Patch Notes/27 August 2022


5 additional versions released at 12:15 AM, 2:22 AM, 3:13 AM, 9:26 PM and 11:10 PM EST.

General additions and changes:

  • The magnification for zooming in (using SHIFT) has been increased.
  • Multiplier Matches are introduced. During a Phestival, each match has a 10% chance to be a 13x match and a 1% chance to be a 66.6x match.
    • The winning team had each member's Phestival team points multiplied by these respective numbers.
    • Both the 13x and 66.6x matches have a unique intro screen.
    • The Devil's Game badge was added to the game


  • General additions and changes
    • Shield increased from 75 to 100.
    • REMOVED: Wireframe no longer gives damage immunity to players.
  • Locked and Loaded
    • NEW EFFECT: Headshots now slow enemies by 50% for 2 seconds.
  • Hyper Ray
    • Hitbox adjusted to be more accurate.
    • End-lag reduced.
  • Pierce Ray
    • NEW EFFECTS: The first ray now stuns enemies for 1 second. The second ray now slows enemies by 50% for 2 seconds.
  • Voltaic Burst
    • NEW EFFECT: Now slows enemies by 50% for 2 seconds.
    • Knockback force increased from 10 to 20.
    • Walkspeed increase duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Range increased from 30 studs to 40 studs (20 studs radius).
    • Cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Voltaic Grenade
    • REMOVED: No longer applies Wireframe to allies or enemies. Allies still have their walkspeed increased.
  • Eviscerating Ray
    • NEW EFFECT: Now utilizes a cooler camera shot.
    • BUG FIX: No longer says the placeholder Phinisher dialogue.


  • BUG FIX: The Vehicular Manslaughter badge is now properly given out if the unlock conditions are met.


  • Blade Beam
    • Thrust damage reduced from 10 to 8.
    • Blade damage reduced from 16*3 to 12*3.
    • BUG FIX: No longer does more damage than intended.