Patch Notes/9 October 2023


4 versions released at 1:49 AM EST, 2:00 AM EST, 2:26 AM EST, and 2:57 AM EST.

General additions and changes:

  • Changes to the camera where the character will become transparent will zooming in and completely invisible if the camera is too close.
  • Fixed positioning issues.


  • Tripmine
    • Mines are now visible to enemies for 0.75 seconds before becoming invisible.
    • Mine explosion speed increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds.
    • Mine detection range lowered from 20 studs to 18 studs.
  • Fallen Star
    • After hitting an enemy with Fallen Star, it can now be recast to slam them to the ground.
    • Total Vulnerable increased from 10% to 10% + 10%.
    • Slow debuff now applies on recast.
    • Total damage increased from 15 to 10 + 10.
    • Grounded is now applied when Fallen Star first hits for 2 seconds and when recasted down for 1 seconds
  • Mist Rush
    • If used while floating then the float will be destroyed and Subspace will be able to jump like normal.