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{{PAGENAME}} is a [[Phestivals|Phestival]] that occurred during [[UPDATENAME]] in PHIGHTING! The Phestival was announced on *insert date month and year here* and took place between DateMonth-DateMonthYear.

Provide a brief and short description of the Phestival, when it was announced and any notable changes or important information.

Statistics highlighted in '''bold''' represent the team that won the category.
<table class="fandom-table sortable" style="text-align: center; width: 50%;">
    <th class="unsortable" style="width: 20%;">Category</th>
    <th class="unsortable" style="width: 40%;">Team 1</th>
    <th class="unsortable" style="width: 40%;">Team 2</th>
    <td>Kill/Death ratio</td>
    <td colspan="2">'''Team'''</td>

<gallery widths=275 captionalign=center>

The gallery should contain any phestival related changes, pictures of the phestival's logo, ingame features during the Phestival and winner art

* Trivia goes here if it applies, remember to use bullet points.

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