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dont feed him he bites
dont feed him he bites

Welcome to my talk page. If you need any help or advice, feel free to write down below or contact me in the boggio community Discord. @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 03:08, 4 February 2024 (UTC)

Old wiki moderation

can we get some moderation on the old Fandom wiki? or at least updated pages? it's still really active, but all the character pages and some other pages are moderator locked. also there's a guy ban evading. and they'll prolly do it again after they're banned tho. potentially, thanks.

Oh side note Understand if yall don't wanna devote resources to protecting a place you abandoned but If you don't wanna do two wikis at once, at least appoint someone to handle the old one -Shsbd

We do have people looking after the FANDOM wiki, but the point is that the FANDOM wiki is defunct and we do not officially support it anymore. We are not allowed to delete, purge, or otherwise alter the wiki in order to convey to people that it's no longer supported, and the devs themselves do not want the wiki to remain on FANDOM. But due to FANDOM's forking policy, there's really not much we can do. We understand FANDOM is used as a social media of sorts, but if you are using FANDOM you should already be 13+ and we advise you to join the boggio community Discord instead. You can also report vandalism and harassment to us much sooner on here, which we do take care of on FANDOM when it's reported.
I want to make clear here, if it were possible, the FANDOM wiki would be deleted or purged entirely, but we are not allowed to do this unless boggio were to file a DMCA claim against FANDOM which is just stress they don't need. If this was an unofficial wiki, we would have to support the FANDOM iteration existing, but it's official and it's up to boggio where they'd like the wiki to be, imo. FANDOM will not be updated or supported and we ask you to consider this and decide whether it's the right platform for you at this time.
In any case, if you could make a more detailed report explaining what's happening with this individual, that'd be great. Either in response to here, via email to me or in the boggio Discord would be great. I do not handle the moderation on FANDOM currently so I appreciate any context. Thanks! @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 21:18, 13 March 2024 (UTC)


Gonna try to make this quick The two accounts I linked are alts of a currently blocked user. Can't even find their account on it anymore. Zbnkks, the banned account posted a ton of art they made. Each one of them had massive thighs. After making people uncomfortable enough, not apologizing, and getting reported, they were banned.

Around a day passes and they make the alt idiotartist. Same artstyle, similar post titles, and you'll see a ton of people recognizing them whenever you look at their posts. After a month or two, they make another alt, Merrppy. Their first alt, Idiotartist, still wasn't banned.

You'll find enough evidence looking at the comments on Idiotartist's art posts. Everyone recognizing them as Zbnkks, making thigh jokes, and arguing with them.

They'll definitely make another alt after the active ones are banned. Thanks again, Shsbd.

Hi! Thanks for the report, I really appreciate it. We are handling this on our side, but I do want to point out that in this specific case, multiple users including yourself harassed this user when it wasn't necessary or appropriate, and unfortunately in interest of keeping FANDOM from becoming a dumpster fire, my fellow admins may be handing out warnings for this. I want you to understand this is not a punishment for reporting this to us, but we can't tolerate harassment even when you think it may be correct. In the future, please just quietly report an individual to me through here or the boggio community Discord and it'll be handled. Remember - two wrongs don't make a right. I do understand how the lack of moderation can be stressful though, but to be frank, FANDOM discussions are not something we ever wanted and they are just extremely unmanageable for a majority of wikis. I once again suggest you take a look at other communities, such as bogcom, which are regularly moderated and kept safe. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your time! @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 00:32, 15 March 2024 (UTC)

Hello Once More

IdiotArtist/Zbnkks' alt Merrppy is still up. Again, same artstyle as the last two accounts.

