Removed maps


Within PHIGHTING!, maps may get periodically updated and tweaked during the game's lifespan, and in some cases, maps are significantly overhauled or replaced entirely to make way for better versions of the same concept. These maps were once playable and in normal rotation, but have since been removed from the game in that specific iteration and generally cannot be accessed in private servers, unlike unused maps. Sometimes, previous versions of maps return during Phestivals to be played, such as SFOTH Revived.

Reworked maps

Banland V1

Banland V1 is the first iteration of the Banland map. It features dark, ashy scenery with pillars, black rocks, blue crystals, and cages scattered across the landscape. Several islands are connected to each other through chains. Destroyed Happy Homes can be seen in the distance. The Conquer point is on an island below the rest.