Hi, I'm Banic. You probably know me already, but if you don't, allow me to introduce myself.

  • I have been playing PHIGHTING! since Playtest 1.
  • I have contributed many suggestions and balance changes for the game throughout its lifetime.
  • I am the generally agreed upon #1 Biograft player in the game.
  • I provide the voices for Biograft and Ban Hammer in PHANDUB!
  • I voiced the cop in the final minute for STYLISH STICKUP, which plays in Rob The ROBLOX Bank.
  • I voiced the original version of the "Overtime!" scream in SENSORY OVERLOAD.
  • I am an active assistant for most of the composers of the game, most notably Key After Key. I provide feedback on tracks, additions and removals, and give name ideas for the songs.
  • I am currently an admin for this very wiki, helping with character pages and more just as I did in the old Fandom wiki.

That's probably all you need to know about me, see you around.

This user's main is Biograft!
This user voices Officer Bloxxer!