini godzilla

29:26 (about sparkles) shes the type to go lalalala unironically

40:11 (q: are you guys gonna do another april fools update) ill just say we have plans.. plans that i cannot reveal or else the haters will sabotage me

49:50 (q: would rocket eat a block of cream cheese for fun) you know what sure why not

1:23:36 (sparkles) i think she would work in a carnival troop but its a front for a gang and she would talk in a boston accent.. thats my lore i think it would be really silly.. and she would call people sweetheart

1:24:27 i think playground is just a f*cked up new york maybe not really

1:35:19 (q: how is sword related to dom and valk) vemonshank is swords adoptive father and dom and valk are firebrands grand kids so i think that makes them cousins once removed basically what ban hammer is

1:36:44 its not that confusing all the swords besides sword are brothers ban hammer is windforces, kid sword is vemonshanks kid, and dom and valk are firebrands grand kids

1:37:55 (q: whats considered royalty in the phighting universe) basically firebrands lineage.. and i guess windforce but windforce doesnt really care.. if they have wings.. usually a sign of royalty is if they have wings that means oh your related to a deity.. most of the time anyway

1:38:53 (q: ban hammer eye reveal when) i did that a while ago buddy

1:39:19 (q: on the rare occasion can a demon have wings and not be related to they deities) no.. only demons who are related to the deities can have wings there is no exception.. if you wanna count artificial wings like how lightblox has it cause hers are connected to her backpack but those arent real wings

1:41:38 (q: what about the gears that are wings like bluesteel wings or whatever are they by default related to deity or how would they work) they probably just be artificial just fake wings

1:41:51 (q: would phighters in blackrock be fluffy/have fur because of the cold climate) no

1:41:58 (q: do you consider the phighting cast your ocs or characters for the game) i consider them our original characters.. i mean i dont know what else i would call them.. they dont just belong to me though .. even though i do a lot of the designs they belong to me, pix, and g simultaneously

1:43:37 (q: did ghosdeeri come from a fountain can the fountain just sometimes spit out something that isnt a demon or are all species that come out of the fountains demons) she did not come from a fountain.. shes special

1:44:06 (q: are there any factions your excited to expand on) i really like lost temple.. lost temple has always been my favorite for reasons.. playground i think is also fun i think people will like playground when we get to them

1:44:47 (q: are there humans in the phighting universe) no

1:44:57 (q: how is the true eye/overseer cult treated) no comment.. okay i dont want to say anything about lost temple cause the comic is gonna go into that so id rather not say anything

1:46:21 (q: so since genders dont exist in the phighting all demons choose their own pronoun how are voidstars pronouns she/her) i think banhammer f*cking named her.. not named but thats what he calls her.. i dont know you could probably call voidstar anything to be honest its a f*cking wild creature

1:47:27 (q: can ban hammer ride voidstar into battle) i think ban hammer is the same size as voidstar.. well no voidstar would be a little tinier so i dont know if she could support his weight.. no ban hammer does not own voidstar he just cares for her

1:49:11 (q: since ban hammer likes to play golf do you think he makes voidstar fetch his golf balls) yeah probably

1:52:19 (q: what is sparkles favorite drink) i dont know maybe like boba something sweet

1:58:38 (q: would sparkle preform at birthday parties also is she a cake or pie lady and would she put ice cream in it) she probably be a pie lady to be honest i dont know if she would preform at birthday parties

1:59:00 (q: you should make a twitch subs channel in the discord that works like the boosters channel) maybe

1:59:10 (q: are you drawing the comic or is someone else) its just me.. i have cece they are a mod theyre helping me write.. i hope people dont expect it to be super world shattering lore or whatever its suppose to set things up but not have a satisfying conclusion.. its purely just a mini comic.. that is all i will say

2:04:37 (q: does sparkles have only one eye) nah im just lazy

2:05:18 (q: what do sparkles eyes look like) just normal eyes theyre probably pinkish at the bottom i usually add a dot of color when im drawing them humanoid

2:05:42 (q: how long have the recent npc ideas have been simmering in your brain for) not that long honestly this one a bit longer (sparkles) just cause i said i would be drawing her for weeks and then i just started her and now just finishing her but the other ones i just came up with in a day or so

2:09:28 honestly i think sparkles has a very simple design compared to the other npcs i drew.. i think its just that patterns that make it look extra which is fine i dont think all characters need to be super styled or anything

2:12:19 (q: out of all the recent npc designs starting from grav which is your personal favorite) probably doll maker im extremely proud of her design and her concept in general is really unique and ducky ducky is really cute

2:14:31 (q: is there a legal age to do phighting can a 5 yr old pick up a bow and get shanked to death by someone) i mean technically yeah but it just doesnt really happen.. cause spawns are considered sacred so its a general rule that yeah you shouldnt be messing around near it.. and like the factions probably have their own systems for educating newer demons about.. phighting specifically the tournaments i dont know all i will say is that its not illegal for children to join

2:16:17 (q: why is there so much murder in the phighting universe are u okay) they spawn with weapons when their born i dont know what to tell you theyre all inherently well maybe not violent but thats just how they are they phight

2:17:20 (q: would lightblox and ducky be friends) probably not i dont think lightblox would be friends with anyone besides ghosdeeri

2:21:19 (q: is hyperlasers gear modified) its not modified

2:25:22 (q: are the phighters sorted in range/melee/support groups in canon and if so are they stereotyped into them) technically they are sorted into different classes i havent thought about stereotypes

2:48:31 (q: do you know when the phighting keychain will be released) im doing a test run right now.. soon hopefully i cant give you an exact date we’re checking to see if the website works right now

2:50:48 (q: how tall would sparkle be) maybe like 5’8”

3:08:11 i dont know how i feel about phighting getting popular.. even more popular than it is i dont know it stresses me out a little bit

3:29:25 (q: do the characters have a set eye color or does it change per picture/whatever looks the best) it just kinda changes depending on whatever i think suits the mood they dont really have canon eye colors since theyre black ingame i just like adding it because its neat and fun

3:31:00 (q: because broker and subspace cant taste do they determine their favorite foods by texture like cotton candy and popcorn) i dont know i didnt really think of that.. i mean i guess but in particular subspace i dont see him eating too much a part from you know.. just sometimes i guess