The Dollmaker


The Dollmaker is a character in PHIGHTING!.


The Dollmaker's first set of teal horns start at the front of her head, protruding from her forehead and tapering upwards. Her second, shorter set of horns are on the side of her head, tapering downwards, her horns creating a hook-like shape at the tips. The base of her horns are covered in grayish-blue bandages.

The Dollmaker's face is covered by the same grayish-blue bandages covering her horns, only her left eye remaining uncovered. A piece of jewelry depicting an eye is hung across her forehead. She wears a long-sleeved teal shirt, the ends of the sleeves turning into a navy blue color. She wears two-toned navy blue pants with a diamond patterning, the sides of her pants having three teal eye-like accents on it. She wears yellow sandals, with her right ankle having a piece of gold jewelry around it. Four yellow acupuncture needles protrude from her back.

She has a half-moon purse over her left shoulder. The straps of the purse are yellow while the bag part of the purse is navy blue. There is a sun design over the bag part of the purse.

Her three dolls are all short, skeleton-like creatures. They have a light blue skull face with navy blue horns protruding from the top. Their limbs are striped in the same light blue and navy blue color. Their torsos are a navy blue color, with light blue markings to indicate ribs. Only their left eye is exposed, while their right eye is replaced with a swirly symbol.


She cannot express emotions normally, instead using her dolls named Folly, Tragedy, and Fury to speak for her. However, it's unknown if it's her talking or something paranormal.[2]


The Dollmaker creates dolls of other demons, typically when they are about to die or on request.[3]

She has four needles stuck into her spine which are both acupuncture needles and sewing needles. She uses a different one depending on the doll she's making. The first needle represents good fortune and health, serving as a good luck charm. The second needle represents bad luck and imminent danger, being used as an omen and warning for its owner. The third needle represents rebirth and spirits. According to her beliefs, the spirits of the deceased will be able to possess the doll and communicate through it as a conduit. It is unknown if this has worked or not. Finally, the fourth needle represents death and decay, which causes the owner of the doll to die shortly after or within the weeks of its creation. The exact cause of death is unknown.[4]

She uses the dolls to speak for her because her face was heavily injured in an unknown event.[5] The majority of her body is covered in bandages,[6] but she can still eat and drink with help.[7]




  • Her design is based off Indian fashion, as well as a nazar, an amulet believed to protect from the evil eye.[8]


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