gonna slap a quick rundown of how to make userboxes here. bc i think a lot of ppl are interested in them lol

so, when going to make an infobox, you wanna type in the url

and then append whatever you wanna name your infobox at the end. keep in mind you'll have to use that name to put it on your page. for an infobox you want to name phightingbabies or whatever, itd be

tl;dr make sure it starts with "template:Userbox_"

on this page, you want to hit "create". below is a basic template code you can paste into there.

|info=userbox text here}}

so this is the basic code i use for pretty much any userbox. i just change some stuff around if i need to

  • border-c -> userbox color (use a hex color code. here #fff is used, which is white)
  • border-s -> border size/thickness of the userbox (in pixels). here it is set to 2.
  • id-c -> background color of the id box. here it is set to #000, which is black.
  • id-s -> font size of any text in the id box; we use the id box for our image here, though
  • id-fc -> color of the text in the id box; again, we are using the id box for our image
  • info-c -> background color of the info box (the one we're using for text)
  • info-s -> font size of any text in the info box
  • info-fc -> color of any text in the info box
  • id -> our image file. to use an image, upload it to the wiki via the sidebar on the main page and then put the file name here. the `|55px` defines the size of the image.

theres more things you can add in here but thats all i rlly use lol

ok its rlly easy to add it to your userpage. just go ahead and head on over to your userpage. you should see an orange button that says "Use wiki userpage" or "Use social userpage". make sure it says "Use wiki userpage"; just click on it if it doesn't.

now, you wanna hit the "edit" button. in this big textbox, you wanna put

{{Userbox (userbox name)}}

i.e. for a userbox named "phightingbabies" youd put

{{Userbox phightingbabies}}

aand thats it. enjoy lol