Disclaimer: This is a quick summary of (most) of the questions asked in the Boggio developer Q&A. Note that the perspective of the summaries comes from what I have interpreted during the Q&A, not word-for-word from the developers. Information is subject to being incorrect or missing (from my interpretation of it).

Any information about future or upcoming content is not finalized. Please keep that in mind.

General Questions

Future Skins:

  • More skin contests (with themes)
  • No future skins planned
  • See other people skins

How long does it take to make a Phighter/Character from scratch?

  • Sword - 1 month, due to engine development
  • Rocket - 2 weeks
  • Medkit - Not done (1 year)
  • Slingshot - less than 1 week, approximately 3 days
  • Boombox - less than 1 week
  • Skateboard - 1 month
  • Biograft - 1.5 weeks
  • Hyperlaser - 1 week, could have been finished in a day

Plans for future gamemodes/changes to current ones?

  • New gamemodes, will take a while
  • Payload
  • One where point moves after you capture it
  • Hide and Seek, iceboxed
  • Boss Battles, entire server against one boss. Bosses may or may not have been revealed.

How do you design a character? Hyperlaser - Inspired by Space Eagle and Daft Punk

What made you guys make PHIGHTING?

  • 4 different versions

1. not phighting next 3. all phighting but remade.

First - Overwatch Second - Splatoon Third - Overwatch Fourth - Overwatch and Splatoon

How tall is Valk?

  • Shortest, 5'2

How will Phestivals be scheduled?

  • During the holidays.

More characters after Wave 7?

  • Yes
  • Will not be paid to get them.
  • No paid characters ever

Are we gonna be using fanmade characters?

  • in summary

How did you get ideas to make this?

  • Overwatch + Splatoon
  • Movesets - Look at other games,


  • Item shop with daily rotation
  • Cases for random skins/lootboxes

What purpose will XP levels have?

  • Titles for players
  • No battle pass
  • Only an item rotation!
  • Prestige XP system

Will bux have any uses besides skins?

  • Stickers + Emotes to buy

Update roadmap?

  • No

Moderator applications?

  • No.

Who is older, Dom or Valk?

  • They're twins.


  • Will be done.
  • Phighter puts away their weapon and emotes.

Will Illumina and Darkheart be playable?

  • Never

Any plans to make more games in the future?

  • Some sort of racing game

Backstory and lore for chars and regions?

  • Yeah
  • Some characters lore is written down, but subject to change
  • Difficult to put in, need to make it subtle.

Story Mode?

  • Rough outline

What do you get when you're a Contributor?

  • You get the same privileges as boosters
  • If you make stuff for the game (music), you get paid.

Fanmade skins?

  • Already done
  • Fanmade skins in the contest will be added.
  • If it's really good it will be added into the game.

Form of customization beyond skins?

  • Titles, emotes, prestige

Are all the characters weapons unique?

  • Every weapon has a unique owner, except for some
  • Biograft is mass-produced, there are canonically multiple Biografts

How did Valk and Dom become hosts?

  • Born into fame
  • Parents are very powerful

Special events involving lore?

  • Yeah
  • Maybe in the middle of a year between in-game events?

Which Phighter was your least favorite to develop?

  • Medkit, still has issues with his moveset

Which Phighter was your most favorite to develop?

  • Biograft or Skateboard

Skins based off other media in the future?

  • From other ROBLOX games? No

How hard was it to work on this game? What were the challenges to it?

  • It has to be made in ROBLOX and there are multiple limitations
  • Hardest part is making connections between client and server.
  • Anti-exploit
  • Network and data being sent

How long is the time period between each Phighter being added?

  • Random

what's something everyone should know before trying to learn to script?

  • Don't use ROBLOX.
  • Start with Unity
  • Okay to take stuff from other people

History/Secret Lore?

  • Yeah
  • Things you will have to go out and search for

Where did PHIGHTING the name come from?

  • Placeholder name
  • Was going to be named Brickbattler-related.
  • Game then came out, stuck with a placeholder name

Level-based structure in story mode?

  • Yeah

Plan on adding more people to dev team?

  • No, but you can contribute

Is there a specific reason Medkit has a lot of bible/religion related ties?

  • They're not related.

How did you come up with the idea of Dom and Valk?

  • Splatoon's idol duos.
  • Chose Valkyrie and Dominus hats as they're one of the most valuable cosmetics in ROBLOX
  • More characters related to cosmetics

Icecream in cup or cone?

  • Wtf

show some in-dev screenshots

  • Nothing because it's already in the discord servers. Boosters get phighter designs
  • Subspace was made a long time ago

Will there be dlc/gamepass phighters?