Thanks for this time and last time. - Shsbd, again

THEY'RE BACK ALREADY Don't worry, after you ban them again (part 3 at this point) they'll COME BACK AGAIN! -Shsbd

Guess who's back You know the drill by this point

they're back yup also thanks for dealing with them in the past :thumbs-up:

nvm I already did just forgot

Hello again

The tmperl0ser alt is still up. It's been like a month, please ban em again. Also, a little post for you to enjoy that shows just how out of hand this thing can get Thanks, Shsbd

Hi, this will be handled when the admins are available, but I must continue to remind you that we are not moderating the FANDOM actively and I would not consider it a safe community to be a part of due to the devs' deliberate choice not to use it. Once again, please consider moving to another site or platform so you can avoid situations like this. Thanks! @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 22:15, 8 April 2024 (UTC)

Hello once more

This is again regarding the old fandom wiki. The wiki being abandoned by the mods leaves it open to vandalism and rulebreakers, and it takes quite some time to get this over to people with authority.

With the fandom wiki being the first thing someone sees when they search 'phighting wiki,' it should function as a source of information, regardless of whether it's supported.

But at the moment, there are empty, locked pages (see scythe and ban hammer) that need filling, and plenty of random pages people made at an attempt to be funny, or because they had no clue what they were doing.

I'm mainly asking if someone can go ahead and stick around in the husk of the fandom wiki to moderate it. If not someone trusted, just some random person already on the wiki who knows how to moderate stuff.

Hi again. I should inform you that boggio are currently looking into filing a DMCA claim against the FANDOM wiki and all future Phighting wikis on the platform, in effort of having it removed - I made pretty clear boggio do not endorse or support the wiki being on FANDOM multiple times and this sentiment has not changed. I understand your frustration, but there is simply no reason to use the FANDOM wiki over Miraheze other than the Discussions forum, which I've politely asked you many times to please consider moving to a Discord server, a forum, etc. FANDOM is a fundamentally inferior platform for wiki work and a significant amount of work was put into the Miraheze wiki at the dev's behest. It's their game and we represent it how they choose.
I'm sorry, I know this isn't the response you want, but I've emphasized the devs' decision multiple times and again, Soda is trying to file a copyright claim against FANDOM. I infact was worried about the impact closing it would have on the community, thinking of yourself, but if you guys are not willing to move despite the devs' requests then I unfortunately don't have much else I can do or say.
If the DMCA claim is approved, we will announce it on FANDOM. But theres also a chance FANDOM might just close the wiki without warning us. So I would appreciate if you guys could heed my advice. Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience. @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 17:39, 6 June 2024 (UTC)


Will the phighting oc wikis/the community ran wiki be taken down in addition to the original wiki?

R.e. Phighting OC wikis specifically - no, we haven't made any request against them and I personally believed the OC wiki benefits being on FANDOM more than Miraheze. I've talked with major contributors on there and we are perfectly fine with what they do. It doesn't represent PHIGHTING as a game so there's no issue. I can't promise what boggio will do but I'll advocate for the OC wiki to be untouched.
As for forks of the FANDOM wiki intending to represent PHIGHTING canonly as a game, if they become a problem for boggio (misinformation, constant vandalism, poor quality of work, taking over SEO, etc) there is a chance they may wish to take them down. I can't say whether this is a possibility, but these are the reasons behind taking down the FANDOM wiki so I will relay them to you.
I understand there has been a strong reaction to what I said over on Discussions, but our decision and intent has not changed. Any editors on FANDOM who wish to still contribute to the PHIGHTING! wiki officially are more than welcome to come edit over here - I will help them and facilitate their work any way I can. But if the problem is with not having a place to socialize, I can't do much about that and encourage your efforts to migrate to somewhere better suited for socializing. I understand Discord is not available to many of you, but there's always choices like running a free forum, or a Spacehey group, or something to that nature. I support your endeavours to move your social group anywhere else, and I hope you find somewhere that works for you. It just can't be where boggio is being represented poorly, especially considering the content that Discussions is full of.
I appreciate your understanding in this whole matter. Best of luck to you all, and again I am sorry for the inconvenience. @NINJISY | WARDEN OF THE BANLANDS 00:12, 9 June 2024 (UTC)