Salut, my name is Bennett. (AKA VBP101, b3n_to1, vv)

I go by he/him. I like to draw sometimes (even though i have little to no talent in the arts), and maybe ask questions. I try to be formal most of the times, except on post titles because I have no goddamn clue what to post as a title. I'm also a Genshin Impact, Phighting, and Evade fan (Wow, three of the worst attributes in one person.) Though I've stopped playing Genshin Impact, I still make a shit ton of references to it and the characters. I apologize if you're one of the people who shit on Genshin Impact for no reason. Or to speak your language, "Genshit Impact."

Also, the edits are from me editing my page. I lack any info of literally everything, from characters to maps. So I wouldn't even lay a finger on those pages!

Anyway, have some music. You deserve it.

I sometimes make horrible/disgusting posts sometimes, sorry about that. I usually never look at my messages through someone else's eyes or think twice before sending, hence the entire mess I created on that one post.