Multiplier Matches


Multiplier Matches (unofficial title) is a game mechanic that amplifies the amount of Bux and Phestival team points earned by all participating players in a match. Excluding Phestival team points, Bux earned by each player is multiplied at the end of the match. During a Phestival, multiplied team points are only given to the winning team. Every match, there is a set % chance for it to become a Multiplier Match, which is indicated in the intro shot of the map.

  • 5% chance for a 13x match.
  • 1% chance for a 66.6x match.

13x and 66.6x matches use a unique display, intro, jingle and themes. A random member of Flipside will provide dialogue at the start of the match. During a 13x and 66.6x match, the One Minute Left theme is replaced with "DEVIL'S PANDEMONIUM". In a 13x match "STRIKE OF LUCK" or "FEEL THE BURN" replaces the map theme, and in a 66.6x match "THE FLIPSIDE" replaces the map theme and "SENSORY OVERLOAD" replaces the overtime theme, in case of it happening.


Dom - 13x match

  • Expect a boost in your earnings. I wonder how this will go.
  • You're playing the devil's game, bux is on the line here. Stay on your toes.
  • Your rewards are multiplied. Don't back down.

Valk - 13x match

  • A bux bonus! Go for gold!
  • More bux on our paycheck? Let's make it rain!
  • Some extra bux this round? Let's put in all our effort!

Dom - 66.6x match

  • Bux is in the bag, lives are on the line. Go get 'em.
  • Ready for your earnings to skyrocket? This will be fun to watch.
  • You're making serious bank if you win this. Stay focused.
Valk - 66.6x match
  • Looks like a whole lot of bux is on the line here Phighter! Go get 'em!
  • This match will reward you a truck load of bux! Get to work!
  • Seems like you hit the jackpot! Give it your all!


Name Icon Description Reward
Devil's Game Experience a 66.6x battle. Title - Spawn of Satan


Version history

13 December 2022

27 November 2022

5 September 2022

30 August 2022

  • Multiplier Matches have returned permanently. The multiplier bonuses now apply to XP and Bux.

27 August 2022

  • Multiplier Matches were introduced. During a Phestival, each match has a 10% chance to be a 13x match and a 1% chance to be a 66.6x match.