Demons are a race of humanoids who make up the majority of the inhabitants in the PHIGHTING! universe.


  • All demons possess some form of horns, except in cases where they are removed, such as Hyperlaser.
    • Demons sleep in netted beds as to not disturb their horns.
    • Demons sometimes engage in horn fights.
    • Demons horns are bone, and can be styled similarly to nails[1] (e.g. painting them, Rocket carving his horns to look like Zuka's). Carving horns does require maintenance - it is not a permanent alteration.
    • Younger demons can regrow their horns quickly, whereas older Demons will not at all. If the entirety of one’s horns is removed, they will die.
  • Demons do not excrete waste other than sweat.
  • Demons can get sick, they are organic beings and need to be cared for/take care of themselves.
  • The average lifespan of Demons is similar to the lifespan of humans.
    • Despite this, many die young due to the violent nature of the world around them.
  • There are no biological differences between regions.
  • Demons do not need to sleep or eat, although they still can if they choose.
  • Demons do not have a sex or reproductive organs, they use any pronouns. [2]
  • Each demon is born with a gear, and instinctively knows how to use it.
    • There can be duplicates of gears.
  • Demons can be born with different skin tones. [3]
    • Skin tones do not vary based on region.