Lost Temple


The Lost Temple is one of four regions in the Phighting universe. It is a prosperous, wealthy desert where only the rich thrive.[1] It is current home of 3 playable phighters so far.

The Church of the TRUE EYE

Through several lore posts either through Soda's Twitter or Tumblr, as well as character dialogue and interactions, the existence of a religious group within the Lost Temple has been confirmed, this group refers to itself as The Church of the TRUE EYE[2] and is referred to as a "cult" by other demons. The goals or structure of the church is currently unknown. The following characters have been confirmed to have been part of The Church of the TRUE EYE at one point:

The existence of the Church is hinted at in Medkit's phone discussion with The Broker, revealing the existence of "acolytes" and through the use of the plural pronouns "we" and "us". The Church refers to its members as "Family".

The Church reveres a "one true god"[3]. It is unknown whether this god is one of The Swords or another god altogether.

They seemingly have a uniform if not for the known members of the group, that being a shared motif between Scythe, Broker, and Medkit with dapper outfits with teal and forest green being the most prominent colours.

All the members of the church are missing an eye.