Rob The ROBLOX Bank


Rob the ROBLOX Bank is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Rob The ROBLOX Bank is a small symmetrical map featuring a large vault suspended over a trench. Each team has several access points to the center: a main lower path with tall glass walls providing cover, a narrow upper path leading to a small balcony providing high ground to ranged Phighters, and vent systems connecting directly to the central area and to the opposing teams' spawn. The central vault acts as a bridge over the central trench before One Minute Left. On either side of the vault is a set of staircases providing access to the roof of the vault and high ground over the main access point from spawn.

Gameplay features

The vault will rise up out of the ground during the intro, and its doors will open shortly after the match begins. When the timer reaches 1:15, the vault will rise up again and its doors will close.

At One Minute Left, the map's lighting will fade into red and bombs on the left and right of the vault will explode, flinging the vault doors open and creating two holes. When the timer reaches 0:30, all the lights will dim and flash blue to the sound of sirens in the map's song, then turn back to red.






  • This map is based on the 2007 game, Classic Rob The ROBLOX Banks by NotPix.
  • The NPC that overlooks the battle is named Mike Schmidt[1].
    • His gear is the Flashlight.
    • Mike Schmidt is currently the only character to be voice acted in-game, apart from those in the April Fools' 2023 update. He is voiced by BanicAttack.
    • Previously to Rob The ROBLOX Bank's rework, Mike Schmidt only existed as a voiced character in "STYLISH STICKUP".
    • He is modelled by avonot and Xtriel, and animated by raddoob.
  • The bombs on the side of the vault instantly kill players caught in the explosion.

Version history

23 December 2022

  • Readded with a few new changes.
    • Teams now have access to a ventilation area that leads towards the left side and center of the map.
    • There is now a grated wall under the safe.

5 September 2022

  • Rob the ROBLOX Bank was removed from the game.

v0.3.0 - August 26 2022

  • Rob the ROBLOX Bank was added to the game.

August 15 2022

  • Rob the ROBLOX Bank was revealed to the public.


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