Mx. Bot


Mx. Bot is a character in PHIGHTING!.


Mx. Bot considers themselves to be a villain despite never doing any actual physical harm, only scaring their unsuspecting victims.


Their "horns" are just paper towel tubes taped onto the box. They use the box hat because they cannot afford a good costume. Underneath it, they likely have stubby, purple horns.[1]

Mx. Bot can use their tablet to hack into electronics and machinery, including Biografts. [2]


Spray Paint

Mx. Bot gets Spray Paint to tag along as a sidekick, usually against their will.[3] Mx. Bot and Spray Paint met recently.[1]


Mx. Bot tends to mess with Traffic specifically. While they do not do any serious harm to him[4], they like to hijack Biografts to scare him.[3]





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  2. @soda-stuff on Tumblr, 21 October 2023 (Link | Image) - "Based on one of the responses, Biografts can be controlled, how can they be controlled? Is it hard to do so?" "I assume this is stemming from the Mx Bot post? Bot is the only one that is capable of hijacking electronics/machinery via their gear and by proxy, may or may not mess with unfortunate biografts that happen to stumble their way and use them for their own bidding It’s basically like playing on a big iPad haha"
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  4. @soda-stuff on Tumblr, 20 October 2023 (Link | Image) - "So what is mx bot's relation to traffic then if they want to mess with him?" "Every villain needs their victim, traffic just unfortunately happens to be one haha. It’s nothing serious tho, I don’t think Bot is capable of bringing harm to anyone despite what they say"

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