Patch Notes/21 January 2024


1 version released at 2:29am EST.


  • Optimized particles.

Private servers

  • Server sizes are now 11 rather than 10.
  • /ult [PLR] can now be used to grant someone ult charge.
  • /refresh [PLR] can now be used to refresh a player.
  • /red and /blue can now go over the 5 player limit.
  • /spectator [PLR] can now be used to make a player a spectator, making them invisible and granting them permission to freecam (it's suggested to choose a phighter first before using /spectator to make sure that all ui loads in).
  • Freecam can now press r to reset the camera, 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0 to move the camera to a player, and t to make some ui visible