  • Maybe for DLC (skins)

Will tab do anything?

  • Yes, open up the leaderboard

Where are all the women

  • Some phighters were planned to be female
  • Most of PHIGHTING! roster is going to be male
  • Phighters do not need a mother or father to exist
  • There are female characters, but most Phighters will be male or non-gender. Subject to change

Which two Phighters hate each other the most?

  • Subspace and Medkit are nemesis with each other
  • Everyone else is chill or neutral

Zuka's relationship with Rocket?

  • Zuka adopted him

What did they want Valk and Dom to do in that Q&A video?

  • Up to you.

Since payload is planned, any idea for when it comes out?

  • Not a priority, not anytime soon

What happens after all the Phighters in the game?

  • More focus on everything that's not a Phighter.
  • Multiplayer should be done by then
  • More focus on singleplayer, story mode content

How do Valk and Dom feel about the Phighting rosters?

  • They make money off them.
  • Valk and Dom are considered to be hosts of the Phighting game.

Am i allowed to recreate the PHIGHTING models and use them for animation?

  • Yes, as long as its not weird
  • Models may be released to the public
  • Credit boggio

How's the progress for Crossroads?

  • idk

Do you believe the game is balanced currently?

  • Yeah for Phighter performance
  • Nah for how fun a Phighter is?

Why do the trains deal 2000 damage while the plane does 9999?

  • Not working
  • Dying to stage hazards at full HP no longer kills you

Thoughts on crossovers?

  • No crossover with another ROBLOX game for now
  • They can reach out but Phighting would not add content from the other game

What do you use to make music?

  • FL Studio

What inspired the design of Biograft?

  • Supposed to be a cyborg jedi thing
  • Raiden from Metal Gear Rising

Special boss effect?

  • Bosses are planned
  • ETA: Maybe for Halloween, but no idea. Not final and may not have time.
  • The boss in question is already in the game.

When will the game be reopen? Will testers be chosen?

  • No testers
  • Week of October 23rd or day of October 28
  • Phestival will be from the 28th to 31st.

Are there gonna be more SFOTH inspired Phighters?

  • They will appear at some point.

Will each region be visitable in the game? Purpose? Ribs?

  • Yeah you can visit all the 4 regions.
  • Lore-related stuff ooooooo
  • In the works
  • Yeah there will be ribs

Future plans for social aspects/personalization in the game?

  • Title cards
  • Changing the intro to change who's in each team
  • Friends are online in Phighting? You can choose what Phighter to appear as, drawings you can put up, personal status.

Plans for ranked gamemodes/competitive play?

  • Pro servers, but not a ranked system
  • Funny but people are sweaty at this game

Catgirl hyperlaser skins?

  • Yeah

Ideas given by the community?

  • Class ideas, no
  • Take some abilities from their moveset
  • Any criticisms for the Phighters will be considered

Does hyperlaser have another mask under his mask?

  • Yes.

Will we ever get voices for the Phighting characters?

  • Fuck no yall sound stupid as hell

Will there be more phighters with slower playstyles in the future?

  • Yes.

Main inspirations for Phighting's style?

  • Ragdoll Racing, older game by boggio,
  • Ragdoll Universe

Any products/games you wanted to do but couldnt?

  • The RPG, too ambitious

Lobby skins permanent or go away?

  • NPCs will go away and be replaced by Da Shop

Will the Phighter's faces be more animated?

  • Probably

How did you make the sound effects?

  • Most are from ROBLOX Library
  • Some are taken from other creators and gmaes

More characters?

  • Placeholders, will not be in the final game

R63 skins?

  • No.

Unlock method for unobtainable items?

  • Pay with a TON of Bux.

Is Phighting music free to use?

  • Yes, credit Boggio and the original composer

Scrapped Phighters?

  • Biograft: Had a move where he could counter you
  • Jetpack: Switching it out for something else
  • Pulse Laser Pistol: Too similar to other laser weapons

Which Phighter is the most suicidal?

  • Medkit

Minigames in the Crossroads area?

  • Yeah, fishing

What other UGC items are planned?

  • No say.
  • Flynn said: 3 for each Phighter (horn, head acessory and weapon)

Relation of assigned region to each of the Phighter?

  • Blackrock: they're all hostile, all the evil and mysterious people are in it
  • Playground: Goobers, fun people
  • Phighters don't have genitals, and do not need a mother or father to be born.


  • Soundtrack will eventually be original.

What makes an ultimate an ultimate?

