Patch Notes/9 August 2023


3 versions released 3:11 AM EST, 12:06 PM EST, and 11:28 PM EST.

General additions and changes:


  • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where red team Wireframe would sometimes be colored blue.
  • Eviscerating Ray
    • BUG FIX: Fixed the no respawn bug.
    • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where kill wouldn't be counted.
    • Improve kill effect.



  • As Fast as the Wind
    • Time for passive to recharge without being hit increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Stars of the Storm
    • Antiheal duration decreased from 1s to 0.5s.
  • Stab of the Betrayer
    • Max push force decreased from 30 to 20.
    • Backstab Antiheal duration decreased from 4s to 3s.
    • Backstab Slow duration decreased from 4s to 3s.
  • Illusions of the Smoke
  • Guillotine Blossom
    • Spinning damage decreased from 15 to 12.
    • Spinning antiheal duration decreased from 3s to 2s.
    • NEW EFFECT: Spinning damage no longer registers in the first 0.25s of the spinning shurikens spawning.
    • Max spin speed decreased from 7 to 5.
    • Spin speed now starts at 5 rather than starting at 2 and gradually increasing.


  • Particles now used optimized system.