The Spawn

This page is about the lore related location in the PHIGHTING! universe. For the in-game mechanic, see Spawning.

The Spawn is a location in the PHIGHTING! universe.


The Spawn is an integral part of The Inpherno, being a sacred fountain that pops out demons with their respective gear and prerequisite knowledge on using it. They are born child-sized and have the intelligence of at least a 10-year-old when born. Demons may be born from one Spawn unique to each of the four regions.

While there are no biological differences between Demons born from each Spawn, a demon may spawn with characteristics common to its region and Spawn, most notably Scythe with a darker skin tone as a Lost Temple native. They may also uncommonly spawn with animalistic traits also common to its type of Spawn, for example Grav is a Blackrockian born with shark physicalities. After they are born, they are assigned a faction and shipped away in due time.

Two demons can sacrifice their gear to The Spawn, for which they receive a biological child. Very rarely blood siblings can happen but the circumstances are unknown as of now. A Spawn can produce demons by itself without needing gear sacrifices. Deities such as the Sword Fight on the Height Swords are exempt from needing to sacrifice two gears - Firebrand and Windforce are prime examples of this.