  • Big and cool
  • Spend half the ult match = get a huge ult
  • Ult that changes a match's outcome

What designs for ults you explored, but never made it to the game?

  • Hyperlaser: Q was supposed to be Bard's ult. instant invulnerability
  • Every ult from Phighting 2 did not make it to PHIGHTING! or were changed.

Plans for phighters with non-traditional ults, e.g. stance change, permanent change ults, low cd ults.

  • Yes it will be crazy and unique

What is the Inphinity?

When is Rocket being buffed?

  • Never

Will Zuka show emotion besides being neutral?

  • Something with Rocket
  • PTSD

Big body grappler?

  • Big body yes, grappler, maybe not.

Community made maps?

  • Majority of all maps are made by the community, added to the game only if they're quality

Tierlist on how cool every Phighter is. 1. Hyperlaser 2. Everyone else

Can we make fanmade merch for PHIGHTING?

  • To be discussed with.

Will Darkheart and Illumina...

  • Added to the game as NPCs, but not playable

Are there gay characters or is the community just horny?

  • Only up to your interpretation
  • And the community is just horny

How many skins will be added in the new update?

  • 3 for every Phestival

Fanmade phighters cont.

  • Maybe once all the Phighters are done.

Queuing with friends?

  • Yes

What will be each Phighter's reaction to spicy foods?

  • Hyperlaser does not care about it
  • Everyone else would die

How much do the characters swear?

  • Yes, Zuka. a lot. Then Rocket, and then Subspace.

What would be the phighter's reaction to getting curb-stomped by a kid in cardboard armor?

  • They would all die

Are there continents or countries in the Phighting universe, or are there islands?

  • Regions put into a single island

What does the g stand for?

  • It used to be GB, but now its G
  • Got Bamboozled

Free for all mode?

  • Probably not

Did PHIGHTING have other names?

  • Throwback Attack
  • Godzilla man's wrath: Project Submus Accudo. In a public lobby, they got stomped by roblox user named Godzillaman

Half-based characters like Valk and Dom?

  • Yes

Hyperlaser's gun?

  • Used to be revolver instead of gigantic railgun
  • Hyperlaser used to be short, and then became a mercenary-ish thing

Catmaid Skins for all Phighters? plepaleaplea

  • No

Will Phighting be monetized?

  • Yes, but for Bux boosts
  • Maybe titles and chat colors

Where'd you get the idea to do everything based on OG roblox items?

  • Bow character, but that didn't happen

Who is the fun guy in the cast?

  • Slingshot who has Air Jordans.


The Inphinity:

  • The universe of PHIGHTING! it takes place on.
  • Sentient entity is the universe, extremely large, name to be decided
  • Where everything began

Zuka's arm:

  • Not to be discussed in straightforward detail
  • Relevant to the story
  • He smokes weed.

A new character:

The setting of PHIGHTING!, why are they PHIGHTING?

  • The owner of HELL retires to spend time with his grandkids
  • The throne is vacant, people enter PHIGHTING! to compete for it.
  • Its a tournament
  • For the regions, each region has a different motive for what they want to do when they take the throne.

Do the horns of Phighters grow on their heads or anywhere on their body?

  • Yes but if they did would it fall under horns.

Who is "HE" Biograft refers to from Banland?

  • Not known, but he is playable and not revealed yet.

Why are blackrock and playground rivals?

  • Well actually no all the regions hate each other

What is banlands?

  • Prison for bad people

Character lores


  • Some phighters do have familial relations, but which ones are not known.
  • Won't be balanced in character numbers.
  • All the cool characters are from Blackrock
  • More Phighters from thieves den
  • Not all phighters will be part of the 4 major regions?
  • Skins are alternate universe/non-canon variants of the Phighters, with some exceptions. Some skins may be lore-related.
  • So far, all of the sword characters e.g. Darkheart, Sword are all important to the story.


  • Maybe he's related to the SFOTH sword

Hyperlaser's status:

  • He got messed up in a past incident but not a cyborg.

Medkit and subspace's relationship:

  • Former partners at Blackrock working at a specific program
  • Both scientists at one point
  • Something had happened, and due to creative differences: the main thing they worked on an energy source.
  • Subspace wanted to use it to blow it up and cause chaos, while Medkit wanted to use it for the benefit of people
  • Violent confrontation occurred, leading to the loss of Subspace's eye.
  • As a result, they have parted ways and hate each other.
  • That is why they both have crystals. Their crystals utilize that same energy source.
  • The crystal has healing properties, can revive people from the dead.
  • Medkit is not a doctor or licensed to practice it.